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Mega Powers angle: best ever?

While revisiting the Mega Powers angle in your SNME re-rants, where you would rank that in the "best angles ever" debate.  It started in October 87 on SNME and if you end it at WM5 it's till nearly a year and a half of perfect slow burn.  It elevated Savage to full time main eventer forever and drew shit loads of money.  I'm born in 82 and grew up a WWF fan.  For my money, that was the best ever.  Austin/Hart Foundation 97, Austin/McMahon 98, and the NWO are up there too in my opinion.

Certainly it was the biggest money drawing angle ever for a single match.  Creatively as well I'd have no problem putting it up there.  It was the kind of year long planning they just don't do anymore.  


  1. Crikey Mate Down Under AussieJuly 30, 2014 at 7:59 AM

    I think it's important for, someone like KENTA, to actually spend time in developmental so he's more experienced working American crowds, not just American wrestlers.

    Just like Scott alluded to, Sin Cara was a failure and a lot can be attributed to an arrogance that because they are international stars, it will translate naturally on Raw.

    KENTA is fit, his body won't implode in 2 years, it is essential to give him time in NXT.


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