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Friar Ferguson Question?

I'm watching old Clips of Raw and noticed Bastion Booger' old character Friar Ferguson. Now call me crazy  but I thought this gimmick had wheels for a decent midcard act, and why would Vince cower to the Catholic Church the way he did?

Vince challenged God to a tag team match and WON!  How can you say he was cowering?  

Anyway, I think it might have had more to do with USA having issues with the character, but I'd have to pull up the WON from the time to tell you for sure because I didn't get RAW in 1993 and barely even remember the character before the switch to Bastion Booger.  Was he on those episodes I was reviewing on the online version?  


  1. As awful a character as Bastion was, I miss BIG, FAT HEELS. You know, the lump who would squash ten to twenty small guys before a real babyface would stand up to him. It was even better when the dude never left his feet. Then you could turn something like a simple clothesline into a move that would make the crowd pop, when he finally got knocked over. It's probably why I'm loving Mark Henry right now. He's got that wicked BIG, FAT HEEL vibe mixed with some Vader for good measure. It's such a simple formula that I'm amazed they either don't utilize it or fuck it up so completely when they try. I mean, it got Sexual Chocolate over as a legit main event heel.

  2. They get sent off to developmental to work on their physique.

  3. Hell yes- I loved the Big Fat Heel schtick. It was best in the Royal Rumble, where every fattie was considered a big threat, and each one had that inevitable FAT GUY STAND-OFF, where Earthquake and Yokozuna would get all pissy and beat the chins off of each other.

    The matches were rarely great, but visually, it's very interesting to see at least one big fat guy out there amidst a sea of ripped bodybuilders. For the same reason, I miss a lot of the old costumes and characters, before everyone shifted to generic tights.


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