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Impact Wrestling - August 27, 2014

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 27, 2014
Location: Manhattan Center, New York City, New York
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're still in New York for about the sixth straight week and there are some big deals to get through tonight. First of all we've got the first match in the tag team series between the Wolves, Hardys and Team 3D with the winners getting to pick the next stipulation. There's also the fallout from Roode and Young escaping the cage last week at the same time, meaning there's no #1 contender. Let's get to it.

The opening video talks about the tag team series and the six man cage match from last week.

Angle is in the crowd and makes EC3 vs. Rhino tonight and hypes up the three way tag. We don't have a #1 contender yet but he's going to be working with both of them to figure out who is the best choice.

Here's the Trio with something to say. MVP rants against Angle for thinking that he knows how to book a show and then makes fun of New York for thinking it's a tough town. He goes on and on about police choking people (reference to an incident in New York when this was taped) and says everyone would be flatter than Miley Cyrus. MVP calls Lashley the King of New York and here's Tommy Dreamer to interrupt.

Dreamer praises each member of the Trio and says they're all better than this. He tells Lashley that he's finally reached his potential, earning him a right hand from King. Dreamer pulls him to the floor and chases him off with a Singapore cane but Angle cuts them off. Kurt makes Dreamer vs. Lashley in a New York City street and the bell rings right now.

Lashley vs. Tommy Dreamer

And we take a break right after the bell. Back with Dreamer nailing Lashley in the face with a trashcan lid and hitting him in the legs with a Singapore cane. Lashley blocks one of them and suplexes Dreamer down on the ramp. Dreamer is sent into the barricade as Tenay hypes up Bellator.

They head inside with Lashley suplexing Dreamer down. MVP offers a distraction for no apparent reason but Lashley spears King by mistake. Some trashcan shots to the head have Lashley in trouble and a Downward Spiral into the can has the champion reeling. There's the DDT for two but Dreamer dives into a clothesline. The spear ends Dreamer at 9:39.

Rating: D+. I hope that's it for the ECW tribute portion of our show. This was the now regular hardcore brawl of the week and it really isn't interesting me. The fans chanting ECW for Dreamer's comeback told you everything you needed to know about this: they wanted to see ECW guys instead of whatever TNA is doing and TNA is fine with feeding that mindset.

Madison Rayne is ready for Taryn Terrell.

HAVOK is coming next week.

Samuel Shaw is at Gunner's apartment and drawing the New York skyline. Gunner heads downstairs and Shaw keeps drawing. Shaw looks at the door after Gunner leaves and gets up. He examines Gunner's military shirt and that's that.

Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell

#1 contenders match. They trade rollups to start until Madison grabs a headlock. A monkey flip puts Madison down as Tenay shills the Knockouts swimsuit calendar. Terrell sends her to the floor but misses a dive off the apron. Back in and Madison sends her into the buckle. Taz talks about where he's going to pin the pictures from the calendar because that's what TNA commentary is like.

A dropkick gets two for Madison and a side roll gets the same. Rayne gets two more off a northern lights suplex but Taryn reverses into a snap suplex of her own. More suplxes and a running neckbreaker get two for Taryn and she nails a high cross body for the same. Madison scoops the legs and puts her feet on the ropes for two. The referee catches her, allowing Terrell to hit an RKO for the pin at 6:00.

Rating: D+. This wasn't the Knockouts' best offering but Taryn is a good choice for the next title shot. Rayne acting heelish is kind of interesting but it's not like it's going to matter given how this division goes. Not much to see here, though I'm very glad to see something besides a four way for the shot.

Bobby Roode goes into a dressing room and finds Eric Young eating fruit. Eric says no matter what happens with the #1 contendership....and he can't finish that thought as Angle interrupts and asks the cameras to leave.

Shaw puts on Gunner's military shirt when Gunner comes back in. He sees Shawn in the shirt and gets a salute. A ticked off Gunner tells Shaw to take it off or he'll take it off for him.

Homicide/Manik/DJZ vs. Low Ki/Tigre Uno/Crazzy Steve

It's a brawl to start and we quickly hit the high spots. Tigre bounces into a huricanrana to put DJZ on the floor, drawing in Manik. A faceplant puts Manik down as well but DJZ shoves Manik off the top. Off to Homicide to work on Tigre's arm and DJZ gets in a shot of his own. Tigre headscissors DJZ into Homicide and the hot tag brings in Low Ki. Manik gets caught in the corner but grabs a Black Widow on Ki.

In a SCARY counter, Low Ki counters the fireman's carry gutbuster by driving his feet into Manik's face with some incredibly momentum. That looked SICK. Steve comes in and hits a big plancha to take Homicide down. Tigre monkey flips DJZ out to the floor and dives onto the pile. Manik loads up a dive but is nice enough to stop and let Low Ki kick him in the head. The Ki Crusher pins Manik at 6:55.

Rating: C. This was exactly what you would expect it to be with all six guys going insane with their spots. It's not a great match or anything but this was in the same vein of the old WCW lucha six man matches. Good stuff here as sometimes it's nice to just turn off your brain and watch people jump a lot.

Angle has a solution for the Young/Roode issue.

Rhino talks about EC3 saying money can't buy happiness. Tonight it's bought Carter a lot of pain because he isn't going to forget what Carter did to him. There will be a GORE GORE GORE.

Bobby Roode is in the ring and announces that he'll be facing Eric Young next week for the #1 contendership. He invites Young to come down to the ring and Bobby goes through their history together, ranging from Team Canada to their battles. Roode doesn't bring up the time where he basically owned Young in exchange for sex with Traci Brooks but maybe it's implied. He respects Eric more than anyone (the required line in TNA) and it's going to be an honor to face him. Young can't wait to face Roode here in New York City and they'll tear the roof off the building next week.

The BroMans play some wrestling match game on their phones.

Rhino vs. Ethan Carter III

Rhino charges to the ring and hammers away to start, just as you would expect him to do. They head outside with Carter being sent into the barricade and getting hammered. The carpet is an odd thing to see at a wrestling event. Back in and Carter takes over with some stomps in the corner. An elbow drop gets two and Ethan slowly hammers away. Ethan gets two more off a corner splash and we hit the chinlock.

Rhino fights up and hits some hard shoulders followed by something resembling a TKO. He loads up the Gore but Spid grabs his leg, allowing Ethan to hit a low blow for two. There's a belly to belly suplex but Spud breaks up another Gore attempt. This one allows Ethan to bring in a chair for the DQ at 6:20.

Rating: C-. This was just your basic match here as Ethan continues to not get pinned. They're giving him a nice push here and one day he could be the guy that carries the company. Granted he might be carrying it into the grave but at this point that won't be put on whoever is the next big guy. Decent match here but nothing special.

Post match Carter loads up a chair but Spud asks him not to do it. Ethan nails Rhino anyway and Spud looks concerned.

James Storm comes out to introduce the new version of Sanada. He says he's the leader of a new revolution of people that need a rebirth. Sanada will be the first of many.

Great Sanada vs. Austin Aries

Sanada comes out in blue and yellow with shiny gear and yellow face paint ala Great Muta. Aries grabs a wristlock but Sanada spins his way out of it in a nice counter. A crucifix gets two for Aries and there's the Last Chancery, sending Sanada crawling to the ropes. Back up and Sanada chops away in the corner before choking away on the mat. A pair of backbreakers get two for Sanada and we hit the chinlock. Back up and Aries sends him into the corner and rams Sanada back and forth between two buckles.

A neckbreaker across the middle rope sends Sanada to the floor and Aries nails a very fast suicide dive. Aries nails the discus forearm and the corner dropkick but Sanada breaks the brainbuster by biting Austin's finger. Sanada takes him up top, only to get knocked off. Storm crotches Aries on the top rope, allowing Sanada to mist Aries in the face. How the referee didn't see either of those things is beyond me. A low superkick gives Sanada the pin at 6:15.

Rating: C+. This was your usual good match between these two and I really like the idea of Storm heading a stable as the evil veteran mentor. It's better than having every story built around drinking if nothing else. You can see Sanada vs. Muta at Bound For Glory from here and that's not the worst idea in the world.

Video on war veteran Chris Melendez who lost a leg in Iraq. Melendez has a prosthetic leg and is working to become a pro wrestler.

Angle is in the ring with Mr. Anderson and Team 3D to introduce Melendez. Kurt talks about working as hard as he did to win an Olympic Gold Medal but it pales in comparison to Melendez being willing to die for this country. Melendez is now a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. Anderson asks the members of the Wounded Warrior Project here tonight to applaud for Melendez.

A guy from the Wounded Warrior Project called Anderson about Melendez and asked Anderson to train him. Anderson didn't have a ring to train them in, so he sent Melendez to the Team 3D Wrestling Academy. Melendez met with Team 3D and they offered to train him for free. D-Von asks the fans to welcome him to the roster and Melendez gets a standing ovation.

Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. Wolves

This is the first match of a Tag Team Series where the first team to win two matches wins the Tag Team Titles. Whoever wins each match gets to pick the stipulation for the next match. This is just a usual triple threat tag. Richards and Ray get things going after a break. The champions (the Wolves) start on Ray's arm but he comes back with right hands to Davey's head. A hard chop puts Richards down and Davey says bring it on. That earns him another chop but the fans aren't interested in starting a 3D chant.

The tag brings in D-Von but Eddie kicks him right back into a tag to Ray. Matt tags himself in and things are already breaking down. Poetry in Motion has Eddie in trouble but Davey comes out with a clothesline to break it up. Team 3D lays out Davey for two as Ray leaves rather than loading up their namesake. Now it's the Hardys working over Davey with Jeff kicking him in the back for two.

Matt works over the arm but everything breaks down again. The Wolves duck a double clothesline from the Hardys and hit stereo suicide dives on Team 3D, only to have Poetry In Motion take them down, followed by a moonsault from Matt to take everyone down again. Back in and Eddie enziguris Matt into a German suplex but Jeff makes a last second save. Eddie breaks up the Twist of Fate and D-Von tags himself in.

The Wolves throw him into a kick to the chest and hit the double top rope double stomps for two. Davey escapes a Twist of Fate and kicks Matt in the head, only to miss a top rope double stomp. Now the Twist connects on Richards, setting up the Swanton from Jeff. Edwards kicks him down though and rolls up D-Von for two. 3D out of nowhere is enough to pin Edwards at 9:06.

Rating: B+. That might be a bit high but I was really digging this match. It was exactly what it was supposed to be and you can pretty much guarantee that each team will get to win a match before the big showdown at the final. Odds are we'll be getting a tables match next and hopefully it's as good as this.

Overall Rating: B-. I liked this show more than I thought I would have with some good stuff making up for some of the weaker moments. TNA is starting to get it together, though I'll need to see a lot more good before I give them the benefit of the doubt. There's some good stuff for next week, but there isn't much set up for Bound For Glory. There are seven more weeks, but you would think we would know some of the matches already. Good show this week though.

Lashley b. Tommy Dreamer – Spear
Taryn Terrell b. Madison Rayne – RKO
Low Ki/Tigre Uno/Craazy Steve b. Homicide/Manik/DJZ – Ki Crusher to Manik
Rhino b. Ethan Carter III via DQ when Carter used a chair
Great Sanada b. Austin Aries – Low superkick
Team 3D b. Hardys and Wolves – 3D to Edwards

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  1. Tommy Dreamer wrestles the world champion? In 2014? Granted he got killed but still.

    Did anybody get further in wrestling on so little talent, charisma or looks as Dreamer? He didn't even have good garbage matches.

  2. These are the shows that the execs are at right?

  3. Oh, I was looking at looks.

  4. Ha, this is funny because Dreamer was actually considered a "pretty boy" in his early days. Granted, this was by ECW fans, a veritable collection of trolls and other sewer dwelling creatures, but that's still funny you'd throw that in there.

  5. Or little talent. Foley is imensely talented and charismatic.

  6. You know, if this Velocity thing happens, they lose all of Canada as a market. Maybe they should sell themselves to TSN up here because there's now five channels of content to fill and only so many poker tournaments and 30 for 30 reruns they can put on at one time.

  7. I think the X Division killed TNA....They should've been all heavyweight federation with a 250 pound weight limit with only former WWE talent being the exception to the rule. .

  8. And now we wait for Kurt Angle to turn on Chris Melendez while screaming "I'M the real American hero!"

  9. Welcome to the BoD, glad to see you come out trolling.

  10. Extant1979 - Ghetto SuperstarAugust 28, 2014 at 5:59 AM

    I think Dreamer was fine up until his TNA run. He was an upper-mid-card guy in ECW, he moved to be a lower-midcard guy in WWE when ECW closed and had a nice send-off with WWECW, given his dedication and loyalty.

    It's the repeated attempts to relive the past and bring back the ECW vibe that annoys me with him.

  11. Can Tommy Dreamer just go away forever?

  12. Derrick Bateman will be the one to potentially carry the company? Yikes.

  13. hmm yet another better impact than raw.. whats that like 5 weeks in a row now?

  14. thats what old wcw fans were prob saying bout foley n austin back in the day to an extent.


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