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RF Video Shoot Interview with Billy Jack Haynes, Disc Two

This disc runs at one hour and ten minutes long

The disc leaves off at Haynes talking about how he was in great shape at age 42 while in the USWA. He then said that he was going up against WWF guys weekly. He said that he teamed with Brian Lee to face Luger & Davey Boy Smith and told Lawler that they were drawing great cards but Lawler told him that it was because of the WWF guys.

Haynes said that after four months, he went to Jerry Jarrett, who told Haynes that they were not going to put him in a position to hire Haynes as Hogan was given a higher position in the company. Since Haynes told the news channels in 1992 that he injected steroids with Hogan he was not going to get hired. He then tells a story of when he went to a WCW show in St. Petersburg and saw Randy Savage, telling him that he was going to shoot on Hogan in the locker room and asked if he would have his back. Haynes claims that Hogan was telling people that if Haynes came around, he would kick his ass. So, Haynes said he went into Hogan's dressing room and asked him about what he had been saying about kicking his ass. Haynes said that Hogan backpedaled and claimed that he has nothing to do with who gets hired in WCW, which Haynes said was bullshit, then says maybe Hogan's nuts will grow back after he stops taking steroids and challenge him to a fight. He finishes the story by saying how he told Hogan that he took steroids, also accusing him of doing a lot of cocaine, then finishes by telling Hogan that he was great for the business but a shitty worker and he left. Haynes then said that Savage went up to him and said that he heard everything. Haynes then talks about boxing Hogan and how he loves UFC and said that he wished he had the chance to get into that.

After that, Haynes left wrestling and became a collector. He said he retired from wrestling and was broke. When asked how he got into that business, Haynes said that a "particular gang" talked to him as Haynes said he transported marijuana in his truck and was paid $15,000 to drive to Santa Clarita, CA and drive back once he does the deal. He said the money and drugs were kept in a locked toolbox built into the truck. Haynes said that he got 10% of the gross and made $30,000 on his second run and $45,000 on his 3rd. He then tells a crazy story that happened on his fourth run, he was given $60,000 to stop somewhere in Sacramento and overheard the guys, who spoke Spanish, say how it was cocaine they were dropping off and Haynes was worried as that would be a life sentence in prison if caught. So, Haynes pulled over on the side of the road and took a crowbar and pried open the toolbox in the truck. He did not find drugs but found $1.2 million dollars in a black leather bag. Haynes said that he ended up driving to Reno then back to Portland where he saw the guy he was collecting for and told him that he ran into a problem. Haynes then said that the guy had a gun in his waist and reached for it but took him down and beat the shit out of him. He then said that he put him in a chicken wing and the guy was shitting his pants after throwing his gun. Haynes also said that he frisked him, as Haynes had a .38 on him, and told him that he was taking $200,000 as his 10% and claims that he heard the guy shit his pants. Haynes then said that Buzz Sawyer did not commit suicide and was killed by this same drug cartel. Haynes said he did not feel bad for transporting pot as he called it harmless but never would have knowingly done it with cocaine.

They take a break and when they come back, Haynes talks about how he just saw Luger during the break. He says that he looked fucked up and they all agreed then Haynes said that when Lex got up to shake his hand, he called him "Randy", thinking that he was the Macho Man. Haynes thinks that Luger has been doing a ton of cocaine.

Haynes then talks about his fight with Iron Mike Sharpe. He said that he told Blackjack Lanza that there was going to be a fight and that he did not want him to break it up and he was fine with that. He then said that about twenty guys formed a circle and Sharpe kept on throwing jabs as Haynes wanted to test him and talks about how he got caught a few times but channeled Ken Norton and jabbed Sharpe with an uppercut and laid into him. He finished the fight and ended up kicking Sharpe in the face, something that Haynes regrets. After that, Bob Orton jumped in to help Sharpe and tried to take out Haynes but was intercepted by Harley Race, who grabbed him by the throat and this almost turned into a locker room brawl and Vince McMahon fired him. However, Sharpe went up to Vince later that day and admitted that he started the fight and that saved Haynes' jobs. Haynes then said that he was making $8,000 a week at the time and talks about what kind of job can you make that much without a union and can get fired at anytime. Haynes then said that he made 27,000 in one week working a six-man tag teaming with Piper and Hogan against Orndorff, Hercules, and Adonis.

He talks a bit about Piper after his name was mentioned and says that he is completely full of shit. Haynes said that after Piper claimed to be a three-time state boxing champion, he asked him how that could happen seeing as he quit school at age fifteen and Piper tried to correct himself.

Haynes now talks about how he used to be a strongman and would kick in the doors of crack houses and that he got caught one day and went in front of a judge and got five years probation instead of five years in prison.

He also talks about how he made three suicide attempts. His said that he overdosed on 90 tabs of Vicodin on one occasion and was in his apartment for about three days and covered in vomit. He then says not to ever do that. He also said that he put a gun in his mouth at his friend's house. Haynes then said that he went to his parents grave and took ten aspirins and a white sheet on the ground then stabbed himself in the forehead with the intention of soaking the sheet with blood so it could reach his parents who were in the ground. The cops came and Haynes was admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit. He said that he was completely fucked up at the time.

When asked about Gino Hernandez's death, Haynes said that he was murdered. He then said how he was only in World Class for several months in early 1985 and the whole territory was fucked up on drugs. Haynes said that he rode with Hernandez a few times and recalls wrestling once in Corpus Christi, TX and that Hernandez was dating a 15 year old girl and that girl's dad told Gino that if he saw her again, he would kill him but Gino ignored the guy and saw the girl and a few weeks after Haynes left, Gino was dead.

Haynes is asked about Ric Flair and what he thinks about him still being on top today. Haynes said that there are two reasons for older guys sticking around: ego or that they love the business.

On guys who he thinks has potential to make it big today, Haynes said that there are two wrestlers that impress him: AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam. He thinks they can be given a major push and make money.

He talks about Bruiser Brody and how Vince badly wanted him in the WWF and if he ever went, there might not have been a Hulk Hogan. Haynes said that Brody never did steroids because he did not have a puffy face. He then said that if he was in Puerto Rico when Brody was murdered, he would have probably died with him because he would not have let the Invader get away with killing him.

Haynes talks about wrestling in Japan and how the language barrier made it difficult. He then said one of the wrestlers played a rib on him when they told him what to say in order for him to hail a cab. Haynes kept yelling the phrase louder as no cabs would stop for him and Haynes was then told that what he was saying was really "suck a dick" in Japanese.

When asked about ribs, Haynes talks about how someone once owed Mr. Fuji $1,000 and had the guy over the house for dinner. Haynes did not say the wrestler's name but went on to say how the guy loved the dinner and asked Fuji what he made and Fuji lifted up the platter, revealing the head of the guy's dog.

Today, Haynes said that he is retired and has a fund that he can collect from in a few years and is struggling to get by today.

He says that he misses the business, especially the bond he had with the other wrestlers.

Haynes then talks about more about his sexual abuse and how screwed up he is today over what happened.

When talking about the wrestling business, he said that it is tough then tells Vince McMahon that he is a chickenshit and can stick all of his money up his ass and questions how he can look himself in the mirror after what he did to a 12 year old ring boy. He did not elaborate on what he accused Vince of doing to this kid.

Final Thoughts: This guy came off even crazier in this disc, which is a feat in itself. He discussed drug deals, attempted murders, robbing drug dealers, trying to shoot on Hogan in his dressing room, and his own suicide attempts.

The Honky Tonk Man has claimed several times that while Billy is out there, he is not lying about what he is saying (well, it's coming from Honky who is known to exaggerate from time to time). Regardless, this guy is pure entertainment as far as interviews are concerned.

Once again, I strongly recommend this interview as it needs to be seen to be believed. He also did a second shoot interview with RF Video titled "Conspiracy Theories" which made this interview seem sane.

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  1. I really wish I was a fly on the wall witnessing some of these stories.

  2. What would a shoot interview be without another Mr. Fuji atrocity?

  3. I'm being more and more convinced with every shoot that Fuji is a malicious demon sent from another world to cause disgusting carnage.

  4. I think it's safe to say that with that latest Mr. Fuji story, he has entered the Tyson Zone.

  5. That Fuji story is well known. I wonder if someone will ever give up the name of the wrestler it happened too

  6. So is that where they got the bossman al snow pepper storyline from?

  7. Fuji is one sick fuck

  8. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonJuly 25, 2014 at 11:19 AM

    I find it funny that one guy with a kayfabe broken arm jumped in the fight to help the OTHER guy with a kayfabe broken arm.

  9. It's really kind of amazing that for all the crazy shit in this shoot, Fuji STILL comes off as the most fucked up part.

  10. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonJuly 25, 2014 at 11:23 AM

    Maybe that's what happened to Matilda.

  11. Billy Jack Haynes is a sad person.

  12. So this guy "stole" $200k from drug dealers and lived?!? I find that a little hard to believe in and of itself.

  13. I almost skipped over these reviews the last two days thinking "who gives a fuck about Haynes?"

    I changed my perspective. Who wouldn't want to hear the batshit crazy rantings of "almost NWA Champion in '85" Billy Jack Haynes. Holy fuck, this dude is WAY off the reservation. Almost makes Honky look like an honest person.

  14. Yeah I'm not buying that one either.

  15. Matilda was Vince's dog.


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