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Request for sharing our Kickstarter project...

This week the Nose Bleed Seats announced the launch of a Kickstarter project - a documentary on the pro wrestling fan.  I don't believe there's been any prior documentaries on wrestling fans...lots of them on various wrestlers or the sport in general.  We humbly request your help in sharing this project to the masses of fans who may want to be a part of this...

Millions of people around the world watch professional wrestling every week. The common misconception is that professional wrestling fans are dumb, uneducated and immature. This simply isn't true and as far from the truth as you can get. They may look at you like YOU ARE dumb and CLEARLY uneducated when you repeatedly ask them if they know its FAKE but this film will help you understand why they have dedicated the bulk their lives to this particular form of entertainment. The Professional Wrestling Fan, A Documentary Film by Christopher L. Cooper in Association with The Nose Bleed Seats Entertainment is set to be released in January 2015. Mr. Cooper & NBS Entertainment recently created a project using the website to help raise funds to produce this rare documentary movie. You can view this project by clicking here:


  1. Mickie James is my favorite diva probably ever. She's sexy as hell, fuck her critics.

  2. I won't lie. I would watch the hell out of an AJ/Mickie feud.

  3. I hope they find some good folks to break the stereotype.


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