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Cesaro swing?

WWE in a nutshell: at Wrestlemania Cesaro gets a big moment where he turns on Swagger, and Zeb and WINS the Andre Battle Royal.  He becomes a Heyman guy, gets a new nickname, and has the most over move on the roster.  So when Bryan went down they started jobbing him, he stopping doing the swing, suddenly drops Heyman and now he's getting eliminated from Battle Royals by Heath F'n Slater!!!
Now the reports are Cesaro was told to stop doing the swing because "It got too over"!?!?   This is the same company that says no one gets over and runs back to Cena and Orton.  Why do they keep sabotaging their own guys?   Zack Ryder got over.  Destroyed.  Cesaro gets over, told to stop.  Bray got over, Cena cut his balls off.  The only reason Cena and Batista got their runs is because they got over and Vince ran with them.  What is wrong with this stupid company?

​You know man, there's a reason why I have more fun watching old SNMEs from 1987 and RAW from 94.  I was deeply into Cesaro after WM, and I gave up caring about him a long time ago. I suspect I'm not alone.  ​