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Missy Hyatt: National Socialist

Hi Scott,

This revelation is now a year old, but as far as I can see, none of the pro
 wrestling websites or blogs mentioned it.

A list of members of the American National Socialist party was linked to
the left-wing website One People's Project, and among the names on there was
none other than Missy Hyatt. I double-checked, and yes, it is that Missy
Hyatt.  It's the same Howard Beach address she has used elsewhere.

"Missy Hyatt has a 11-3-09 entry listing her as a member. According to her
Wikipedia entry, she is a former wrestling valet with World Championship
Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), both since bought
out  by World Wrestling Entertainment. The Howard Beach PO Box found in the
entry  matches what she uses as his contact information, although digits in
the PO Box  were reversed."

Read the details here:


I admittedly don't follow wrestling as much as I did, so maybe this was
indeed discussed among wrestling fans and my google search was just lousy.
Have you or your readers heard anything about this?

The National Socialism party?  Isn't that what the Nazis ran under?