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Way to salvage Bryan while keeping everyone in main event

        Here's an idea to tie up every loose end and actually save face for Bryan.  On Raw, the Authority hosts a celebration for Batista, which of course is SHITTED on by the live crowd.  Out comes Bryan who immediately gets chastised by the H's.  Batista says the fans ruined his moment and he blames Bryan.  Bryan says he's only out because he got a message from @realauthority to be out there.  Suddenly a G-TV type video plays showing Triple H hand Batista the #28 and telling him "dont worry about anything, I got Kane on it, and Bryan wont be there."  Triple H is obviously furious and demands to know who it was playing the video when, "NO CHANCE!!!" starts playing.  Vince struts out and says the only time he never "fixed" a Rumble AND he won one!  He says due to the footage he has no choice but to VOID the Rumble!   He says that Batista will be one of 6-men in the Elimination Chamber match with the winner facing the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WM 30.  It's Batista, Sheamus, John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns... and THIS MAN, Daniel Bryan!   Also, Punk faces Kane in a streetfight and if Punk wins, he gets Triple H at WM.  Orton defends against the Beast.
        At EC - Punk wins, Orton retains after Taker's presence spooks Lesnar, and Bryan wins the EC countering the Batista Bomb into a small package.  This gives a Mania card of (c) Orton vs. Bryan with Triple H and Vince there and then the undercard of Punk/Triple H, Brock/Taker, Cena/Bray, Batista/Reigns.  Throw in a Warrior/Ryback (!), Cody/Goldust and you got a hell of a show that the crowd WONT SHIT ON!  Wrestlemania ends in massive YES! chant.  Heel Batista is Bryan first post-Mania challenger.

Sorry if this makes too much sense.

I do think that we'll be getting Heel Batista sooner rather than later and Daniel Bryan facing off against the Authority Round Two so that Vince and HHH can be "See, we tanked our own PPV on purpose-like because we had a plan and shit."  Like really, the more they dig in and go against the fans, the more the storyline writes itself.  You could even have Vince threaten to fire anyone who helps Bryan, which leads to Foley or Shawn Michaels or both coming back to assist him and REALLY giving him the rub.