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Best of Kobashi

I guess IVP Videos must be doing a special in honor of Kobashi's retirement, because they put this one up for download FREE and it looks like there's some great stuff on there.  It's a 4GB download, so bandwidth-challenged be warned.  


  1. It's funny because I just came about that site searching for a place to order some puro stuff. It looks like they're selling DVDs super cheap. I can't imagine they're originals. Does the blog know where a guy could order to Canada?

  2. I can attest the VQ is pretty good, especially on the puro stuff.

  3. I still get excited for WM, but I think that feeling is a bit of a hangover from the predictibility of this year's event.

  4. For so long Kobashi was overshadowed by Misawa. Would it be fair to say that - perhaps - Kobashi was the better of the two?

  5. He certainly managed to keep himself a top worker for longer than Misawa. I think on Misawa's best day, he was a better overall worker, but from what I've heard and seen, Misawa had a tendency to be lazy at times, especially in the later years.

    Regardless, IMO the two best Japanese wrestlers of the last 20 years ... with Toshiaki Kawada a strong 3rd. Haven't seen enough Tanahashi to put him at that level. Those three put together IMO the greatest collection of matches in wrestling history.

    My favorites are 1-20-97 MIsawa/Kobashi, 6/11/99 Misawa/Kobashi, 3/1/03 Misawa/Kobashi & 6/3/94 Kawada/Misawa.

  6. They do a different free download each week, so it's always worth popping back and checking.

    I've picked up best of Bruno Sammartino, Team 3D, El Generico, Eddy Guerrero, Big Bossman, Vader and the Jumping Bomb Angels at one time or another.


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