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A+ Match of the Day

Howdy Blog O'Doomers, time to go back to the ladder match and it's always a good thing when the same two guys can do a ladder match 16 months apart and there's an argument about which effort was better.

Fact is both of the Shawn-Razor ladder matches have a timeless classic aura about them. I believe generally the Wrestlemania X match is more revered because it was at Wrestlemania and it was such a unique match for Wrestlemania. Up until that point they only had one steel cage match and a couple battle royales.

By the time Summerslam 1995 came around it seemed like an odd time for a rematch because both guys were doing their alternate universe baby face thing. Hell by Summerslam 1995 the whole Clique (at least the four core members) were baby faces. Still I must applaud Shawn for demanding an opponent to have a good match with instead of trying to carry Sid...What an asshole!

With Nash's recent revelation that they weren't allowed to use the ladder as a weapon the second time around (maybe it's true, maybe it's not, who knows?) it gives me a greater appreciation for this one so enjoy it again with that in mind. For the WWF Intercontinental championship Shawn Michaels defends against Razor Ramon in a ladder match rematch.


  1. I was being an asshat, but think about it. He gives, he takes away, you can never find him, he never responds, and he's literally a force of nature.

    He's the ultimate heel because you never know what he's going to do, and you NEVER know why.

  2. This was about the closest thing to a reboot that I can recall the WWF ever doing.

    "Well, the issue is between Michaels and Sid, so that's our match for Summerslam. Wait, on second thought, fuck that. Put Michaels and Ramon together instead. Oh, and make it a ladder match. And make sure they only use the ladder for climbing purposes."

  3. One of my all-time favourites matches. Thanks for posting!

  4. It was the safe choice. I would have gone with the Shawn vs Bret ladder match.

  5. I don't think I ever really remembered that Shawn botched the finish on this match. I can totally see where this really kickstarted Shawn's major drug problems, though, because he took a shitkicking here. For a match where they couldn't be violent with the ladder, Shawn took some sick bumps and hits.

  6. Hahhahahahahahao. Im at a plac that wantsto kill me...but the bartender loves me.

  7. I loved Scott Hall's punches. Wish they'd bring him in to give Cena some pointers...

  8. Hitler, if the History Channel still counts as a genre of entertainment


    Top Ten WWE Managers (as a face):

    10. AJ Lee

    9. Sunny
    8. Cyndi Lauper

    7. Oliver Humperdink
    6. Jimmy Hart
    5. Paul Ellering

    4. Paul Bearer
    3. Elizabeth

    2. Lou Albano

    1. Arnold Skaaland

  10. Is it like the "secret" of Terry Funk's left hand?

  11. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryDecember 12, 2013 at 8:07 PM

    Goddamn, that was good. You've earned this:

  12. How in the holy hell has no one in WWE ever thought about making him a figurehead by now? He was famous 20 years ago, he's a huge wrestling fan and he has better mic skills than nearly all of the non-wrestling personalities that have come through WWE in the last decade so you would think that he would be a shoo-in to be GM of RAW by now.

  13. You just had to bring up a show that employed Kris Kloss, the one announcer on the planet who is even worse than Taz.
    And wasn't there already a much shittier version of Wrestling Society X, except it was called XPW?

  14. Ask that question to Jasmine St. Claire, I think she's encountered that firsthand.

  15. Boy, remember a few years ago before Hogan and Bischoff came in when TNA was averaging 2,000-4,000 fans for house shows and now that Hogan and Bischoff have taken all of their money and run, this is what they're reduced to? Just pitiful.

  16. In other words, they should institute the old USWA Open Door Policy.

  17. Yes, but he only wants this version to be slightly shittier.

  18. To have a development league with more audience than NXT and where new talents can get better and more experience, so that when they are ready, they can go to the WWE, while others can go to WCW to refresh their Gimmick.

    It would be some kind of competition for the fans, but for Vince he would make money anyway.

    He could have double the PPV buyrates. They could bring back old PPVs like Starrcade or Halloween Havoc or Bash at the Beach or Spring Stampede etc..

    Nobody watches TNA, but WCW might work, because it is a known brand.

  19. It's just not the same without Eddie Marlin, but absolutely they should.

  20. "New Stars" has nothing to do with the age. Or how old were Goldberg or Batista when they got big draws? Nobody watches TNA, so if they could promote a little bit better...

  21. WCW is a 'known brand', but it's also a brand that the WWE has treated like a joke for over a decade now. And when they actually gave a brief attempt of bringing in WCW as a 'separate' organization with it's own matches (as opposed to the Invasion matches), the fans shat all over it.

    'Double the PPV buyrates'? They already have PPVs every three weeks. The last thing we need is more PPVs.

    I'm not really sure there are many fans out there really clamoring to see Christ Masters, Carlito, and Tommy Dreamer again...

    TLDR: most WWE fans have no interest in seeing anything under the 'WCW' name again.

  22. The only good thing they did was the four sided Ring. ;) And the best impact was the first...

  23. It wouldn't be "more" PPVs actually, because until recently, there were the TNA PPV which would be then the WCW PPVs - only that Vince and not Dixie would get the money. ;)

    If WWE doesn't want Wargames - the new WCW could do that under their brand.

    And there should be no WWE sign on anything.


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