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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #32

February 19, 2003

We see video clips of Raven in TNA starting from his debut. “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore” appears in red letters across the screen. They then switch over to AJ Styles and is focus on getting a shot at the Heavyweight Title. It then focuses on the never-ending feud between Jarrett and Russo. The package was lengthy and they use the worst music possible for the videos but it did a good job summarizing the key feuds in the company.

Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

Goldylocks is in the parking lot looking for AJ Styles. A car pulls up and AJ gets out of the passenger then driver gets out, revealing himself to be Vince Russo. Tenay and West are in shock.

Harris Brothers vs. America’s Most Wanted

Winner of this match gets to face XXX for the titles next week. The announcers continue to be in shock over AJ being with Russo. Wildcat and Don start out trading punches. Wildcat gets a Thesz Press then gets mounted punches in the corner. Don charges but Wildcat holds down the ropes. Wildcat assaults him some more and Ron goes out to his brother. Storm takes them down with a pescado and they regroup for a minute. Storm and Ron are now in the ring and Ron hammers away. Storm gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Ron stops a baseball slide but Storm manages to get a dropkick. Superkick gets two and tag to Wildcat. Bulldog gets two. Don pulls out the Wildcat and holds up the chair, allowing Ron to boot it into his face. Sambo suplex by Ron and he tags. Don gets two off of a suplex. Big boot and tag to Ron. He hits a bunch of corner clotheslines but Harris is able to come back with a spear. Both men down and Harris tags but the ref did not see it happen. Harris’ double-team behind the ref’s back. They hit a double big boot and Ron hits Wildcat with a few knees until he gets a rollup for two. Wildcat continues to get assaulted and Don starts to taunt the crowd. He goes over to Storm, who drops him throat first onto the top rope and Wildcat gets a small package for the win (7:02) *1/2. After the match, the Harris Brothers are pissed off.

Thoughts: Probably the best Harris Brothers match in the entire TNA run. They didn’t look bad at all but the match itself was one-sided until AMW got the win out of nowhere.

Goldylocks is out back with Vince Russo, who is irate at the Harris Brothers for losing. He pushes them around and tells them he will kick both of their asses. Yes, he said that. Having Russo as a badass is not going to help out your wrestling company.

Back to Tenay and West, who are mad at AJ for aligning himself with Russo. Tenay yells at AJ, saying they have been promoting him for eight months and supported him when he spurned the WWE. For those who do not know, AJ declined a developmental deal with the WWE a few months before TNA was formed. Russo comes out and tells Tenay he is sick of listening to him demanding answers about AJ and orders him into the ring. Russo says the truth is that he told AJ about the real Jeff Jarrett, the one with a blackheart and who will do anything to get the title. He says that he even hit an old lady over the head with a guitar and does not give a shit about tradition. He then says he made Jeff Jarrett, along with The Rock, Steve Austin, D-X, and Vince McMahon. He says Vince is an old man who had no clue about attitude until he came along. He also says that he makes “chicken salad out of chicken shit.” Dusty Rhodes music then hits. He takes his time getting into the ring. Russo wonders if he has something to say or is he just going to pose. Dusty says that he is not going anywhere until he makes Russo understand about tradition. A loud “Russo Sucks” chant breaks out and Dusty says that he better stand back because he is an old man who didn’t bring his Viagra. Dusty says that he will ruin AJ’s life, just like he did the midget who was beating off in a trashcan. Christ, he is bringing that up again? Russo says he always wanted to know why Dusty hates him and says he thought about it. He brings up Nikita Koloff, but says that wasn’t it because Dusty was still too bitter. He says it is two words “Dustin Rhodes.” Dusty warns him not to go there as Russo brings up his sons “Natural” persona, saying that the crowd did not give a shit about him. He says that he came along and created Goldust, who he claimed was a bigger star than Dusty himself before saying he was the father to Dustin that he never had. He tells Dusty that he was never there for him and Dusty gets angry. He says he loves his children more than his own life then brings up how Russo’s dad should have whipped him with a belt. He then takes his belt off and approaches Russo. The Harris Brothers run in and attack Dusty until Vader comes out and makes the save. Vader looks a lot heavier than when he was last in the WWF, that’s for sure. Heck, I’m surprised he was able to get into the ring. Dusty challenges the Harris Brothers to face him and Vader next week and they accept. Tenay warns that it will be an “all out brawl” next week between these two teams. Another long-winded, worked shoot promo by Russo.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn and NWA-TNA auction winner, Lorenzo Papa, who gets to conduct the interview. He asks Lynn about his being the number one contender to the X Division Belt then brings up how Paul London is getting a title shot tonight against Kid Kash Kash. Lynn says he has unfinished business tonight against the SAT’s and especially, Konnan, who he calls a threat to destroy the X Division. Why did they even bother having the gauntlet match last week if the winner wasn’t going to face the champion?

Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Jerry Lynn

Konnan is with the Maximo’s. This is billed as a triple threat match. SAT’s assault Lynn to start as Konnan joins the booth. Lynn fights back and puts Jose in a Boston Crab. Konnan is having audio problems and Lynn takes out Joel with a pescado. Lynn moves out of the way and Jose accidentally takes out his partner with a quebrada. Konnan goes off about everyone stealing from Mexican wrestlers as Lynn stays in control. Lynn goes up top but Jose hits him with an enziguiri. SAT’s get two off of a superplex/top rope elbow drop for two. Lynn gets a tornado DDT as Konnan promises he will bring luchadores to TNA. SAT’s get two off of a superkick/German Suplex combo. SAT’s are really sloppy tonight. Double Bulldog gets two. SAT’s rough up Lynn in the corner but he dodges a charge. He tries the springboard sunset bomb but takes down Joel with a headscissors. He ducks a crossbody from Jose, who hits his partner. Lynn jumps Joel then hits the TKO, getting two. He goes for the cradle piledriver but Joel breaks that up and Jose turns into a bridge getting two. They set Lynn up for the Spanish Fly but he ends up taking both men down. He covers Joel and gets two but Lynn’s music starts to play. He tries a cradle piledriver on Jose but Joel blocks that by holding up his brother. Lynn lets go and dropkicks Joel, who inadvertently hits his brother with the tombstone piledriver. Lynn then hits the cradle piledriver on Joel, getting the win (6:39) *. After the match, Konnan runs into the ring as Lynn heads to the back.

Thoughts: This was wrestled like a handicapped match, even though it was billed as a triple threat. The Maximos were really sloppy here and the match itself was dull. Konnan was pretty good on commentary and has been great on the mic since joining TNA.

Goldylocks is backstage with Raven. He is sitting on the floor and grabs the microphone. He says that is childhood was torturous and that he was the accident that his parents never wanted. He says he met the love of his life, Lori, and is upset that the Sandman took her back. He wants Sandman to know torture and pain and wants him to walk through Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun.

Backstage, Russo takes off stating he has some personal business to take care of and orders Sonny Siaki to be in charge, calling him the “Ace in the Hole.” As Russo he leaves, he is confronted by Mortimer Plumtree, who is dressed in street clothes. Russo refers to him by his real name, David, then blows him off before leaving.

Glen Gilbertti is in the ring. He talks about traditional wrestling characters and how they are not based on real life characters. He mocks Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s gimmick and asks Tenay how is a masked wrestler supposed to cash a check. That was a decent line, actually. He then introduces us to his new Elvis character, Disgraceland. He is an obese man who was known in WCW as Luther Biggs. Mike Sanders is now at the announcer’s title with several peanut butter and banana sandwiches, which is what Elvis liked to eat.

Disgraceland vs. Shark Boy

Shark Boy ducks a chop then hits a few dropkicks. Disgraceland catches him and hits a backbreaker before tossing Shark Boy to the floor. He stops to eat a sandwich then chops Shark Boy down. Tenay goes off on the gimmick as Sanders talks about a proposed SEX reality show. In the ring, Disgraceland hits a double chop then nearly chokes on his sandwich. He goes up top but misses a leg drop. Shark Boy hits a springboard flying forearm as Tenay runs down Gilbertti’s idiotic ideas in WCW, including Martian wrestlers and an Invisible Man. Shark Boy goes for the Dead Sea Drop but Disgraceland blocks that and gets a swinging neckbreaker for the win (3:08) DUD. After the match, Sanders puts over Disgraceland as the truthful Elvis, who he calls a fat drug addict, but Jorge Estrada runs out and hits Sanders and Disgraceland from behind with a top rope move. He nearly fucked that up too. SEX outnumbers him quickly then drags him into the locker room. They then take him into the bathroom stall and give him a swirly.

Thoughts: It boggles my mind that someone could think that people would actually be entertained watching purposely bad wrestling and gimmicks. This was a giant waste of time.

A video package of Jeff Jarrett airs. It shows him on the first ever TNA PPV and the beginning of the promotion, when he attacked Shamrock, Toby Keith, and the Tennessee and when he won the title from Killings.

Goldylocks is backstage with JJ Dillon, who feels sick from seeing AJ aligning with Russo. Zbyzsko runs out and asks what is going on then promises to get to the bottom of everything.

NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Paul London vs. Kid Kash (Champion) w/Trinity

London now has Lynn’s old theme song. Both men do a series of counters and reversals. They trade armdrags and pinfall attempts before ending in a standoff. Kash gets a few chops but Lonoson works the arm. Tenay states how London has been watching Kash tapes all week long in preparation of this match. They do some more counters and Kash hiptosses London over the ropes. He slips off the ropes trying to skin the cat but recovers quickly enough. Kash dropkicks him down to the floor then follows out with a double springboard plancha. London blocks a baseball slide and spins Kash around before taking him to the ground. He hits a standing shooting star press then both men brawl around the ring. London gets whipped into the guardrail but manages to catch the chair toss and throw it back at Kash. Back in, London slingshots in and gets a rollup for two. Spinning wheel kick hits him right in the face and that gets two. Kash then sends London to the floor with a springboard dropkick and follows him out with a running flip dive. He rolls London back in the ring and hits a top rope clothesline for two. He chops London hard then flips him off after catching his foot. He tries to flip him over but London lands on his feet and gets a dropkick. Enziguri gets two. They trade forearm smashes until Kash chops him some more. Sunset flip gets two and that starts a reversal sequence. London blocks the money maker attempt and gets two off of a twisting neckbreaker. They fuck up an Irish whip then London ducks a springboard attack. He then slingshots in with a flying headscissors but Kash gets right up and hits a springboard rana, getting two. Kash gets pissed at the ref then ducks a clothesline and they counter backslides until Kash kills him with the Money Maker for the win (8:17) **1/2. After the match, Kash and Trinity raise the arms of London.

Thoughts: Decent match but certainly not great. Once again, London did fine but did not impress. After all of his work in Ring of Honor around this time, you would expect better. He might have been nervous. Also, Kash isn’t the best worker on the planet. He doesn’t really sell anything at all. Speaking of Kash, seemed legitimately pissed off after London nailed him with the spinning wheel kick. He was chopping the shit out of him afterwards.

Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki, who is in the SEX locker room. She asks where Russo went as Siaki demands everyone’s attention. They all fight about who would be left in charge and Siaki tells Sanders that winning is the only thing and says they will bring home the gold. Sanders asks him what he should do against his opponent, Jonah from Tough Enough III. Siaki tells him to beat his ass and if he has any gold, bring that home too. That line was kinda funny.

Tenay is with Jonah from Tough Enough III, which is what they are calling him, for an interview that took place earlier today . He says that he is from Natick, MA and played college football at Union College in NY. He says that he has been training under Killer Kowalski. Tenay asks about Tough Enough. Jonah says that it taught him that he wants to be a pro wrestler and says he will fulfill his quest in becoming a professional wrestler. Jonah seemed nervous here but didn’t do a terrible job or anything.

Sanders comes out to the ring with Gilbertti and a blond chick. West brings up that Jonah was robbed from winning Tough Enough due to the Cappotelli/Holly incident. Sanders talks to Jonah, stating that he is a loser, noting that he didn’t even come in second place. He  then offers him the chance to fondle the blond chick as long as he joins SEX. Jonah says that he is tempted, as a guy in the crowd calls him a “fucking faggot,” but says his dream is to become a pro wrestler and declines the invitation. Whatever. Sanders then hits him from behind and the match starts.

Mike Sanders w/Glen Gilbertti vs. Jonah

Jonah reverses a hiptoss then hits a few armdrags. Sanders sends him into the ropes with a drop toehold then works on the back. Sanders with a running kick then a dancing kneedrop, getting two. Back elbow smash by Sanders as West is getting a bit heelish on commentary towards Tenay. Sanders grabs a headlock as the crowd is behind Jonah. He ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody for two. Sanders comes right back with a leg lariat and covers multiple times, getting two. Crowd is behind Jonah again as Sanders beats him in the corner. Scoop slam but Jonah dodges a knee drop and gets a rollup for two. Sanders clotheslines him down then gets another slam. He misses a moonsault and Jonah hits a few clotheslines. He gets a slam and a dropkick but eats boot on a charge. Jonah catches him in a powerslam, getting two then goes for the STF. The blond chick jumps on the apron and plays with her tits, almost exposing them completely. Jonah then heads over to her and that allows Sanders to hit the inverted headlock backbreaker for the win (5:33) ½*.

Thoughts: Jonah had some rough spots for sure but did show some flashes of potential. He was less embarrassing than Jorge Estrada, anyway.

Its time for the Interrogators segment. This week’s guest is the Sandman. A complete waste of time as Sandman seemed more loaded than usual and did not give a straight answer to any question. He sat there smoking a cigarette with his speech slurred.

Raven & Low Ki vs. Sandman & Steve Corino

Sandman and Corino come out on the ramp then go through the crowd before heading to the ring. Raven and Ki leave the ring and head into the crowd and are met by a diving Sandman. They brawl into the crowd as they are playing tennis with Ki. Corino takes out both men with a trashcan then Sandman beats on Raven some more. Ki sends Corino into the guardrail then Raven hits Sandman with the trashcan. They set up Sandman on the table and Raven puts him through it with a piledriver. Corino beats on Ki with a trashcan lid as Raven is in the ring. Corino goes in and beats on Raven. Ki comes in and Corino beats on both men. Sandman remains in the crowd somewhere as Ki hits Corino with a cartwheel kick. Sandman is shown crawling down the ramp with his Singapore Cane as Corino is hit with a sweep/clothesline combo. Raven hits a suplex and sets up the chair. Corino reverses the drop toehold but Raven puts on the breaks and grabs the chair. He slams it off Corino’s head then Ki kicks his ass. Corino is busted wide open but manages to simultaneously hit Ki and Raven with a stunner and a DDT. Sandman bangs the trashcan to get Corino’s attention and he makes the tag. Sandman cleans house using the trashcan. He wedges it into the corner then catches a charging Low Ki with a drop toehold, sending him into the trashcan. Corino takes Raven to the floor with a clothesline. Ki gets a nearfall on Sandman, who gets tripped by Raven. Sandman uses the Singapore Cane Russian Leg Sweep and gets two but Raven comes in and hits the Even Flow for the win (8:07) ¼*.

Thoughts: This was all garbage brawling and Sandman seemed in no condition to perform. There was no flow at all to this match and it was terrible. It really killed the crowd. Sandman has had two straight terrible performances in TNA.

A black and white video package on AJ Styles airs. He mentions how Ricky Steamboat told him he was going to be great when he won the X Division belt. AJ then puts himself over as being not only great, but phenomenal. A really good package putting over AJ as a major player.

NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)

This match gets the boxing-style introductions. Jarrett shoves AJ into the corner. They trade go-behinds and do some reversals. The sequences all look crisp. Jarrett hits a clothesline and AJ regroups. AJ hits a kick then they do a fast-paced Irish whip spot that ends with AJ getting a dropkick. Spinning wheel kick gets two. Basement dropkick gets two. Jarrett catches AJ with a punch then stomps him in the corner. Dropkick by Jarrett and he clotheslines him to the floor. Jarrett then hits him with a pescado and whips AJ into the guardrail. He tries it again but AJ reverses. Jarrett gets rolled back into the ring. AJ gets a slam then a running senton that gets two. Suplex gets two. Clothesline by AJ as some in the crowd chant for AJ. Jarrett catches AJ with a boot but AJ punches away. He then catches AJ and turns it into a sitout powerbomb. Jarrett comes up firing then sends AJ high in the air and drops him on his knee. Jarrett eats boot on a charge as Zbyszko is shown at ringside. Larry holds Jarrett’s foot on a superplex attempt and AJ turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb, getting two. AJ gets backdropped but lands on the apron. Jarrett tries to suplex him back in but Larry holds the foot again and AJ falls on top, getting two. AJ floats over and crushes Jarrett with an enziguiri. Larry hits Jarrett from behind with the brass knux, prompting West to call him a “dirty bastard.” That only gets two as JJ Dillon comes out and sends Larry to the back. AJ tries a figure four but Jarrett turns it into a small package, getting two. AJ springboards off the second rope and gets a sleeper hold. Jarrett almost goes out but fights out. Jarrett ducks a flying forearm but it ends up hitting the ref. Jarrett hits the Stroke but the ref is out cold. Another referee comes out from the back but Jarrett only gets two. Bill Behrens comes out and takes the ref to the back.  AJ sweeps the leg then puts on the Death Lock with a bridge. Jarrett fights out but AJ goes back on offense. Jarrett manages to get a monkey flip but he sends AJ into the referee, knocking him to the floor. The Harris Brothers come out and hit Jarrett with the H Bomb. Vader and Dusty waddle out and take care of the Harris Brothers. They brawl on the floor. AJ climbs on top of Jarrett and the ref awakes. That only gets two though. AJ keeps on trying to get the Styles Clash and finally hits hit but Jarrett kicks out. AJ goes up top but Jarrett catches him with a clothesline. Siaki  runs in the ring and hits the Siakalypse twice as Desire is distracting the ref. AJ gets upset for some reason and hits Siaki with the Styles Clash. He is on the second rope yelling at Desire and Siaki, allowing Jarrett to hit the Stroke off of the second rope for the win (16:04) ***3/4.  

Thoughts: The match was excellent. The runs in did seem unnecessary, especially having the Harris Brothers in yet another segment, but both guys did great. Speaking of run-ins, why wasn’t Raven involved? He has been feuding with both guys. I also do not understand the AJ/Russo stuff. Why would he come to the arena with Russo and get pissed when his faction interferes on his behalf?   They booked Jarrett like Superman, having him kick out of everything.

Russo is in his car. He says that he needs to talk it out. He also mentions how he is in Jarrett’s driveway and wants to talk to his wife, Jill, and that his kids want to see Uncle Vince. He also wants to wait for Jarrett to come home so they all can talk together.

Final Thoughts: Well, this was a one-match show. The Russo/Jarrett feud is beyond tiresome and consuming way too much time as is the entire SEX storyline for that matter. The weekly 15 minute long Russo segments are killing the product. They are also struggling to get any other feuds going too. The X Division is stagnant and with a lot of guys who are touring in Japan, its tough to really build a feud within that Division. They have three clear-cut top guys for the World Title, Jarrett, Raven, and AJ, and everyone else is either an X Division guy or nowhere near capable of being a main player.


  1. Don't worry Brian, you're getting closer to the summer '03 shows. Those shows are leaps and bounds better than anything TNA had produced beforehand: The AJ-Low-Ki match for the World title, AMW-Triple X cage match, the debut of Ultimate X, new guys being added to the X Division (good ones too, unlike Ace Steel and the Crimson Dragon), Jeff Jarrett getting somewhat pushed down the card and miraculously, Shane Douglas in a good feud (granted, that was entirely due to Raven).

    So it gets better. There's still a few bad months to get through though and you haven't even gotten to Glenn Gilbertti's main event push yet.

  2. Yup the summer of '03 was some of the best programming in TNA history. I believe Dutch Mantell was booking that summer.

  3. Yeah, that was some great stuff. The X Division tournament was awesome, the debut of Abyss, the introduction of Kazarian, Shane, and Sabin into the X Division, and the overall quality Of matches really stood out.


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