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Andre the Giant Question

Hey Scott,


Over the years, it seems like everyone who knew and worked with Andre has said that for the most part no one told Andre what to do. Hogan has said that he still wasn’t sure if Andre would put him over at Wrestlemania 3. Did Andre have “backstage veto power” to the point he didn’t have to lose to no one? Were people that legit scared to say anything to Andre?





Hogan is completely full of shit.  Andre didn't lose often because it would be terrible for business for him to lose, but there certainly were times where he did the job.  He was a scary guy for a lot of people but it's not like he was Bruiser Brody, threatening to leave the territory if he did a job.  It's kind of like Undertaker now, where he would end the streak if asked, but no one is gonna ask.