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BoD Saturday Night Thread

Talk about anything going on tonight here

Also, the Shawn Daivari shoot won 35% of the poll and will be reviewed Thursday.


  1. Alundra "Madusa" Blayze vs. Bull Nakano, SummerSlam 1994. The mid-90s was a very underrated time for women's wrestling in America.

  2. Victoria vs Trish, Survivor's Series 2002 as they just beat the hell out of each other in a fun brawl.

  3. Trish vs Mickie ... great storyline, Mickie was awesome and the crowd was even better. Luckily I got the ppv live so I saw the real payoff of that match LOL

  4. Manami Toyota versus Aja Kong. Easily *****, and one of the most heated matches ever.

  5. The Thunder Queen Battle was pretty amazing - a bunch of mini Iron (Wo)Man matches culminating in a big tag match. Crazy Joshi stuff. Stateside it's hard to top Sara Del Ray vs Hamada.

    If we're talking strictly WWE, probably Jazz vs Trish vs Victoria at WM 19

  6. Man, forgot about this one. I had it on one of those FMW DVDs released in the early 00s. Great stuff.

  7. Dedicated UnderachieverJuly 26, 2014 at 10:00 PM

    All Japan Women DreamSlam 1 has a couple of 5* matches as well as a bunch of 4* and 3* as well.

    Best overall match is manami toyota vs. kyoko inoue 1 hour draw from 1995. One of the best matches ever. Period.

  8. Probably have to go with Blayze/Nakano '94 in Japan, when Nakano won the title, as the overall best I've seen.

    Women's at Survivor Series '87.
    Trish/Mickie at NYR '07 (like the WM match, but this is the better one IMHO).
    McCool/Melina at Bash '09.
    AJ/Kaitlyn at Payback '13.


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