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How to Bring Up Sami Zayn

Hey Scott,

Sami Zayn is a great wrestler, however I still can't see him as anything but the great El Generico...

I think commentators should point out during a Sin Cara match that they don't believe that is actually Sin Cara under the mask, pointing out Hunico's tattoos, height etc. Bring this up and start probing Sin Cara that it may be an imposter.  REALLY nitpick all the slight differences between Hunico and Mistico.  Have a sit down interview with a shadowed figure claiming to be the real Sin Cara and challenge for a match at an upcoming Raw. Hype it up big time and have this white french Canadian come out claiming to be the real Sin Cara and absolutely SQUASH Hunico with all of the typical El Generico/Sami Zayn spots and throw out everything you knew about the old Sin Cara and believe this is the Sin Cara.  WWE acts like this was the Sin Cara all along and universe plays along because Zayn oozes the charisma.


Sin Cara is a loser undercard gimmick, sorry to say.  Sami has gotten over on his own everywhere he's been, he'll be fine doing his own thing.