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Who started the fire?

Hey, Caliber. i had a question and was curious if you knew or anyone on the blog knew. i know Scotts email is backed up so i thought i'd jump to the head of the line and email you. Anyway, who actually started having music on their way to the ring? I've heard Hogan claim he did it with Eye of the Tiger. But of course you can't trust anything The Hulkster says. 


For those out there, I'm more than happy to be your Express Check-Out in the email world, all single-men, cash only, no chit-chat. So long as you don't mind not getting Scott's opinion and just want it up for discussion.

Honestly, I have no idea. I heard the same about Hogan. Although I've heard Sgt. Slaughter claim he was the first, by coming out to the Marine Corp theme. Also, PS Hayes said that he and the Freebirds were the first.

So, can anyone nail it down?

Any others who have a question can send'em to


  1. Roddy Piper was an early one as well, playing bagpipes for his own entrance.

  2. *Insert obligatory "you still use hotmail?!" comment*

  3. Buddy Rogers, Argentina, Bobo Brazil, Sammartino,
    Ivan Koloff's Russian rage, Stan Hansen in a cage,
    Bruno loses, Koloff wins, Pedro can't draw any fans,
    Back to Bruno, Baltimore, Billy's feet are on the ropes!

    We didn't start the fire....

    Not inspired enough to write any more.

  4. Gorgeous George used Pomp and Circumstance back in the 50's so I think he'd be the first. As far as using rock music, I'd guess The Freebirds would be the first ones to do that.

  5. I always heard it was Junkyard Dog with "Another One Bites the Dust"

  6. There's actually a wikipedia article on this topic:

    Yeah...I have no idea who Glen Stride is...

  7. I use my hotmail account whenever I sign up for rewards programs and shit like that. Haven't used it for regular communications in years but it keeps the spam out of my main account.

  8. I signed up with a hotmail account when I first got a computer in 1997, and I just kept using it.

    Is there a better email service? Hotmail has been pretty a-OK. Email is email isn't it?

  9. That article is so full of markcruft and general BS, I doubt anyone would be able to correct it without one or more of the Wikipedia wrestling nerds having a fit.

  10. Gorgeous George started doing that in the 40s, actually. He was the biggest reason post-war Americans were buying that pricey contraption known as a television set.

  11. Your_Favourite_AssholeMay 21, 2013 at 9:36 AM

    "He was the biggest reason post-war Americans were buying that pricey contraption known as a television set."

    We KNOW THAT. Quit trying to look smart by dropping common knowledge.

  12. Your_Favourite_AssholeMay 21, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    Or having a Chad Bryant nerd have a fit cause he thinks he's the all knowing wrestling god.

  13. But *I'm* inspired...

    Giant Baba, Harley's reign, Rich's cup of joe with fame
    Back to Race, showing age, Flair regains it in a cage
    Then to Kerry from The Man; Naitch rules again in Japan,
    Dusty Rhodes, false finish, after Tully screams "I Quit"
    Fourteen times in 30 days, But the thirteenth Dream regains,
    Back to Flair, on the throne, beaten by the Hands of Stone,
    Title dropped, Garvin flops, now Flair's once again on top,
    Steamboat for another tour, best ever at WrestleWar!

  14. I'm pretty sure Ryan started the fire.

  15. Gotta be Gorgeous George, as others have pointed out.

  16. Is this the same Chad Bryant who posed as me on the google wrestling newsgroup and got me banned from here a while back? Or is this a different one?

  17. I'd change the 1st line to "Rich's cup of joe in shame."


  18. I think it was likely Hulk Hogan, who had Metallica playing while he was coming out of the womb. Lars realized how awesome he was, since while he was a fetus, he bodyslammed an already dead Andre the Giant. It was then that they offered him a spot in the band.

  19. Abe Lincoln came out to 'Dixie' back when he was a heel in Illinois in the 1840s.

  20. Graham is out, Backlund's in
    Then Sheiky did humble him
    Now Hulk Rules, USA!!!
    He was betrayed by Andre
    Vacant belt, Macho Madness
    MegaPowers explode in sadness
    Hulk prevails, then a Warrior
    Now an Iraqi sympathizer
    Hulk again? He'll never cease!
    It's OK, he'll rest in peace
    But Hulk is back, this isn't funny
    He's stripped of gold by Jack Tunney
    Who's the champ? What a fumble!
    We'll just have a Royal Rumble
    Someone old? Someone new?
    To be the man, you must say WOOOOOO!!!


  22. A guy called Lord Patrick Finnegan walked out to God Save the King at the end of the 1930's

  23. Mar Solo has never known the touch of a woman. Makes him very irritable.

  24. Obviously a descendent of John Wilkes Boothe

  25. Challenge accepted.

    IC title starts its run, first ruled by Pat Patterson,
    Ken Patera next in line, before doing jail time,
    From Morales to The Rock, these two seemed to fight a lot
    Tito, Chico, the next Mexican hero,
    Eight months later, running fine, time to stop! It's Hammer time,
    Tito's second time around, Macho Madness rules Beantown
    Steamboat wins, tops the charts, upset by the Honky Tonk,
    Historic is Honky's reign, won't see fourteen months again!

  26. For all of us contributing to the parody lyrics:

    We all rule. Well done.

  27. Um, you guys are all idiots. It's obviously our god and savior, HHH. He started everything. I just hope he's okay after collapsing yesterday. Please send your prayers to him via the WWE app.

  28. I didn't notice anything too clearly and outright incorrect. What do you think needs to be fixed?

  29. When did Flair start using the intro from "Also sprach Zarathustra"?

  30. Does anyone else remember Hogan genuinely claiming he was first with Eye of the Tiger? Maybe it was in his bio

  31. Scream09_HartKillerMay 21, 2013 at 11:07 AM

    I think this should answer your question.

  32. I was just going to chime in with Piper.

  33. I gave up on hotmail a LOOOONG time ago. I've been using Gmail for a while now (6-7 years, I think) and wouldn't think of switching up.

  34. As a Billy Joel fan, this is the greatest thread ever on the Blog of Doom!

  35. I seem to recall Jerry Lawler saying Memphis wrestling was the first to use rock music when wrestlers came to the ring, along with Michael Hayes saying the same thing. The Road Warriors may have also laid claim to it, coming down to Iron Man.

  36. Netcop, Wrestline, Rantsylvania goes offline,, 411, insidepulse, now on his own.
    King Lear, Lazarus, book deal, writes "The Buzz"
    Got some money from the boom, google ads fund Blog of Doom.

    Rick Scaia, Chris Hyatte, CRZ's long recaps
    All get their asses kicked because they don't use asterisks
    For the want of a nail, "In This Very Ring" on sale,
    Philly mutants, Bill Alphonso, hot tag, BONZO GONZO!

  37. This is the #1 thing in wrestling that EVERYONE from the late-70s/early-80s wants to take credit for, which makes it hard to pin down since you'll have a guy from each territory at the time claiming that he did it first.

    You had Lawler saying that Memphis did it first, while Michael Hayes claims The Freebirds did it first, and Sgt. Slaughter insisting it was him. Yet no one really offers dates on when this is first supposed to have happened. It's one of the more amusing bits of wrestling lore, watching all these different guys lay claim to being the first.

  38. Honky calls out anyone, quick win for Warrior
    Heenan wants some gold, Rude brings it to the fold
    Warrior gets his revenge, then wins the Challenge
    Perfect denies Tito three, trades it with Tornado Kerry
    Hart executes excellently, shocked by the Mountie
    Piper just won't stand for that, Hart then has to take it back
    Beaten by in-law Smith, Michaels takes it oh so quick
    Ex-Rockers trade the gold, now it's time for Razor Yo!


  39. I'd say it was 1983-1984ish as far as rock music went. The Freebirds with "Badstreet USA", Hogan with "Eye of the Tiger", Slaughter with the Marine theme; it was all in the same time period, just in different territories.

  40. The same one...he fled after Cult and Fuj went off on him and his "wrestling" experience. Deadly snapmare.

  41. Let's keep going!

    Diesel, Razor, Double J, takes an L to HBK,
    Dean Douglas the shortest reign, Razor wins it back again,
    Royal Rumble's Golden Dust, makes passes to Hall's disgust,
    Ahmed Johnson people root, kidneys fail against Farooq,
    Mero's looking like a hoss, loses to a double cross,
    Triple H, riding high, losing to "Die Rocky Die",
    Slammy Owen looking mean, lost to Austin 3:16,
    Cashing checks, broken neck, and the list ain't finished yet!

  42. Who even EMAILS any more? My Hotmail is just there to collect junk. It's a glorified letterbox.

  43. You win everything. Every damn thing.

  44. I don't mean to talk shit on my boy Cal, but he's not the encyclopedia of wrestling knowledge that Scott or me are. If anyone wanrts to similarly skip ahead feel free to email me at

  45. GODDAMIT THAT WAS ME why does everyonr forget it was me in that thread?

  46. the first example of a gimmick in wrestling the writer of that article came up with were The Blu Twins? wtf.

  47. AND Murphy. You're right. We all forgot about you since you took a sabbatical.

  48. Hotmail's being discontinued at some point--thought it was by the end of the year.

  49. Seriously, your obsession with me is getting a tad bit on the gay side.

  50. If this was last year, I could have made the "everyone ripped off Chris Jericho, so he had entrance music first" joke.

    Instead, I find myself laughing hysterically at the Billy Joel parodies.

  51. I'm the one that found all the YouTube clips and got yelled at by Scott for it I should at least get the damn credit. It was me the dumb fuck was trolling. No fuckin respect around here, man....

  52. Now you know how punk feels.

  53. I still don't know what you mean when you say I have a CM Punk obsession.

  54. I do know how Punk feels.

    The strong arms, the manly chest, the soft lips...

  55. Flair at 'Mania, Blades and Gores,
    She was mine 'fore she was yours,
    Savage rolls him up for three,
    But Flair takes out his knee,
    Bret wins in Saskatchewan,
    Then says I'll take all of you on,

    Yoko-Hulk at 'Mania IX,
    Always gets rebooked online
    Yokozuna squashes Hulk,
    Can anybody slam his bulk?
    Lex does but always chokes
    Bret's more popular with most folks,
    Wins it back at Mania X
    What-Bob Backlund again!?!
    Diesel pins him in nine seconds
    He's Hogan II or so Vince reckons
    Back to Bret then HBK
    What more do I have to say!?!

  56. Well, he's certainly changed his tune. He hasn't been a prick once, and actually offers up useful posts.

  57. around starrcade 83

  58. wrong.

    freebirds didnt do badstreet until wcw, they came out to freebird by lynard skynard (sic)

  59. Hey! I'm an encyclopedia! I know all about Fritz Von Erich losing his foot in a ski accident, and how Bret was suppose to face Hogan at SummerSlam 1985!

  60. nowhere near the encyclopedia... not even wikipedia.

  61. Cut me to the bone, Fuj, cut me to the bone...

  62. sorry bro-ham,

    if this was movies or PAWGz, i wouldnt say a word.

    the wrestling... nah...

  63. Curt HenniNg says otherwise, bud.

  64. On top of being a completely useless article, it is rather obvious from even a simple Google search that absolutely nobody knows who "Glen Stride" is other than the name having been inserted into the article.

  65. A game of "made up quote" vs. "Hogan actually said this!" would be fun...albeit impossible. Message here:


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