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SNME - Wrestlemania 3

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well. With the recent uploads of SNME to the network, I noticed something strange. Why on earth, during the awesome March 14, 1987 episode, did they NOT promote WrestleMania 3 at all?? It was network tv and the words Wrestlemania were never uttered. They mentioned things like "Piper is soon retiring," and "one day Hogan will meet Andre one-on-one soon" but they never mentioned the biggest event ever less than two weeks from the air date. I know they taped the show in late-February, but post-production would add all the details.  Did NBC not want them promoting outside ppv ventures?

Could be.  You also have to keep in mind that PPV was a very different animal at that point, too, with much of the business being closed circuit airings rather than the limited in-home PPV that we think of today.  NBC might have considered it competition to their Sunday night schedule?  That being said, Wrestlemania III still did a 10% buyrate out of the limited universe available (only about a million people at the time had PPV capability and approximately 100,000 of them ordered the show), which would translate today to roughly 10 million people ordering the show, so whatever their strategy was, it worked.  


  1. Wasn't WrestleMania 3 an afternoon show though? NBC would've had nothing on for programming other than SportsWorld on Sunday afternoons since NHL wasn't on network tv and NBA was on CBS at the time.

  2. Guys, I had to jack this thread but I'm really upset about something. See, one night, during a visit from my horrible relatives, who were regaling me with slides from their vacation, I decided I really needed a drink. But my horrible relatives also had taken my last beer from the fridge.

    But I wasn't deterred and feeling creative, I invented this alcoholic drink where I poured all the little bits left in my wine, rum, vodka, etc bottles into one glass. And in my haste, I accidentally a little of cough syrup in the mix. It passed the first taste test...I didn't go blind.

    When I returned to my horrible relatives, one of them unknowingly dropped a cigarette ash into my drink, which ignited it. I can't explain what happened next...but fire made it good.

    Fast-forward a little, I shared my concoction with a good friend, who ran a struggling tavern in town. He gave a sickly patron a taste of the drink, who loved it (it also loosened his phlegm). Now my friend's tavern is very successful and all because of my drink (which he stole and named after himself). And I am feeling very depressed, to the point that I am hallucinating about my friend's face and it torments me. Does anyone have any advice for a poor inventor of a fiery and tasty alcoholic beverage?

  3. You should dress up as the Phantom of the Opera and reveal the secret to all of his customers just as he is about to sell the recipe for big money.

    Oh, and if Aerosmith is there, try not to fall on them.

  4. I don't know how you even bring yourself to post this.

  5. Correct. But still, it's a fascinating question and one I asked myself when I watched that episode also.

  6. It was me austin! I mean, it was I who asked the question.

  7. 4pm. And something I miss dearly.


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