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Today’s Question: If this is indeed the end of TNA, what will be the first thing you associate with the company?

My answer is a really bizarre one, but one I’ve never been able to shake. I’ll tackle that, plus all your answers tomorrow. If you want to skip yesterday’s discussion about your late night snacking habits, then please scroll right to the end and get started.

Late night cravings. We all get them. As someone who is regularly awake until 3 or 4am due to my work schedule, I’m prone to the hunger pangs at weird hours more than most folks. What did you have to say?

The Jessexpress: Cock. I find it most filling

I’m fairly sure you just became the most popular female (only female?) on the BoD.

THE YETAAAAY: There's usually some goats or young rams floating around my cave I can chow down on.

I should have specified that the thread was limited to non-Dungeon of Doom stable folk.

joedust: Here's my go to late night snack, like when I've had an early dinner or no dinner and I need to eat: the Special K with chocolate, and use half-and-half instead of milk. Love it. Raisin Bran Crunch is pretty good too.

Cereal has so much versatility. Breakfast? Dry as a snack? Late-night craving? I usually have a couple of boxes of Raisin Bran available as well, though not the crunch version because I’m watching my sugar. (BECAUSE I’M OLD~!)

Starscreamlive: Pop chips

Popchips are pretty much the coolest company around. As I approached my wedding, I sent them a note praising them for the fact that they had developed a lower calorie potato chip, basically allowing me to get a small hit of junk food as I worked to slim down for the big day. In response, they shipped 6 bags of Popchips to my house, along with coupons for 3 more free bags. And a chip clip, let’s never forget the chip clip.

Elmo Machete: Unshelled pistachios. At first they made it feel like I was cheating, because you're supposed to go through the tedious process of pulling the shells off yourself, then I realized I could eat a handfull at a time without spending ten years pulling shells apart.

I can’t do the unshelled version. It might not be cheating, but I like keeping the shells for my Green Egg – they create excellent smoke, especially on chicken.

Crikey Mate Down Under Aussie: Hey everyone, on a health kick at the moment and was hoping for some ideas for snacks. Really don't want to be preparing meals every time I'm hungry, and sick of snacking on like carrots and apples.

I usually like to have fresh salads prepared so I can eat in a pinch. This week I roasted 6 cobs of corn, getting just the slightest char on them. Removed the kernals from the cob, added green pepper, black beans (I was lazy so I used canned, I usually make my own), with some fresh lemon juice, olive oil, a touch of cumin, chili powder, black pepper, and garlic salt. It’s a good blend, though I wish I’d added lentils or quinoa. You’ll get at least 6-8 servings out of doing this, and it lasts throughout the week. In the “doesn’t take hours to prepare” category, consider doing air-popped popcorn with just a touch of salt (no butter). Pumpkin seeds are a personal favorite in the fall, I’ll always get a fresh pumpkin, and roast them drizzled with a little olive oil, some black pepper, and dill. Some of the other posters also had suggestions in the thread. Hope this helps. Preparation is your key; without it, you’re turning to the chips.

Darren X: Some good old fashioned buttery Popcorn....popped homemade in a skillet or pot - not the microwave version

Sooooo good, and soooo bad. This is a personal favorite, popcorn done the old fashion way is hard to beat.

AverageJoeEveryman: a lotta drunk nights have ended with me filling a bowl with shredded cheese and pepperonis and then heating it up in the microwave. Gets pretty messy but always does the job.

I think I just flashed back about 15 years. I can remember coming home from a party in college, opening my fridge, and finding that I had a pound of ground beef, and some cheese. Which I promptly fried up, and voila – insta meal. (It never occurred to me before today that burgers would have been so much easier)

PATRICKisLEGEND: In Rochester, NY... we have the garbage plate... which trumps all.

I’m feeling nauseous just looking at this.

Bobby: Taco Bell. Because I live right next to it.

This must be age dependent, because I feel like at a different time in my life, this would have been the difference maker if I had several apartments I was settling on. “NEAR TACO BELL? SOLD!” Now I haven’t had it in ages, and I’m pretty ok with that.

ape: An invention I call "Hog Nog" It's basically a pork and rum smoothie with cinnamon

What the hell?

Bruce Chung: 1st choice: Taco Bell for some burritos or nachos
2nd choice: Wendy's for Junior Bacon, Baconator, and a Frosty
3rd choice: McDonald's 20 nuggets, double-quarter pounder

I was a huge Adam Richman fan when he hosted Travel Channel’s Man v Food, but I’m certain even he’s looking at this list and saying “I don’t know about that”.

Mister_E_KindaBuzzedAllBecause: One of my favourite munchies is really Ruffles All Dressed chips, but chips aren't something that I eat much of these days.

I haven’t had chips in months, but you chose my all-time favorite. I am fairly sure I kept Ruffles All Dressed on the shelves all by myself between 2002-06.

jobber123: Gotta be Mexican food, I know a lot of girls that get the carne asada fries but me I'm a rolled taco and guacamole guy

I’m guessing the carne asada fries are the Mexican equivalent to the Poutine. I’m curious what a “rolled taco” is, however? I’m going to assume just a soft shelled tortilla? Canada gots to know.

ts14: Either a Jack In The Box Bacon Ultimate or whatever they can scrape together at the Waffle House up the street.

Had my first Waffle House experience this past spring when my wife and I drove to Florida. We stopped for it near midnight, on our way in to Charlotte after seeing the Carolina Hurricanes play in Raleigh. I was decidedly underwhelmed by the whole experience after hearing people talk for years about the hash browns. And then I promptly craved them the following morning. Do they lace them with meth?

thatguyJMM: White Castle. I'm moving back to NJ in a few weeks and this will be one of the first stops

I’ve had White Castle once in my life. I was with a friend in New York City in 2008 to see the All-Star game, and we stopped in on one in the Bronx as we were headed home. I marched up to the counter, and ordered like the boys at the end of Harold and Kumar, before realizing that the burgers were small but not THAT small, and there was no way I could eat a case of 30, along with all the sides if my life depended on it. And, to boot, doing this before a 10 hour car ride? This was probably amongst the worst decisions I’ve ever made, I’m pretty sure the over/under on farts was set at 355 on the ride back.

daveschlet: Oreo cookies and milk, usually while watching the Network or GI Joe or Transformers on Netflix.

I think I just flashed back to 1988.

Wide variety of choices, no surprise. In fact, it’s a lot like my pantry, it varies from night to night.

One of my favorites has long been the PB & banana sandwich. When you need a hit of something filling on the spot, it really does the trick. However, I’ve slowly done my best to ease that out of my late night diet because potassium before bed is amongst the worst eating decisions you can make (well, except for that one guy who’s eating 20 nuggets and a half pounder at McDonalds), so I’m now usually making my lunches (or supper, whatever the hell you want to call my 7pm meal on my strange hours) for work the night before, and leaving half of it available for when I roll in around midnight. Tonight is a hamburger I smoked on Tuesday night with hickory wood for about 2 hours at 225.

Thank you to everyone for your continued participation in the thread; this doesn’t exist without you. We’re nearly done wrapping up the QOTD for good, but we’ve still got a few good days left. Have a great day, and I’ll be back with you tomorrow.