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The Only Review of The Streak DVD That You'll Ever Need

The Undertaker vs. Jimmy Snuka – WrestleMania 7 - March 24, 1991
It's funny how tame the sets look back then. I mean, this is WrestleMania, and the entrance is nothing more than a black curtain with the WWF logo on top. These days they must spend millions on the entrance sets alone. The match itself, well there's not much to speak of. Snuka's clearly off the cycles. They wrestle in slow motion for about 6 minutes then screw up a spot where Taker was suppose to catch Snuka and turn it into the Tombstone.
Undertaker hits Snuka with the Tombstone, getting the pin at 4:20 | *1/2

The Undertaker vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts – WrestleMania 8 – April 5, 1992
They trade punches for a bit, and the match doesn't really pick up until Jake hits the first of two DDTs. When Taker sits up from the first one, from the crowd reaction, you can clearly hear that you've got a future World Champion. After the 2nd DDT, Jake could have scored the pin, but wanted the Urn instead. Where does one go to fence an item that controls a supernatural wrestling zombie? Anyway, while he struggles with Paul, The Undertaker comes from behind and delivers a Tombstone to the outside. Of course, you can see clear as day that Jake's head is about 6 feet from the ground. But much like a present, it's the thought that counts. A much better bout than the one against Snuka.
Taker hits the Tombstone outside, then rolls Jake in for the pin at 6:36 | **3/4

The Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez – WrestleMania 9 – April 4, 1993
This match was set up after Taker defeated Kamala in a set of matches and his manager, Harvey Wippleman, brought in Gonzalez to exact revenge. Pretty cool entrance on Undertaker's part. Bill Alfonso is the ref, before he got a set of teeth that were apparently carved out of rotted wood. I've never seen this match before, and right now I'm considering GG to be the worst wrestler to have wrestled for the Big 2. Oh boy, a really extended sleeper spot. This just keeps getting worse until GG gives Taker the chloroform rag about 6 hours into the match. He's stretchered to the back while the crowd chants for Hogan. Yeah, like Hogan is just gonna rush out to deal with a foreign bad guy when he uses an illegal substance on the good guy.
Gonzalez is DQ'ed for his use of a chloroform rag at 7:33 | DUD

The Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy – WrestleMania 11 – April 2, 1995
For those who don't know, Al Bundy was named after KKB himself. And his neighbors Steve & Marci Rhodes were named after The American Dream. It wouldn't shock me if Dusty tried to get royalties. This match was set up after KKB interfered in Undertaker's match against IRS at the Rumble, and they stole the urn. For a while the focus is more about The Undertaker trying to get the urn back on the outside. He does at first, but while back in the ring, Kama runs down and takes it away. Afterward, Bundy and Taker put on a quality match that could sell out a gym in any state. At one point, Taker bodyslams Bundy, however I'm not sure if it was a body-slam, or a botched Tombstone attempt. Either way, a flying clothesline finishes it.
Bundy gets hit with a flying clothesline, then pinned at 6:36 | *3/4

The Undertaker vs. Diesel – WrestleMania 12 – March 31, 1996
Funny that the babyface Nash did shit as champion, but heel Nash made boat-loads of cash for the competition. The match is a lot better than I expected, with plenty of fists thrown in between power moves like sidewalk slams and big-boots. At one point The Undertaker receives two jack-knife powerbombs, but refuses to die. Soon after, it's the typical Undertaker formula, but leading up to that is a pretty decent match.
Undertaker delivers the Tombstone, earning the pin at 16:46 | ***

The Undertaker vs. Sycho Sid [C] – WrestleMania 13 – March 23, 1997 – WWE Championship
After Hall and Nash left, Sid became my main man. So, I was pretty bummed out when I saw this PPV, knowing that as cool as I thought Sid was, there was no way he could beat The Undertaker. Bret shows up to dress down Shawn, who's at commentary, then tells The Undertaker they aren't friends anymore. He then calls Sid a fraud, and Sid offers a powerbomb in response. I was too young to truly appreciate the fantastic work Bret was doing as a heel. As for the match, well, it starts off with a long bear-hug spot and doesn't pick up much after that. Honestly, the best word to describe this match is slow. Very slow.
Taker with the Tombstone & the pin at 21:19 | **

The Undertaker vs. Kane – WrestleMania 14 – March 28, 1998
One of the most anticipated matches in my history as a fan. I loved me some Stone Cold, but Undertaker vs Kane was why we got WM14. According to Cornette, Vince Russo wanted Undertaker to chokeslam Kane through a table 2 weeks after Badd Blood. Now, that would have blown the wad of the angle and completely made everything they were trying to do pointless, so I have a hard time believing it was Russo's idea. Unless the angle was suppose to end with Russo winning the title and having to forfeit it because his dick was too big to wrestle full-time.
I forgot just how strong they booked Kane in the beginning, I mean, he's not even selling straight right-hands from The Undertaker, and you may or may not know this, but he's the best pure striker in the game. It's a decent enough match, but despite having a million more together, they just don't have very good chemistry.
Undertaker delivers 3 Tombstones in order to put Kane down for the pin at 16:48 | **

The Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man – WrestleMania 15 – March 28, 1999 – Hell In A Cell
When people call this one of the worst matches of all time, it's not hyperbole, it really is. They bumble around and punch each other for the duration of the match until 'Taker has The Boss Man hung from the cage. JR says it's symbolic. Symbolic of what? A hanging?
Undertaker forces Boss Man to eat a Tombstone for the pin at 9:46 | DUD

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 17 – April 1, 2001 – No DQ
They dub over Taker's Rollin' theme, but we're stuck listening to Lemmy guess the lyrics to a song he's apparently never heard. This is God-awful.”It's all about the Game, and how you game, it's all about The Game and if you can game, game...blargel cermudgen...the game you can't game is flip de floop claude toot ala smoore time to game the game”.
This match is without a doubt one of the hardest hitting I've ever seen. These guys go full tilt on each other to the point where I'd still stand behind my previous statement even if there were no weapons. But of course there are, with the highlight being Triple H pummeling The Undertaker with a chair so many times that it's bent to a crescent. One hell of a match, and my favorite from WM17.
Undertaker gives HHH the Last Ride into the pin at 18:57 | ****1/2

The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair – WrestleMania 18 – March 17, 2002 – No DQ
Can anyone think of a match with a more uneven build up and execution than this one? Soon after it starts, Flair does the post-flip and takes a sweet boot the face, cutting him open. Honestly, I think it's the best boot I've seen Taker deliver. Flair gets his momentum back for a moment with the help of a low-blow and a barrage of chops, later he gets a lead-pipe, busting open the man JR keeps calling Booger Red. The match is a real war, with Flair giving a hell of a performance in that he refuses to die. While he gives a great performance, Double A gives about as perfect a spinebuster as I've ever seen. You also have to dig two powerbomb-botches in a row. Great match.
Undertaker hits the Tombstone and the pin at 18:47 | ****

The Undertaker vs. Big Show & A-Train – WrestleMania 19 – March 30, 2003
We find out before hand that Nathan Jones was jumped before the match, thus he won't be able to complete. No, it had nothing to do with his complete inability to wrestle. He was awesome in Tony Jaa's The Protector, though. A-Train disrespects Undertaker by tilting the rear-view mirror on his bike. I see perhaps the best sign ever in 'You Are Butt.' Considering I believe The American Bad Ass to be the worst main eventer of all time, I'm surprised this match isn't completely atrocious. It was a well-done power game, with no needless sleepers and other lame big-man spots. Good stuff.
The Undertaker hits A-Train with the Tombstone for the pin at 9:42 | **3/4

The Undertaker vs. Kane – WrestleMania 20 – March 14, 2004
I thought Paul Bearer was a nice touch, as this was seriously the fourth or fifth time he'd come back from the dead, so you gotta do something fresh. Kane is actually a decent actor, and is selling this really damn well. He's almost in tears. The match is nothing out of the ordinary. Thankfully it's short, and it doesn't do any damage to any one person's claim of WMXX being the best.
'Taker hits the Tombstone & the pin at 6:36 | **1/2

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton – WrestleMania 21 – April 3, 2005
Match starts off right as Orton doesn't show much fear, instead showing his ability to not only keep up, but go beyond The Undertaker's speed and agility. From that point on, Randy gets flashes of momentum, but can never really keep a lead on Taker, continually making brash mistakes instead of taking his time, which works perfectly here. Near the end, however, it really gets going with the reversals and near-falls, earning this match the title of Undertaker's most underrated match at WM. Chokeslam reversal to RKO was brilliant.
Undertaker reverses Randy's Tombstone into one of his own for the pin at 14:14 | ***1/2

The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry – WrestleMania 22 – April 2, 2006 – Casket Match
Our first and only Casket Match at WM. Interesting that I was dreading having to watch this match, yet I'd actually like to see it with the current Mark Henry. Unfortunately we have the Henry of old, and this is just a bunch of punching, kicking, and attempts to put one another in the casket in a most boring way.
'Taker puts Henry in the casket at 9:26 | *

The Undertaker vs. Batista – WrestleMania 23 – April 1, 2007 – World Heavyweight Championship
This was my favorite feud of 2007, as Taker and Batista went out there every time in their 5 match series and delivered way beyond any expectations, starting here at WrestleMania. Batista starts off the match with momentum in his favor following a spear, and doesn't let up for a minute until Taker demands the tide turn with rights, lefts and a big-boot. They battle to the outside, highlighted by Batista powerslamming The Undertaker through a table in one hell of a moment. Back in, they really give people their money's worth, trading finishers and near-falls until the crowd is frothing at the mouth. One hell of a match, and easily one of the best at WM.
The Undertaker hits the Tombstone and grabs the pin at 15:00 | ****1/2

The Undertaker vs. Edge – WrestleMania 24 – March 30, 2008 – World Heavyweight Championsh
As the year before saw Undertaker and Batista deliver my favorite series of matches for 2007, 2008 saw Taker team up with Edge to do the same. Each time these guys stepped in the ring they delivered a match in the high 4-star range, and it all started at WrestleMania 24 for the WHC.
A fantastic match, that showcased and embodied everything that a main event is suppose to be. Both men had each other scouted to where once Edge's initial run of momentum was over, neither ever got the upper-hand for long because it was counter after counter, like both men were in each others’ heads. Although Undertaker got his hand raised, I don't think that there were ever any wrestlers better than Edge was on this night.
Edge taps out to Hell's Gate at 23:50 | ****3/4

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 25 – April 5, 2009
I've seen this match 6 times. Why you ask? Because I think it's the most overrated match of all time, and I keep watching it to see if perhaps the last time will be the time I see what everyone is talking about. I've always had this pegged at 3 stars, and wondered if perhaps the seventh time was the charm.
It's a solid match, unfortunately I think most of the aura about this match lies in having seen it live. This was the first time it was truly up in the air, and they were damn original. With the multiple finisher kick-outs, the energy would have been off the charts watching this live. However, seeing it as it is, it just doesn't hold up.
Taker with the moonsault reversal into the Tombstone & pin at 30:41 | ***1/4

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – WrestleMania 26 – March 28, 2010 – Streak vs Career
As you all know, I really didn’t like last year’s bout between them. This one, however, I loved. It was a fucking war. Shawn never showed signs of giving up, even after a tombstone to the outside, and continued pulling all the stops, especially with the moonsault onto Undertaker’s legs, crashing through the table. They gave us awesome near falls, without overdoing the whole finisher ordeal like the year before. Seeing The Undertaker want to show mercy to Shawn, but only letting himself be pushed so far was a great storyline aspect. Awesome match.
Shawn eats a Jumping-Tombstone & pin at 24:00 | ****3/4

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 27 - April 3, 2011 – No Holds Barred
I don't think there's ever been a match that people were so divided on. Peeps either hate it, or love it. Myself, I'm on the love it side. I saw it live with a group of friends, and I've never had so much fun. Sure, when Mark Henry is taking a stab at the streak, it's not in question, but half way through this one, nobody was sure. Half of my group of friends was for Triple H, the other half was for Taker. When Triple H hit the Tombstone, the place exploded, and we all truly thought it was over. Great match
Undertaker puts Triple H in the Gates of Hell and gets the tap out at 29:25 | *****

The Undertaker vs. Triple H – WrestleMania 28 – April 1, 2012 – Hell in a Cell
Pretty surprised the cell's Metallica theme is left in. JR just said that Shawn has to remain 'unemotional.' I don't think anyone has ever failed harder at their job. Later we see one of my all time favorite moments in wrestling when Triple H is seemingly trying to kill the Undertaker with countless chair shots. That's why you have a cell match, and obviously these two are the only ones who remember that. A lot of people I was watching with thought the DX Finisher was it. Thank God it wasn't. Love the assault Undertaker gives Triple H after that moment, it was great. In the end, it's probably my least favorite of their WM series, but it's still a fantastic match by any other standards.
Undertaker hits the WrestleMania finish at 30:52 | ****

Showcase Showdown:
If I ever watch the Undertaker wrestle at a WM again it'll be too soon. I don't know what it is, because superstar sets are suppose to feature multiple matches with the same person, but man did this set feel repetitive. It's probably because around WM 14 or so, everything was the same. The entrance, the look, the spots, and the finish. Despite that though, you can't argue the amount of quality matches on this set, as The Undertaker's streak started to become something more than a win or loss record. Every year you expected the match to be a MOTYC, and it was living up to those expectations for a while.
At the moment, it's unsure if The Undertaker will ever wrestle at WM again. If that's the case, I don't think there will be any regrets on his side or ours. The streak was the last title fans believed in, the last title that truly meant something and was a draw all its own. I honestly doubt we'll see something like this again, despite the fact WWE will constantly try. Because that's just it, something like this you can't create on purpose.
4 out of 5 Head-Butts. 

A much deserved thank you to my editor, Mr. Steven Ferrari. The only guy more respected in the field of Thuganomics than a DR.

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  2. Seriously, 5 stars for the WM27 match?

  3. Was just about to say this.

  4. I disliked both Triple H / Taker Matches as it felt like they were far slower than the Shawn ones (naturally). But I tell ya, Edge / Taker and Taker Batista are some underrated classics simply because their weren't HUGE EXPECTATIONS attached to them.

  5. Good lord those match ratings

  6. "When Taker sits up from the first one, from the crowd reaction, you can clearly hear that you've got a future World Champion."

    Wasn't he technically already a World Champion at that point?

  7. The ratings do seem a tad high.

    ** 3/4 seems way high for Jake vs Undertaker in particular. That was a good feud, but a nothing match and that tombstone that misses by about 2 feet.

    That's the original PPV camera angle too which is crazy, I can't believe they never found another camera angle for the DVD or VHS releases. They clipped out stuff like the camera zooming in on Brother Love's ass, Bret Hart knocking the cameraman off the apron, Gene Okerlund dropping an 'F' bomb, and Sean Mooney looking pissed off at himself after an interview, but they keep that in?

  8. The title of this post is misleading. I didn't need anyone to review The Streak DVD.

  9. I disagree with some of your ratings but I'm gonna refrain from calling you names and put my opinion out there.

    WrestleMania 25: This is the biggest one I disagree about. This is one of my favorite matches of all time, and it's an easy 5 Stars for me. I watched it live, and I've seen it countless times since and it still gets me going crazy by the end. Crazy ass counters into finishers into counters back into finishers. Nuts!

    I love the Randy Orton-Taker match from WrestleMania 21(I have it at ***1/2-***3/4 as well) but I think the Edge-Taker match is the most underrated out of all his WrestleMania matches. When people list Taker's best WM matches they usually say the Shawn series, then the Triple H series, and then Batista, but I think Edge-Taker is right up there with Shawn-Taker and Trips-Taker, and even surpasses some of them.

    1. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels WM 25 *****

    2. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels WM 26 *****

    3. Undertaker vs. Triple H WM 27 *****

    4. Undertaker vs. Edge WM 24 ****3/4

    5. Undertaker vs. Triple H WM 17 ****1/2

  10. I'm not so sure they're underrated as every rating I've ever seen for them (including my own opinion) have them hovering at 4.25 and as high as 5.0. They're not talked about so much though, I'll give you that.

  11. 3 and 1/4 for HBK/Taker 1? lolololololololol.

  12. Undertaker hits Snuka with the Tombstone, getting the pin
    at 4:20 | *1/2

    Did you watch the match?
    DUD all the way.

    Taker hits the Tombstone outside, then rolls Jake in for
    the pin at 6:36 | **3/4

    Again, nothing happens for 4 minutes, then Jake gets Tombstoned
    on the outside and nothing happens again.

    Gonzalez is DQ'ed for his use of a chloroform rag at 7:33 | DUD

    Yeah Sure.

    Bundy gets hit with a flying clothesline, then pinned at 6:36 | *3/4

    King Kong Bundy has never been in anything above *

    Undertaker delivers the Tombstone, earning the pin (NASH) at 16:46 | ***

    That works for me.

    Taker with the Tombstone & the pin (SID) at 21:19 | **

    Bret did more bumping than both men. 1/2*

    Undertaker delivers 3 Tombstones in order to put Kane down for the pin at 16:48 | **

    Yeah, I agree.

    Undertaker forces Boss Man to eat a Tombstone for the pin at 9:46 | DUD

    Terrible Match

    Undertaker gives HHH the Last Ride into the pin at 18:57 | ****1/2

    Good lord, have you watched this match recently? It does not hold up at all. *** at most, maybe ***1/4.

    Undertaker hits the Tombstone and ( Flair) the pin at 18:47 | ****

    I like this match. Most don't for whatever reason. I'll agree, might be a tad high but Arn Anderson delivering that spinbuster is priceless.

    The Undertaker hits A-Train with the Tombstone for thepin at 9:42 | **3/4

    No. * if that. Again, did you watch the match?

    'Taker hits the Tombstone & the pin (Kane 2) at 6:36 | **1/2

    This is barley a match. 1/4*

    Undertaker reverses Randy's Tombstone into one of his own for the pin at 14:14 | ***1/2

    LOL. **3/4

    'Taker puts Henry in the casket at 9:26 | *

    Casket Matches suck.

    The Undertaker hits the Tombstone and grabs the pin (DAVE) at 15:00 | ****1/2

    **** and that is being generous.

    Edge taps out to Hell's Gate at 23:50 | ****3/4

    ****1/4. It is a hell of a match but it drags in the middle.

    Taker with the moonsault reversal into the Tombstone& pin at 30:41 | ***1/4

    I should of stopped reading your review right there. What the hell? Did you even watch the match those 6 times that you have clamined? Do you understand wrestling psychology? Do you rate your matches so differently just to get a rise out of people? Do you realize that when you rate a match that is wildly regarded as a great match that low that it makes you look like the fool, not the people that argue your rating? This match has it all and then some. ***** and easily one of the best Wrestlemaina matches ever. You are crazy if you think otherwise.

    Shawn eats a Jumping-Tombstone & pin at 24:00 | ****3/4

    Face it, the only reason you rated this so high was thejumping tombstone spot. Just admit it. ****1/2

    Undertaker puts Triple H in the Gates of Hell and gets
    the tap out at 29:25 | *****

    No no no no no no no no no. At best it is ****.

    Undertaker hits the WrestleMania finish at 30:52 | ****

    "The Wrestlemania finish" Whatever that means. ****1/2

  13. Jim Ross never announced the boss man vs. Taker 15 cell match. Cole made the dumb symbolic remark.

  14. Good angle.

    Also, BikerTaker only lasted just over three years, which in hindsight is not terribly long. That was the last time he wasn't a part timer and consistently wrestled or appeared on almost every show. I think they (or he) wanted him to fade out as ZombieTaker, but it's a long fading out at 9+ years already.

    By the turn of the century people were bitching about how old he was and how he was hogging the spotlight, despite being over for his entire tenure. He's gone from being a star living on borrowed time as an athlete to the reigning champion of the most prestigious title there is.

    And just think about the crazy standard that's been set: if Taker's next WM match is under a Scott Keith **** rating, it'll be a tremendous disappointment.

  15. Yep, solely for HHH's ego. It wasn't because they split the brands and decided they wanted a champion on both shows or anything.

  16. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Ah, alrighty then. Let us be friends then, drink merry and talk about Kelly Divine.

  17. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 1:14 PM

    But maybe just a little bit? Eh? Eh? C'mon...

  18. Also, re: Bikertaker vs. Purple Boots HHH: Hunter was the world champion for most of that run, whereas Taker was upper midcard for most of '01-'03. HHH was intended to draw huge money and failed. Taker was mostly being kept busy until they were motivated with him again. Not saying one is better or worse than the other; they were both very painful at times.

  19. HHH was not "punished for backing the guy." That's just not true.

  20. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 1:14 PM

    I never understood the Yellow Fever. I don't know why, it's probably because I dig chicks built like Kelly Divine, but Asian women were always such a turn off.

  21. ...You know what? I wouldn't be surprised if they ever did release a DVD featuring some Benoit matches. They made a romance out of the Titanic, after all.

  22. You think he had four or five great matches in that character- one of the few correct things you've said- and that makes him the worst? There have been any number of main eventers that never even had a GOOD match.

  23. Vince McMahon has said that they would never promote Chris Benoit, but that they would not deny that he had existed. Most likely such a DVD would have simply had a graphic mentioning that Undertaker defeated Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania ?? and then moved on.

  24. If this is you just trying to be a shock jock here, I'll just roll my eyes. But there are hundreds of thousands of gorgeous Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Indian women out there. I mean, this is just plain fact. I can't really comprehend this xenophobic comment (and, yes, saying they are a "turn off" is a derogatory remark towards them).

  25. Relax, I was kidding about the "upset with you" line.

    And you should love my photo. That's a very handsome, intelligent man in there!

  26. 16 downvotes? You people are insane!

  27. My photographer at work has a HUGE thing for Asian women, every time he gives me a series of photos, there are always a handful of photos of Asian women. He's a 67-year-old Vietnam vet, we always just attributed his Yellow Fever to that...

  28. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 1:16 PM

    From what I've always heard, Taker was suppose to lose at WM17. Shawn was suppose to be the ref, I believe, but showed up really high, and thus HHH was punished for backing the guy. I believe they started acknowledging it around that time, but it didn't become a selling point until Orton.

  29. The only thing I remember about Taker's Wrestlemania 19 match is the YOU ARE BUTT sign.

  30. Vaseline... better lubrication. I like the way you think.

  31. hey phred gimme a beat.

  32. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    Can we make it vaseline? Lotion seems a bit gay.

  33. This *might* explain why you have people upset with you.

    Being Asian doesn't automatically make me attracted to a girl and I don't think there's on in my top 10 hottest girls. And like you, I love Kelly Divine... what a filthy whore. The point is that the girl in that pic is really cute, if that's her it's a girl who's on the same forum that I'm on and there's a chance that I can get her to convince her strict parents to give her the cash to fly over here and fall in love with me.

    Now, is that okay with you, Mr. Named After Terrible Cigarettes!?

  34. Unfortunately, I'm not Eunjung. Though if I was, I would be blowing a lot of guys. Most notably, myself. I would find a way to make it work.

    Also, I would never want to let ethnicity limit my taste in women, but I pretty much am a sucker for the Asian women. Makes me feel like a tool, but it's a great problem to have, really.

    If it makes me any cooler, Asa Akira kinda grosses me out..

  35. You can get your fingers caught in the Cell.

  36. THIS basically nullifies your entire catalog of matches reviewed. Meaning it removes all credibility, and forces these reviews to not be taken seriously.

  37. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    Because in one of Scott's books he talks about how there are times when Taker "isn't feeling it".

  38. "Although Undertaker got his hand raised, I don't think that there were ever any wrestlers better than Edge was on this night."

    Good lord. If I wrote like this I wouldn't put my real name on my work, either. From the syntax that makes this sentence read like it was loosely translated into English from another language to stating the opinion that Edge was as good as any wrestler ever in that match (I mean, it's a good match, but come the fuck on) make my head hurt.

  39. At worst he's a plagiarizer, and at best he just ripped someone off. Awesome.

  40. When did he do that? I want to see the hilarity of him getting called out.

  41. your editor should have caught supposed instead of suppose. Twice.


  43. anybody using my favorite Bart quote gets an upvote from me

  44. wooooooooooooooo

  45. This is all "pulled out my ass" speculation at this point so this is my locigal thinking.

    Taker/HHH was penciled in right after WM as the Post WM/early summer program but the overwhelming response to Hogan/ politicking from Hogan made Vince change it 3 days later on TV. I believe that HHH was gonna get the big babyface run Vince always wanted him to have after WM18 but the Hogan thing was too big to deny. Plus Im figuring he got a modest return on NWO tshirts, what about pimpin the red/yellow again, so Hogan got the strap and got some change off merch.

    I never thought for a second he was gonna get a real run, its just how quickly fans soured on the idea of Hogan being champion in 2002.

    But there is money to be made and Hogan got the strap for a month, but once he got it, it needed to come off just as quickly. HHH couldnt just win the title back, so insert Taker.

    Now at the same time, Brock has the rocket up his ass and no one is gonna do that impending job except Rocky, cuz he is about to goto Hollywood for good. Austin wasnt. He walked out. HHH already jobbed to a 50 year old dude. And Taker eventually "wasnt feeling it"

  46. Obviously you have never been to Singapore.

  47. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesFebruary 17, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    I was speaking in kayfabe terms, really. I mean, other than Shawn & Triple H, Edge is really the only guy to take it to the limits with 'Taker. He had an answer for everything Undertaker had in that match.

    Thanks for reading the review, I appreciate it.


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