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Big News from Place to Be Nation and much more!

Hi Scott -

First we wanted to share some huge news announced earlier this week. Kevin Kelly is coming to Place to Be Nation on a permanent basis - with the first episode of The Kevin Kelly Show debuting next Wednesday night (22nd)! Kevin will also be producing video blogs and articles for the site, covering wrestling, sports and life in general.

Kevin's announcement was part of the Place to Be Podcast interview with Steve Corino. Check out the full podcast here (Steve was awesome):

Other cool stuff we wanted to share:

Andrew looks at the history of WWE on closed circuit TV and PPV as well as what's ahead with the WWE Network:

Will, Charles and David Bixenspan talk about what the WWE Network could mean for both the wrestling business and how creative books programming on the go-forward:

We have a new weekly series, The High Spot, which covers the main wrestling news of the week. Here's last week's on the Network finally arriving:

Another running series, The Wrestling Snapshot, takes a look at the progression of certain wrestler's careers. We've covered Dusty and Goldust so far. Here's the latest on Sean Waltman:

Scott and Brad counted down their 10 favorite WWE DVDs of 2013:

Justin and Scott break out List-A-Mania for the Royal Rumble, including booking their ultimate Royal Rumble match:

You can find all our great podcasts - including Good Will Wrestling with Rob Naylor, Wrestling with the Past, Wrestling Culture, Titans of Wrestling, Where the Big Boys Play and MORE right here:

We recap all the weekly shows, which includes Scott's Raw Recap, Matt Peddycord's Smackdown review, Justin's ROH Report, YOUR NXT report and more! You can find them all here:

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Thanks Scott!