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Smackdown - May 24, 2013

Date: May 24, 2013
Location: CenturyLink Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're past Extreme Rules and the main story is of course HHH. He collapsed at the end of Raw while Curtis Axel was laying in the ring with no one paying a bit of attention to him, so odds are we'll hear about getting an update on him on Raw tonight. Other than that we have Del Rio confirmed as the #1 contender for Ziggler whenever Dolph is healthy again. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of the HHH/Heyman stuff from both Extreme Rules and Raw. We also get a little bit about Shield winning three belts as tonight it's Kofi vs. Ambrose for the US Title.

Here's the Miz for MizTV to open the show. Miz says that he's versatile because he's going to host this show and then he'll win back the Intercontinental Title soon after. The guest tonight is Fandango who thankfully brings Summer Rae with him. Before Miz can ask him a question, Fandango stops him for the correct pronunciation of his name. Miz counters with some “reallys” and shows us a clip of the tag match from Raw where Fandango stopped for a dance.

Miz wants to know how obnoxious Fandango is. Fandango threatens to dance all over the face of anyone who comes near Summer before questioning Miz's own ego. Miz says that Fandango looks like a dancing bag of Skittles which isn't too far from accurate. The fans chant bag of Skittles, making Miz declare Fandango the new Fruity Pebbles. This brings out Wade Barrett with his horrible new music.

Barrett says he'll get to Miz in a minute but first of all he's angry at Fandango for tiptoeing through the tulips instead of being Barrett's partner. Wade threatens Fandango if he ever does that again, so Fandango corrects his pronunciation. Miz says Barrett needs to focus on him because Miz has a title shot later tonight. Barrett punches Miz in the face and the brawl is on. Fandango and Summer leave as a referee comes out to break it up.

Intercontinental Title: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

This is joined in progress after a break with Miz challenging. Fandango is also sitting in on commentary. Miz fights out of a chinlock and hits a flapjack, only to be taken down by a back elbow. Fandango says that he had to go to the back on Monday because his glitter was coming off. Barrett puts Miz on the top rope for a kick to the ribs for two and it's off to a chinlock.

Back up and Miz hits a running knee lift and a bit boot. Fandango asks JBL to hit his music because apparently Bradshaw can do that. It's time for some dancing as well as for the Winds of Change to Miz for two. Miz gets two of his own off a rollup before hitting a baseball slide to Fandango. A dropkick takes out Barrett's knee but Fandango kicks Miz in the head for the DQ at 2:56 shown. This was angle advancement and barely a match at all.

Fandango and Barrett double team Miz post match but Barrett hits Fandango with the Bull Hammer as a receipt for Monday night. In something you almost never get to say anymore, Barrett stands tall.

Daniel Bryan is muttering to himself in the back when Kane comes in. He says that they both lost the titles, which Bryan interprets as Kane blaming him. Bryan insists that he isn't the weak link as his paranoia continues.

Jack Swagger vs. Daniel Bryan

No entrance for Swagger again. Bryan goes right at Swagger and pounds away before sending Jack to the floor for the suicide dive. He fires off kicks to the chest against the barricade before taking it back inside for a near fall off a missile dropkick. Jack takes Bryan down off of a clothesline before putting him in the Tree of Woe for some knees. We take a break and come back with the two of them colliding before Bryan hits a running kick to the face in the corner.

More kicks to the chest have Jack in trouble and a running kick to the face gets two. Swagger finally catches one of the kicks in a high angle belly to belly for two of his own. Daniel rolls out of a gutwrench suplex but gets caught in the Patriot Lock, only to be rolled through for another near fall. The Vader Bomb hits knees and a HARD kick to Swagger's head sees Bryan not cover but rather stomp Swagger even more. There's the NO Lock for the tap out at 5:36 shown of 9:06.

Rating: C+. This was pretty decent and it's cool to see a far more aggressive Bryan. I could go with the idea of him destroying people because he wants to prove how awesome he is in the ring. Also, when is the last time he beat someone with the NO Lock? It also seems that Swagger is back in the midcard all over again, which is pretty much what was expected once this feud with Del Rio died down.

Post match Bryan beats on him even more. The referee mentioned something about reversing the decision but no official announcement was ever made.

We get a package of stills from the last man standing match on Sunday. Cena will be back on Raw.

We also get all the Ryback stuff from Monday with him challenging for an ambulance match and throwing Ryder in the ambulance.

Here's Damien Sandow in the ring wearing a suit. There's a table in front of him and as usual, he seems annoyed. Sandow talks about seeing two people compete in a series of stupid competitions, ranging from a tug of war to arm wrestling to a truck pull. Tonight, Sandow wants them to deal with some mental issues. There's a tied up rope on the table and we hear the story of the Gordian Knot. Sandow has Matt Striker try to untie the knot while making fun of the education system when Striker can't do it.

Cue Sheamus who makes fun of Sandow's hobby of playing with knots. Sheamus talks about playing with Rubic's Cubes as a kid before picking up the knot. He tries to untie it but Sandow gets impatient. Damien pulls out a pair of bolt cutters and hacks it up. Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick but Damien bails to the floor, shouting I KNEW IT! Instead Shaemus offers to teach him about Newton's Law, which means he throws Striker through the ropes at Sandow. Your lesson of the night: when you get outsmarted, throw human beings.

Chris Jericho vs. Big Show

That's a pretty fast recovery from Orton's punt. Jericho charges straight at Big Show for some reason as Matthews compares Jericho to Johnny Depp. JBL: “Johnny Depp never has been been inside a WWE ring and neither has Jay Silverheels or Tonto.” Show shoves him down with ease and catches Jericho in a bearhug. He lets it go for no apparent reason, allowing Jericho to dropkick Show's knee out and pound away, only to be caught by a spear for two. Jericho escapes the chokeslam attempt and goes up, only to jump into a loud chop to the chest.

Show goes to the middle rope but misses an elbow drop, allowing Jericho to hit the Lionsault for two. The Codebreaker is countered into a sunset flip attempt but Show pulls him up with a chokeslam, only to be pulled down by a DDT for two. The Walls are easily shoved away and there's the chokeslam but Jericho rolls to the floor. Jericho escapes a ram into the post by sending Show into the post himself. Jericho hits a decent Codebreaker to send Show into the timekeeper's area which is good for a countout win for Jericho at 6:30.

Rating: C. As usual, there's only so much Jericho can do with a guy Big Show's size but they tried. The Codebreaker was better than I would have expected and Jericho managed to not get crushed. This is also a good win for Jericho to bounce back with, as both guys are capable of losing match after match but be just fine.

Post match Big Show picks up a chair but Jericho kicks it out of his hands and beats Big Show with it for fun.

The Raw ReBound is the introduction of Curtis Axel and the match with HHH, followed by HHH collapsing.

Here are Heyman and Axel with something to say. Heyman brags about his success with Lesnar and Punk and now he's pointing his finger at Axel. Curtis himself gets to speak and says that in one night, he accomplished more than his father and grandfather ever accomplished. He took HHH's best shot and then left him laying. Curtis says that he won on Monday and says his name a few more times. That was just day one and tonight is day two.

Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara

This is joined in progress after the break with the stupid lights back again. Sin Cara spines out of a fireman's carry before firing off some kicks. A standing rana takes Curtis down and there's the wrist drag out of the corner. Curtis throws Cara to the apron and stomps away in the corner. Randy Orton is talking about Curtis Axel RIGHT NOW on the WWE App. Cara comes back with the Tajiri handspring elbow and a crossbody for two. A top rope version of the crossbody misses though and the formerly known McGillicutter (running one arm neckbreaker) gets the pin on Cara at 3:00 shown.

Rating: D+. Not much to see here but at least Axel got the win. Why he couldn't have hit that move on Monday and won by countout or something is beyond me, but I'm sure he somehow got a bigger rub by not winning than winning or something like that. Anyway, he looks fine here and while it would be interesting to see him go straight at someone like Orton right away, I can't picture that happening.

US Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose

Kofi is challenging of course. Dean goes it alone on this one and seems to have some fans on his side. Kofi fires off some kicks and right hands but gets taken down by a fast shoulder block. Back up and Kofi gets no count off a dropkick before getting taken down by another shoulder. Ambrose chokes with his leg on the mat but Kofi fires off more dropkicks. A middle rope ax handle gets two on Dean but as Kofi goes up top he has to dive on Reigns outside. Roman and Seth come in for the DQ at 2:30.

Post match Shield beats on Kofi until Sheamus and Randy Orton make the save. If you're a Smackdown fan, you know the drill from here.

Kofi Kingston/Randy Orton/Sheamus vs. Shield

Joined in progress again with Sheamus slamming Reigns down for two. Off to Orton for some headbutts to Rollins and right hands in the corner. Kofi comes in to work on the arm for a bit before it's back to Randy to crank on the arm as well. Rollins finally gets in a knee to the face and makes the tag off to Ambrose who takes the US Champion down with ease. A knee rake across the face allows for the tag back to Sheamus but Ambrose gets in a shot to the ribs.

Back to Rollins who pounds away in the corner, only to get caught in mid air off a middle rope cross body. Reigns and Ambrose have to save their partner from the ten forearms to the chest as we take a break. Back with Ambrose hitting a knee to Sheamus' ribs before it's back to Reigns for stomps in the corner and a lot of trash talk. Sheamus fights out and avoids a charge from Reigns, sending him shoulder first into the post. Hot tag brings in Orton for all his favorites, including the Elevated DDT.

Ambrose bails to the floor to avoid the RKO and Reigns gets in a shot to Orton. Reigns comes up limping though, which is apparently a legit ankle injury. Back in and Rollins pounds on Orton before it's back to Dean for a front facelock. Rollins comes in again for some right hands to the head as this is basically a handicap match now. Randy gets in a right hand but gets caught in a downward spiral into the middle buckle to put him right back down. Orton comes back with more right hands and snaps off a quick superplex to put both guys down.

The hot tag brings in Sheamus to face Ambrose (Reigns didn't have his hand out but was instead waving Rollins over to Ambrose) and house is cleaned. Even Reigns takes a shoulder to the ribs before Ambrose is hit with the rolling senton into the forearms to Rollins' chest. Reigns breaks up White Noise on Dean with a spear but rolls to the floor for an RKO from from Orton. Kofi comes in and gets two on Dean, but it's Rollins tripping Kingston up, allowing Dean to hit the bulldog driver for the pin at 11:48 shown of 15:18.

Rating: B-. The usual good wild six man tag for Shield here. The fact that Reigns was able to take a shot to the ribs, throw a spear and then take an RKO suggests that the injury isn't all that bad so maybe he just tweaked the ankle a bit. We also got the ending we needed here with Dean pinning Kofi, so hopefully we don't have to sit through another rematch on PPV between them.

Overall Rating: B. This show worked well for the most part. We got the potential start of a three way feud for the Intercontinental Title, Bryan being edgier, Axel winning a match and the usual good Shield match. On the other hand, I'm not sure where Jericho vs. Big Show can go that would be all that interesting. Also what was up with that Sheamus segment? I can't imagine him in a feud with Sandow after how many times he's beaten Damien up. Also the segment didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, so what was the point of that? Good show this week for the most part though.

The Miz b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Fandango interfered
Daniel Bryan b. Jack Swagger – NO Lock
Chris Jericho b. Big Show via countout
Curtis Axel b. Sin Cara – McGillicutter
Kofi Kingston b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered
Shield b. Kofi Kingston/Sheamus/Randy Orton – Bulldog Driver to Kingston

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  1. Curtis Axel should really use the Perfect-Plex as his finish....

  2. Again, the biggest bullies and assholes in the E are the good-guys. The only thing that distinguishes Sheamus as a face or heel is that he smiles alot which means he's "good" and you should cheer him

  3. kbwrestlingreviewsMay 24, 2013 at 9:35 PM

    He should also be named Joe Hennig but that's too much of a stretch for WWE for some reason.

  4. Curtis Axel is going to flop. No one will take him seriously. Not even Heyman can help him.

  5. how the hell is vince supposed to own his name and what people know him as if he uses his real name? you guys haven't figured that out yet?

  6. Apparently he is really really hellbent on making his own path and not trying to use his father's legacy. I think the "Curtis Axel" thing and the Exodus remix were both forced on him. I know his sister got turfed from developmental for wanting to be Little Miss Perfect and just ride on her dad's coattails so maybe it was a good idea for him.

  7. Sounds like a good show for the most part. Shield vs. Three decent workers & Daniel Bryan making Swagger tap out is an automatic win for me.

  8. "Little Miss Perfect" is actually a clever gimmick for a female wrestler and natural for Hennig's daughter.

    Anyway, I'm fine with the McGillicutter, or whatever it's called now. Basic move that looks good, as Axel snaps it off well enough to be a believable finisher.

  9. You're gonna get your fucking head kicked in!

    Glass glad to see Daniel Bryan busting out the head stomps. I hope he starts doing the mma elbows!

  10. kbwrestlingreviewsMay 24, 2013 at 11:47 PM

    It's like the Fameasser too as he can hit it from almost anywhere or at any time.

  11. Three mid carders get an angle, Daniel Bryan goes over on TV, great sandow segment, shield going over in a great main event. Really good episode of smackdown. People on this blog should really just blow off raw and watch smackdown, its at least a wrestling show and with it sort of becoming the show where the shield get to really shine I think its becoming must see tv

  12. Is Michael Hayes still booking the show? If so he's proving once again that he understands what fans want to see in the secondary show. Much like Main Event should have been built around the IC and US titles, Smackdown should be built around the young talent and guys trying to repackage themselves or trying to erase the stink of losing (Barrett, Cesaro).

  13. I'm getting the feeling that Team Hell No existed solely to prep Kane for another main event push, and send Bryan back down to the midcard.

    Why do that? Because reasons.

  14. That's how it comes across to me as well

  15. Reminds me of Heyman's attempt to get Heidenreich over by simply repeating HEIDENREICH HEIDENREICH HEIDENREICH at every opportunity

  16. The problem is WWE should have just lied and just said Dolph Ziggler was Mr. Perfect's son.

  17. Q: why don't heels get over?
    A: without jobbers, there's no way to build anyone so we have guys who PUT OUT THE WORLD CHAMPION tapping to guys who just lost tag team titles 3 days ago. Where's Jinder when we need him?

  18. That's just Heyman's thing. From "Brr-ROCK Lesnar!" to "Rhino! Rhino! Gore! Gore! Gooooorrrrreeee!" He's a carnival barker by nature.

  19. Good to see they're not trying to make Barrett seem like a complete loser, but I still think they need to move the IC title onto somebody higher up the card. Throw that belt into the Orton-Show-Henry-Sheamus-Jericho mix and make it more interesting. Barrett would be fine on the US title level with Kofi, Cesaro, Sandow, etc., as jobbers to Ambrose.

  20. Oh, absolutely (and I definitely mark for his "Buh-ROCK" call), but it doesn't seem as natural with Axel. To me, it's almost like self-parody, like he's saying "Hey everybody, I'm pronouncing it the same way, so please react the same way".


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