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WWE Network Subscriber Projection Contest Thread

Click below to see the predictions. If you have an asterisk next to your name, that means you picked the same number as someone else, thus not eligible for the prize.

The winner is the closest to the projection without going over.

If I actually do end up winning with my pick, the next closest will be the winner.

VadersBuffetShit: 14
Buck Nasty: 2112
Polish Hammer: 123,456
TheOriginalDonald: 499,999
Y2j420: 535,000
Adam Curry: 540,000
Abeyance1: 569,000
Jeremy Rhinehart: 578,550
Brian J Blottie: 580,000
Harry F.: 615,000
Pete Labozetta: 640,000
TomaxandXamot: 654,000
Albert Snow: 665,000
Thebraziliankid: 666,666
Paragonofvirtue: 667,287
Ryan Yoder: 668,000
Crikey Mate Down Under Aussie: 675,000
Victory73: 681,377
Magoonie: 682,828
MrA: 683,391
Night81: 685,000
Johnny Polo: 688,201
TheBigO84: 691,800
Piperfan01: 693,173
PatMan: 693,472
Brian Bayless: 697,000
RainbowSherbet: 700,001
ProjectBlue: 700,037
White Thunder: 700,299
WhiteGoodman: 700,316
Jimbojones: 700,350
Dirtyearsbill: 701,299
123321Kid: 701,400
The Ricker:702,500
Doug: 703,500
Hbkslush: 704,000
Dips: 705,000
The Aroma in Tacoma: 705,316
BUndelson: 705,308
JaR45: 707,324
Governor: 707,325
Devin Harris: 707,327
Adam Moore: 709,303
Bones: 709,345
Will1225: 709,500
Bramma23: 709,842
Matt Perri: 710,293
Onita100: 711,000
Sweet Lee: 711,213
MattCalamia: 712,000
Garth Holmberg: 713,094
Bruce Chung: 714,000
Latote: 715,480
Paul: 716,050
WILLYOUSTOP?!?: 717,171
Rick Poehling: 717,347
Steven Bellah: 717,434
Jobber123: 719,000
Stranger in the Alps: 720,000
Syd h. 721,000
Something316: 722,000
Magnusx1: 723,596
TheLELGuy: 724,291
theJawas: 724,960
Matrach: 725,000
Jared Bellow: 731,402
MichaelXavier: 732,524
AverageJoeEveryman: 733,003
FordXanakov: 733,128
SodiePop: 735,000
Mattindeed: 735,455
RevDean: 736,000
Anthony Ratcliffe: 738,245
Vintage: 739,300
CruelConnectionNumber2: 740,987
Da Gawd: 741,420
Ryan Norcross: 743,638
Biscuit! 745,657
Petrock: 745,658
The Bragg Man: 747,206
EddieChicago: 749,999
James: 750,000
MrJustinB: 750,001
WCW1987: 752,000
Buster Abbott: 753,053
Supermark25: 755,216
Curtis Williams: 756,000
Glen4321: 756,333
VintageECW: 756,789
Dr. Facts: 757,747
Peyton_Drinking: 758,156
Adam Brennan: 760,000
bWov1: 761,225
Stelio Kontos: 764,000
kaufman316: 765,000
AndyPG: 765,432
JoeDust: 767,005
Mitch the Godfather: 768,800
Bob Patel: 770,000
MikeyMike: 773,000
Greg Phillips: 775,000
LScisco: 775,001
AlexBull: 777,337
JT Murphy: 777,777
Theberzerker1: 780,000
Kirk: 784,346
ETB757: 785,000
Basscase: 785,481
Brian MacLeod: 786,425
Scott Carlson: 787,232
John Petuka: 788,504
Single_H: 790,000
kbjone: 792,537
JDW: 795,128
X-Man: 795,160
TheGrailspiral: 797,000
Chris Hirsch: 800,000
Nick Saikley: 801,000
riraho: 801,001
Eric Griffith: 802,000
Aww: 805,000
J. Frizz: 809,400
Extant1979: 810,000
Ts14: 812,345
Matt: 813,519
Starscreamlive: 813,750
Rob: 814,217
BobSacamano: 817,316
Witlon: 820,000
Joe: 821,104
Kaptain Kiwi: 821,530
Jb619: 824,192
Big Ell: 825,000
Kenny Chill: 825,000*
NoCash: 831,432
Matthew Graham: 840,035
Dean Andrews: 846,937
Mr. Snrub: 850,000
Dynamic_Dave: 850,000*
Mr. Maye: 850,000*
Ernest Rowe: 850,111
TroyStT: 850,217
Ray is a Nerd:856,000
Rob.mack1111: 867,530
TraitorAlex: 867,530*
Thaddeus Mountain: 871,332
CooltrainerBret: 875,000
Kbwrestlingreviews: 884,000
Juvydriver: 897,203
Worst in the World: 900,000
DJ Sprite: 915,000
Mar Solo: 925,000
SekSeaPirate: 945,221
Bobby: 1,000,000
Brian Nielsen: 1,300,000
Snapple070: 2,000,000
Mike Nalbach: 30,000,000


  1. What's the prize?


  2. Whoever guessed correctly would get to select the shoot interview I recap in two weeks and I would mail them my copy and some other wrestling stuff.

  3. That's sweet.

    I woke up today and I said whoever won the FFLoD was gonna get their choice of 5 audio copies of shoots sent from me.

    I was gonna put that email out today.

    Runner-up gets three of their choice.

  4. Matter of fact did you get my list?

  5. I think he said that he wanted to prove that the first hour's ratings would be the same no matter what they put on. And I believe he was proven right in this case, numbers didn't really change.

  6. Wow... B.BoD (before blog of doom)

    Elvy was there making waves.


    2005-05-02 17:23 (UTC)

    Dave Meltzer

    Yeah TNA will soon go out of business.
    Despite the fact they just signed Tito Ortiz to make an appearance.
    Please people, Don't get angry when someone not nme McMahon opens a
    wrestling promotion. The same people who hate TNA don't even WATCH TNA.
    That is what really irritates the hell out of me!!!

  7. I did.

    There is definitely some that you have I want

  8. I think 11am

  9. Mine wasn't a legit guess. There's no way there's a million subscribers.

  10. Well I'm sure the WWF didn't supply tights to jobbers unless they had to.

  11. I'm pretty sure I got mine in before 9am but don't see it listed

  12. "Don't get angry when someone not nme McMahon opens a wrestling promotion."

    The NME are starting a wrestling promotion?

    I think he's confusing the NME being a British music magazine, one of our weekly papers, written by talentless hacks, with the TNA having weekly pay-per-views, written by.. well, you can see where I'm going here.

  13. Kenny Kaos got a little miffed about that one.

  14. Dibiase had such an awesome powerslam.

  15. I was too optimistic :(

  16. He was a teacher... only liked to work 9 months out of the year.

  17. Same here. Im telling you, ripping them to audio is the way to go. I get so tired of looking at a talking head for 2 hours and Feinstein saying "huh." or "wow" every 25 seconds.

    It was hilarious when Dreamer called him out on it on Face-Off 9

  18. Vince just did not like Kanyon for whatever reason. Even when he finally got his shot after they bought WCW they pretty much made him into a joke pretty quickly. Even those he was getting over they had him jobbing to the Undertakers wife for crying out loud.

  19. TNA started in 2002, yeah?

    Back then, the WWE product was moribund but hope was offered by Jeff Jarrett starting a new promotion (one with a not particularly good name), possibly with the involvement of Toby Keith.

    Amazing what a difference 12 years can make!

  20. Going outside the ring, grabbing his phone, tweeting that the finish was coming, and then finishing with it should be done by Miz if they're serious about him.

  21. RainbowSherbet got greedy.

    So, PatMan wins?

  22. I looked up the ratings and Nitro did a 4.4 for this show
    with a 4.9 first hour. They never got as high as a 4.9 hour ever again. More
    people watched that hour of WCW than ever watched an hour of WCW after that. I
    guess conclusions can be drawn either way on that one.

  23. I was way off but that 700K number is hardly scientific, they didn't even release an exact number.

  24. Therefore I win. I said yesterday they'd skirt around the issue and not release the exact number.

  25. Great point, i never thought that because Rude's makeover was so effective but yeah he should have lost a hair match.

    But maybe they felt that would weaken him too much in the leadup to him challenging the Warrior for the strap in the summer.

  26. TJ: Cespedes! I don't know who's going to pitch next year but Cespedes!

  27. NM - already announced at 700,000.

  28. Samoa Joe is perfectly good, but Bad News Allen was 20 years ahead of his time. In '98, a younger Bad News as Vince's paid-off enforcer vs. Austin would have drawn ungodly money.

  29. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  30. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck the A's traded cespedes

  31. Billy Beane wtf man, oh man worst trade since McGwire...cocksucker I hate rooting for bad teams, I should at least ditch gs for the Lakers, A's for padres (since it won't hurt as much and I get tickets) and at least I'll always have kap

  32. TJ Rewatching the Main Event and didn't notice they used a modified version of Jake Roberts' music during the homoerotic Hulk Hogan training montage.

  33. What a steal for the Sox. Cespedes is locked up until 2017.

  34. No, he's locked up through next season.


  36. Cespedes hasn't had a great season since his first one. A's fans shouldn't really be upset about losing an outfielder with a .300 OBP and a .760 OPS.

  37. Nevermind, I completely misread a tweet.

  38. Cespedes should have increased power numbers at Fenway

  39. Is it too late to enter? If not, I want in! Thanks.


  40. Well I am, he was my favorite player on the team. Awful trade, they're fucked and this pitcher will be out the door the second the season ends

  41. He's the best or 2nd best hitter on the team traded to the fucking red Sox of all teams for some shit bag who won't be back

  42. WWE Stock up to $13.22 today, a $1.12 increase

  43. Happy Birthday

  44. Ugh, what an awful day for Oakland A's fans. I don't know why I even bother following them. I actually paid for the mlb pass to watch their games this year, waste of money, I'll give my password to the old guys in the office that still care about baseball

  45. Layoffs. They love layoffs

  46. Their rotation is nasty though


    Come October, that is tough for any lineup.

  47. If I understand the concept of eleventy correctly, you predicted 110,000,000,000 subscribers. You were essentially predicting that every person on the planet would find a way to sign up for the network about 15 times.

    Now, I'm not saying Bayless was right for doing what he did, but the bottom line is that you ended up a close third or fourth (I really haven't crunched the numbers, sorry) in this contest, so it doesn't matter.

  48. But man are you going to feel bad when it turns out they do have Eleventy Billion subscribers... I want a Brian Bayless shoot review if that happens!

  49. Friday is going to be a sad day for WWE employees

  50. I feel as if you are just humoring me!

  51. I am honest and sincere

  52. My Capstone project in grad school didn't have this many words.

  53. Yeah, Billy Beane is sure putting in a lot of effort to lose in the first round again.

  54. What about anticipation?

  55. I read that in Jim Mora Sr's voice for some reason.

  56. Cespedes is made for Fenway. Both as a hitter and a fielder

  57. Great trade for Boston, good to see that franchise finally catch a break!!!

  58. 2016, but I love the trade anyway. Cespedes in LF and Bradley in CF. Don't hit the ball to left or center if you want a double this year and next.

  59. They won't score any runs and just traded the most popular player on the team to a powerhouse franchise for a 10 week rental on a pitcher who probably won't even try hard because he doesn't want to be there. Fuck Oakland, I think I'm tapping out


  61. Maybe, but Beefcake was getting a huge push at the time too, and Kurt Angle losing to Edge and getting shaved bald didn't hurt him at all. Oh well.

  62. The Rattlesnake vs the 200 lbs of Harlem Sewer rats?

  63. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    Bayless Wins Bayless Wins Bayless Wins

  64. Lol Bayless I'm fucking steaming mad about this trade

  65. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:15 AM

    SummerSlam, Action Zone tag, and Survivor Series were the three strikes?

  66. Kenny Kaos getting a little miffed is witnessing a tornado mow down a Circle K after he exits one. Talk about a disaster area! I'd hate to own that particular convenience store!

  67. Lester is damn good in the playoffs though.

    He won't half-ass it in Oakland.

    However, the A's lineup without Cespedes is still a lot better than the Sox with him.

    If they lose Lester after the season, then it doesnt look so good.


  69. I guess I'm second place to Bayless, but he can't win his own contest!

  70. They lead the major leagues in runs. I don't think missing two months of Cespedes is going to cause a cataclysmic spiral.

  71. So, I won the contest I guess. HA

    Rainbow Sherbet went one pick over so the next closest without going over is..........

    PatMan with the guess of 693,472

    PatMan, email me at

  72. You won.

    Email me at for details

  73. Congrats to the winner! I find it hilarious that I came that thisclose with my prediction using the Wrestlemania 3 attendance figure..Piperfan01: 693,173..

  74. They still have Moss and Donaldson who have power.

    Put it this way, Cespedes had 17 home runs while the entire Red Sox outfield has 14

  75. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    What a shit number! I didn't factor in so many dropped (monthly) subscriptions. They barely gained anyone, really.

  76. TheOriginalDonaldJuly 31, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    like Heinz ketchup, it's making me wait

  77. IRS was one of the worst singles wrestlers of the time. He was fine in Money, Inc but on his own, his matches were awful to sit through.

  78. I think it is funny that I techincally won and poor Rainbow Shrebet for going one over. He basically nailed it.

    Rainbow Sherbet, email me at as well

  79. The only gained 33,000

  80. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:52 AM

    It was still a possibility. Since they've shown everyone how to sign up so many times ("You see, JBL, this is an ANDROID phone...") maybe some people felt they had to subscribe 15 times on a difference device?

  81. TheOriginalDonaldJuly 31, 2014 at 9:52 AM

    Ask Mets fans how Generation K worked out #BradPittGetsFiredPostSeason

  82. TheOriginalDonaldJuly 31, 2014 at 9:53 AM

    One of these days Brad Pitt WILL be wished well on his future endeavours

  83. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    Rainbow Sherbet gon' be PISSED.

  84. Was that the Pulsipher, Isringhausen, and I forget the 3rd. ?

  85. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:55 AM

    How did they lose so many?

  86. TheOriginalDonaldJuly 31, 2014 at 9:55 AM

    That's like the woman on the Price Is Right being off by $491...and she lost anyway

  87. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:55 AM

    I didn't think there were 1 month subscriptions?

  88. TheOriginalDonaldJuly 31, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    Paul Wilson

  89. A lot of trials I guess or people signed up after Mania who cancelled?

  90. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 9:57 AM

    You can't really cancel. You have to pay the remaining balance out. And if they're factoring free trials into their subscription numbers there is a BIGGGGG problem.

  91. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJuly 31, 2014 at 9:57 AM



  92. I think I will do a Bo Dallas victory lap!

  93. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJuly 31, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    billy beane is not my lover

  94. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJuly 31, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    the same time along with eva marie, cameron, adam rose, heath slater...

  95. I can't believe no one picked an even 700,000.

  96. Ok, I sent an email. Thanks for holding this contest, that was cool.

  97. But which shoot video is he going to pick?!

  98. CruelConnectionNumber2July 31, 2014 at 10:10 AM

    Here we go. So the original number of subscriptions in March 2014 was bogus. "Basically, the churn (loss of subscribers) was due to cards not having funds on them when WWE tried to charge them. He was asked how the people that didn't pay, didn't pay. George didn't really want to get into it."

  99. Whenever I think of the NME I think of that story about The Clash considering "Train in Vain" just "a little too good" to give away in the NME.

  100. EC3 and Spud getting the kind of focus old ECW washups get would work.

  101. I work in a comic book shop full time.

  102. Boring. You could have given all kinds of exciting and sexy responses then. C'mon. Try again. Are you an eccentric comic-collecting billionaire perhaps?

  103. Whenever I think of Train In Vain I remember that it's sampled on Stupid Girl by Garbage - and when I think of garbage, I think NME.

  104. 2005-2006 Joe/Styles/Daniels era TNA and 2012 Impact Wrestling era TNA were great; everything else was a turdburger.

  105. It was almost 7 years ago. I remember the night air was crisp and cold in Nebraska, and I was eager to get home from my night shift as a nuclear physicist. Out of nowhere, the van appeared! My memory gets hazy after that; all I remember is waking up in a dark room with a laptop and 800 long boxes of comics. They bought me a wife from overseas and gave her visiting hours, and told me to organize the comics....and just as I get them done, the faceless men arrive and dump the boxes out onto the floor again. This has been going on ever since. I don't even know what country I'm in at this point, and all they let me watch is old AWA reruns from ESPN Classic. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!?!?

  106. I enjoyed 2008-09.

  107. Eh, sounds more like a Lutheran thing, Catholics treat the blood more like a metaphor.

  108. 8/10. Not sure how globally available ESPN Classic is, but otherwise, STRONG WORK.

  109. Pretty sure you have that backwards my friend. I think!


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