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Scott, part question,  part vent. 

WRESTLEMANIA 30.  What. The. Fuck.

They have the makings of a great all time card with guys like Cena, Brock, Bryan, Batista, orton, HHH (yes, I still enjoy a yearly HHH match) The Shield, UT, etc.  What we are getting is literally the worst combination of these guys I can imagine.  I'm actively rooting for Jesse Baker to pull a Tonya Harding on Bray Wyatt and Brock, just so Vince is forced into Cena/Taker.

Here is my question.  Stay with me here...Any chance that the WWE is purposely holding off on their huge money makers, Cena/Taker, Brock/Bryan, Cena/Brock, Cena/Bryan, Batista/Lesnar since they know they'll sell tons of ppvs this year with the network deal.  WWE can put out an average card since they known the network and 10$ price will bring in viewers on its own.  Next year when I assume Mania, and other ppvs like SummerSlam or the Rumble are an a la carte 60-80 dollar purchase, they can put on their real money makers.  It's a win win from their perspective.

So...their shitty booking was the plan all along?  That's as crazy as saying that CM Punk was unprofessional for walking out when he did.