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Shameless Plug Request

Hey Scott, semi-frequent blog contributor, and long time fan here. I write for a geeky pop culture blog called Cultural Compulsive Disorder, and was wondering if you'd mind plugging the Best of SummerSlam  podcast we just did. I'll be your best friend!
​You sound like my daughter.  She offers EVERYONE "best friend" status.  It loses all meaning when you tell random kids on the playground that you'll be their best friend!  You have to earn that shit through years of emotional blackmail and mixtapes!  ​


  1. Thanks man!

    -your best friend Joey

  2. You eventually hit a point where they've literally done so many episodes that each new one is just a variation of 1 (or 10) that's been done before: Homer's crazy new job, Lisa & the new girl in school, Bart gets in trouble, Marge meets an interesting man, Abe's past comes back to bedevil him, Moe's looking for love, Bart helps Krusty, Sideshow Bob returns, etc.

    Someone should make a list of the show's recurring tropes. Every season you can check off dozens of them. Even when they focus on Comic Book Guy or the Sea Captain or Disco Stu it's just a reworking of a story already done with Barney or Moe or Chief Wiggum; so even if a new episode is funny there's still a feeling of "seen it already."

    I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode, and I catch every new one each year and enjoy them, but it's been ages since one stood out as being great or even memorable. Kind of like eating at McDonalds. And there are certain ones--usually involving Marge or Lisa--that I just go "ugh, this is gonna be a slog to get through."

  3. "Little Pee Wee baby gets nothing"

  4. "Someone should make a list of the show's recurring tropes."

    You clearly have never seen TV Tropes. Have fun losing the next six hours.

  5. Mister_E_BarrettsLastPrivateerAugust 23, 2014 at 11:13 AM

    There's a HUGE supporting cast of reasonably well defined characters.

  6. "Graham is another old timer calling out Savage" ... as a kid I always thought superstar looked like a grandpa too, but I can't believe he was only 43 here. To put it in perspective, both he and Backlund's ages were always thought of as old but HHH is that now and it's never called upon.


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