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BoD Sunday Night Thread

Talk about anything going on tonight here.


  1. Are we losing a lot of planes this year, or does it just feel like we're losing a lot of planes this year?

  2. But I correctly guessed the number of guys Screech would ended up stabbing in 2014. So far.

  3. Are there any good matches on the WCW Best of Nitro Vol. 2 Blu-Ray?

  4. Leafs have given up 3 goals in the third. Trail with 3 minutes to go.

  5. This is the third one isn't it? Well, second lost anyway, we know what happened to the plane over the Ukraine.

  6. why aren't they called the Leaves?

  7. She said, "NOT IN MY HOUSE" and then spiked the ring on the carpet, it got dark.

  8. Well Toronto gave this one away with bad defense. Just ridiculous.

  9. okay, who picked that in the pool?

  10. So that's a movie thing, or something?

  11. No, just one of a half dozen pat answers I have to that question now that I've been asked it 600 times by my whole family, lol.

    Everything went great, she said yes, her mom cried, I ran to the garage and listened to my pulse in my ears for 20 or so minutes, it was really good.

  12. Raiders blown out by Denver again. Bah. But Green Bay secures a bye so Rodgers can get healthy.

  13. prediction: panthers wins a playoff game, maybe two

  14. You should just write down what happened and get it laminized so whenever someone asks you can just present the document like a Sheriffs badge.

  15. I never really considered it girls sometimes say no? That has to be some "find me the nearest tall bridge" shit.

  16. Of what's left, I guess Pack is lesser evil in NFC, and wouldn't root against Broncos or Pats, but it's a long time til September

  17. Well, Arizona is basically going to be a bye.

  18. I'm a Christopher Nolan fan big time but Interstellar is just not grabbing me at all.

  19. Same here, the cast looks amazing but for whatever reason it doesn't appeal.

    I'm kind of tired of his cutesy twist endings too.

  20. Fan as well and it worked for me. Can easily see all the faults, but really enjoyed it nonetheless

  21. Eh, I was afraid of that going in but this one wasn't really a twist ending

  22. Exactly. I'm not sure what the issue is. Solid cast and it's Nolan. Much like Dennis when he heard Charlie's mom had cancer, for whatever reason Interstellar just isn't grabbing me.

  23. For me it's not a twist ending for some reason I just lack any desire to see it. Not sure why at all.

  24. I'll end up checking it out either way but that's good to know. The end to Inception was basically the last straw with me.

  25. Inception's ending wasn't really a twist ending. Just open ended.

  26. I mean, there's this.

  27. Yeah, that was too cutesy. Sometimes just end the thing. Though I really liked The Prestige's ending

  28. MikeyMike, JuggernautDecember 28, 2014 at 5:48 PM

    I thought it was a really good movie but wouldn't have any replay value for me.

  29. Last year was japanese wrestling, now I'm adventuring in the world of lucha.

  30. Haha I'm sure some have said no. I've never seen it happen.

  31. It wasn't that either. That's not his talisman to begin with. That top will fall regardless if he's in reality or not because the top isn't his talisman.

  32. The Prestige is one of his best, for sure.

  33. MikeyMike, JuggernautDecember 28, 2014 at 5:49 PM

    Legit not a fan? I don't mind it in small doses.

  34. I think a decent defense can keep Carolina in check. Atlanta does not have a decent defense.

  35. I loved The Prestige. So great. Fantastic cast too. Probably my favorite non-Batman Nolan movie.

  36. MikeyMike, JuggernautDecember 28, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    Just started Season 2 of Buffy. Does Xander ever become less of a simp or is this going to be going on forever.

  37. I liked it as part of Nitro because they didn't have the ridiculous Lucha rules and angles.

  38. Hahaha, jesus, why would he think asking her in front of 20,000 people was a good idea?

    Then I saw his trimmed beard and I realized he was a douche and deserved it anyway, fuck 'im.

  39. Whoa what the fuck!

  40. Eh, pretty much throughout.

  41. MikeyMike, JuggernautDecember 28, 2014 at 5:53 PM

    He's pretty awful. He's an idiot if he doesn't realize why Buffy won't date him.

  42. Seriously, it's pointless misdirection for the sake of misdirection.

  43. Ah, that he catches onto (forget which season, by 3-ish definitely)

  44. I've watched that movie TONS of times and I somehow never Thought that it was his wife's totem not his.

    Wow. I'm a dumbass.

  45. That was quite the lame ra-ra speech by Garret


  47. It wouldn't be a bother if they hadn't spent three scenes with Erica Expositionary Dialogue asking questions about the talisman and how it worked.

  48. Didn't really watch football today, but watched the NBC recaps.

    So if SD, HOU, and KC didn't make it, who made it in? BAL?

  49. I really should have taken this week off. I am not looking forward to tomorrow whatsoever.

  50. Me neither. First days back from a vacation are the worst.

  51. You just blew my mind and made me hate myself. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT?!

    I'm a goddamn idiot. Just a daft dummy.

  52. Crikey Mate Down Under AussieDecember 28, 2014 at 6:27 PM

    Is it necessary to have both "annual" and "yearly" in the title?

  53. Probably not. I just whipped something quick together. If this does become a yearly thing we can give it a better name.

  54. Crikey Mate Down Under AussieDecember 28, 2014 at 6:32 PM

    Sweet, people should email their suggestions in for that as well

  55. those were pretty awesome

  56. Honest question- why would you want to write for the blog?

    I don't think there's been a single recapper that hasn't gotten shitted on.

  57. It's something to do, the long time posters are kind of like family, it gives me an excuse to watch through early Chikara, while having a forum to talk about it, I can deal with the people who want to shit on it really enough.

  58. Not your dog Spot? Not your liver spot?

  59. *Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year

    I have to narrow this down to THREE??

  60. How exactly is WWE in ANYBODY'S Promotion of the Year?

  61. NXT is the promotion of the year.

  62. But i voted for you in the BOD awards !

  63. I actually disagree with 3. The "play-by-play then one- or two-sentence opinion" review format is basically played out, even if Ripner's covering a niche product that no one else on the Blog is covering. I'd rather see a fully-formed movie review-style format, or something different.

  64. That was my original thinking, putting in perspective as it comes to me while watching the product. Glad to see there are differing opinions on this.

  65. Yes on match of the year! Okada v Swagsuke was ridiculous.

  66. Can best PPV be a DVD only show? I had more fun watching this year's BOLA than I've ever had watching wrestling.

  67. The Gimmick is perfectly fine. Weird English guy who likes to party and uses his wrestling moneys to do so. Great! The problem is that they need that character to also be a bad ass and not have an endless feud with a guy in a bunny suit.

  68. Are you taking credit for his night after WM Raw reaction?

  69. That was my vote. I was SOOO disappointed about the Xmas show. And that sort of proved to me how much I like the product.

  70. I only voted for them in second place to show appreciation for NXT, which I don't consider to be a separate promotion.

  71. Worst blog topic: Bret Hart crying

  72. I'd say it has to be on the Network or PPV. I did accept the NXT shows, for example. In the future, we should probably just rechristen that category as "Best Big Event" or something.

  73. I thought the "joke" stemmed not from Bret himself crying, but from Bret claiming in his book that after a great match (Bulldog at Wembly?), some other wrestlers had "tears in their eyes" as they complimented Bret after the match. Either way, yeah, that shit is played out. HartKiller09 needs some new material.

  74. Lesnar d. Cena. Summerslam.

  75. Weird having today as, just another day at the office. As a 37 year old Seattle sports fan, that is odd.

  76. Dont what me mister! Ever since it got out he was getting the rocket push to wrestlemania thats been the most talked about thing on here. Is he ready? Are fans going to batista him? Can he go over 10 minutes without making the crowd slip into a coma? How is philly going to react? Should he be the one out of sheild to get it? Is he wearing that coat to cover up his samoa titties? Can he do anything else besides 2 moves?

  77. Yeah you can tell because he sorta has a british accent but not quite. Thats how I knew. That and the announcer told me. But dont feel bad I skip his matches too. I was to slow once.

  78. Good review . 3 quick things.

    1. If you watch this show on the wrestling is,... Network,it does have commentary by Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg. It was recorded way later,though,and they talk as if they're reminiscing about the show.
    2. Ultramantis Black looks different because he's basically wearing a Kamen Rider V3 Halloween costume,he had yet to come up with his own ring attire. Even today,his belt,pants,and antenna are a pretty blatant homage to the original 2 Kamen Riders, His name is a combination of Ultraman,mantis (for Kamen Rider) and Kamen Rider Black (the best series in the franchise)

    3. You're wasting your time doing Chikara reviews here. Most of these people are too beer n pretzels to understand any kind of long form storytelling or character development. They whine about WWE writing being stupid,but can't wrap their heads around Chikara's story lines that require thought. They wish WWE would reward work rate instead of mic work,but don't watch NJPW or AAA because they can't understand the promos.
    Basically I'm saying writing Chikara reviews for this place is just casting pearls before swine. They're just going to talk about football in the comments section anyway.

  79. I don't think it's fair to mention the lack of pictures when none of the other reviews on this site have any,

  80. Called it a few days ago that this is headed for bad territory... fortunately everyone seems to be ignoring the BoD portion of it.

  81. *Wrestler of the Year - El Dandy
    *Women's Wrestler of the Year - El Dandette
    *Worst Wrestler of the Year - El Dandy
    *Tag Team of the Year El Dandy & El Dandy
    *Match of the Year - El Dandy vs. Another Jam Up Guy
    *Feud of the Year - El Dandy vs. Those that doubt him
    *Best Pay-Per-View - Naughty Nurses 69
    *Worst Pay-Per-View - Naughty Nurses 70
    *Moment of the Year - Bryan beating HHH (I had to have 1 legit one)
    *Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year - The moment everyone doubted El Dandy
    *Promotion of the Year - BoD RAW
    *Television Show of the Year - Walking Dead
    *Most Improved Wrestler - El Dandy
    *Biggest Wrestling News Story of the Year - WWE Network Launch (Ok 2 serious ones)

    *Best Blog Column of the Year - The Open thread the night we found out about Farva
    *Blog Poster of the Year (Maybe name this one after Farva?) - Officer Farva
    *Most Loved Blog Topic (Something that created lots of great conversation here) - Vince Jordan is a trol
    *Worst Blog Topic (Something you got sick of talking about and wished would go away) - CM Punk

    No shot I am putting enough thought in this to name 3 of each.

  82. I don't much care for reviews but I am going to give this my seal of approval as I have been encouraging Ripner to write a column for ages... probably my favorite poster and the most genuine wrestling fan here.

  83. LOL is that you?

  84. I insist both yearly and annual stay in the title to make it sound ridiculous. And they should always be the 37th yearly annual little doomer awards.

  85. *Wrestler Of The Year - AJ Styles
    *Women's Wrestler Of The Year - Charlotte
    *Worst Wrestler Of The Year - Scott Sterling (Runners-up: Beau James, Jake Booth & Sam Shaw)
    *Tag Team Of The Year - ReDRagon
    *Match Of The Year - AJ Styles vs. Minoru Suzuki
    *Best Pay-Per-View - Wrestlemania XXX (Runner-up: Final Battle 2014)
    *Worst Pay-Per-View - Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Stairs (Runner-up: Lockdown 2014)
    *Moment Of The Year - Daniel Bryan's two matches at Wrestlemania XXX
    *Worst Segment (Moment) Of The Year - Anything involving Sam Shaw
    *Promotion Of The Year - New Japan
    *Television Show Of The Year: Ring Of Honor Wrestling
    *Most Improved Wrestler - Adam Cole (Runners-up: Kyle O'Reilly and Hansen)
    *Biggest Wrestling News Story Of The Year - The WWE Network launch and the subsequent downfall of the PPV industry that followed.

    *Best Blog Column Of The Year - The thread the night of Mark Haas' passing
    *Blog Poster of The Year - Officer Farva (Runners-up: nwa88 and J.D. Dunn)
    *Most Loved Blog Topic (Something that created lots of great conversation here) - Making fun of PWInsider (That poor dog)
    *Worst Blog Topic (Something you got sick of talking about and wished would go away) - CM Punk (Runner-up: The continued incompetence of TNA, Dixie Carter and Vince Russo)

  86. What an asshole.

  87. Yep from NXT RE-Takeover

  88. It's a good idea but yea this is just a tryout and I don't really know what rules posters here live by, for this I just emailed Scott a Word document, I don't have access to any actual posting tools or anything.

  89. Wow that is high praise, thank you.

  90. Nut everyone here it's bad, there are some genuine wrestling fans who use the forums who would enjoy this sort of content. Those are who I'd be writing for.

  91. Also thank you for the background on Ultramantis, I'll admit I never really followed Kamen Rider.

  92. Good stuff. Keep it up if you can.
    If you want any other indy shows to review, I don't have Chikara but do have others, I will send them your way.

  93. Cheers for this! Been looking for a bit of an intro into Chikara (I think they're heading to the UK sometime this year) so this is useful. Keep going with it!

  94. Your welcome, I'm starting at the beginning so sadly it's not going to give you much on the current storylines.

  95. Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on it but for now I just want to watch through Chikara.

  96. That being said I highly recommend going to the UK show(s) this fall. No promotion is as consistently entertaining as Chikara.

  97. Never seen the early Chikara shows, so really enjoy this. Kee up the good work.

  98. Pictures of the wrestlers in Chikara probably would be really beneficial because there is so much going on with their costumes over the years and a picture is better than trying to describe the physical characteristics of a wrestler. For me, seeing pictures of the wrestlers would be a particular highlight of old Chikara reviews.

    Another thought I had, since the storylines are much more important in Chikara, you're going to have to consider ways to communicate the background knowledge in the reviews. Maybe a "previously in Chikara" paragraph at the beginning covering some of the relevant background for the particular show you are reviewing.

  99. oh don't get me wrong, it was an idiotic passage in his book. But the meme has been beat to death here.

  100. Just voted via email. Thanks for doing this.

  101. CruelConnectionNumber2December 29, 2014 at 10:27 AM

    Keep this guy, he does a good job with a different product. Keep up the research/backstory on the obscure characters.

  102. CruelConnectionNumber2December 29, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    ^ 16 year old baby alert. Sorry time travelling marching band guys teaming with half-man / half-ants doesn't appeal to everyone. Do not speak for everyone, it's rude.

  103. *Wrestler of the Year - AJ Styles, Tomohiro Ishii & Shinsuke Nakamura

    *Women's Wrestler of the Year - Don't Care

    *Worst Wrestler of the Year - Kane, Adam Rose & The Bunny

    *Tag Team of the Year - Katsuyori Shibata & Hirooki Goto, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson, Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima

    *Match of the Year - AJ Styles vs Minoru Suzuki (G1), Kazuchika Okada v Shinsuke Nakamura (G1), Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Katsuyori Shibata (Destruction in Kobe)

    *Feud of the Year - Katsuyori Shibata vs Hiroshi Tanahashi, Daniel Bryan vs The Authority, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

    *Best Pay-Per-View - G1 Climax day 8, G1 Climax day 7, G1 Climax Day 4

    *Worst Pay-Per-View - WWE Royal Rumble, WWE TLC & WWE Night of Champions

    *Moment of the Year - Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker's streak, Ultimate Warrior makes his final appearance on RAW, Shinsuke Nakamura reverses Rainmaker attempt into Cross Armbreaker

    *Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year - Bray Wyatt interferes in HIAC, Kane eliminates CM Punk from Royal Rumble

    *Promotion of the Year - NJPW

    *Television Show of the Year - ROH

    *Most Improved Wrestler - Tomoaki Honma

    *Biggest Wrestling News Story of the Year - AJ Styles joins NJPW and wins the IWGP title on his first match, Sting appears in WWE TV, Undertaker's streak ending

  104. Yeah that kind of fake underwear fighting IS sillier than the fake underwear fighting where you try to hit the other guy with a TV but plugged in Tvs explode when you touch them ,so you get electrocuted and pinned. Or when a lantern ghost distracts you and you get pinned. Or this month when a white rapper can stand toe to toe with an MMA guy because he Never Gives Up.

    A marching band wrestler is way faker than a southern death cult leader wrestler or a gospel church wrestler trio.and if that marching band guy is seconded by a guy in a bunny suit,that's way dumber than a party animal being seconded by a guy in a bunny suit. It's night and day.

    Also I don't think they're half man,half ant. It's Lucha libre. Rey Misterio isn't literally a question,Psychosis isn't half man,half brain disease.

  105. Thank you! I only watched a little of Chikara (during the BDK storyline) and have been badly wanting to read reviews on their earlier shows. This is perfect!

    Bold move doing 2002 Chikara on this blog, but I think it's kick ass. Please keep up the excellent work!

  106. Well to his credit Chikara does put over there animal lucha guys as anthropomorphic. Quack while announcing during some match this last season said "Chikaras title is for everyone to compete over regardless of gender, size, style or species". So yes in kayfabe trends The Colony are ants, Thunderfrog is a frog, etc.

  107. Well of course Thunderfrog is. These days he's an actual frog in a bucket now that he's been reincarnated!
    Still,when they say stuff like species equality or they're getting kicked in the "thorax", I always thought that was a tongue in cheek kind of thing.

  108. Well I think along with rest of their sci fi based storytelling they are asking the audience to just go with these guys being half man half whatever creature they are when they are wrestling and cutting promos and such. The Coloty Xtreme Force kinda screws with that though.

  109. *Wrestler of the Year 1) Dean Ambrose 2) Seth Rollins 3) John Cena
    *Women's Wrestler of the Year 1) AJ Lee
    *Worst Wrestler of the Year 1) Kane 2) Big Show 3) Ryback
    *Tag Team of the Year 1) usos 2) wyatts 3) shield
    *Match of the Year 1) shield v evolution payback 2) bryan v hhh wm 3) cena v lesnar summerslam
    *Feud of the Year 1) wwe v fans 2) bryan v authority 3) ambrose v rollins
    *Best Pay-Per-View 1) wrestlemania 2) mitb 3) royal rumble
    *Worst Pay-Per-View 1) tlc 2) hiac 3) a tna one
    *Moment of the Year 1) bryan winning the title 2) fans hijacking the rumble 3) ziggler wins survivor series
    *Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year 1) growing up bella 2) vince/austin podcast 3) wyatt ghost
    *Promotion of the Year: nxt
    *Television Show of the Year: nxt
    *Most Improved Wrestler: 1) ambrose 2) rollins 3) mizdow
    *Biggest Wrestling News Story of the Year: 1 the network 2) punk leaving 3) warrior dying

    *Best Blog Column of the Year: 1) icepacks 2) meekin meltdown 3) bayless v scherer
    *Blog Poster of the Year 1) scott keith 2) stranger 3) bayless
    *Most Loved Blog Topic 1) scott sez 2) punk leaving 3) the meltdowns
    *Worst Blog Topic 1) montreal 2) invasion 3) japanese wrestling is so awesome

  110. I've registered your votes!

  111. I've logged your votes!

  112. I've counted your votes.

  113. Wrestler of the Year

    1. Seth Rollins
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Roman Reigns

    Women's Wrestler of the Year
    1, AJ Lee
    2. Paige
    3. Charlotte

    Worst Wrestler of the Year
    1. The Bellas
    2. Kane
    3. Torito

    Tag Team of the Year:
    1. Mizdow
    2. reDRagon
    3. Young Bucks

    Match of the Year:
    1. Daniel Bryan vs HHH
    2. Sami Zayn vs Cesaro
    3. Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt

    Feud of the Year
    1.Daniel Bryan vs The Authority
    2. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
    3. TNA vs Self Respect

    Best Pay-Per-View
    1. Wrestlemania 30
    2. NXT TaKeoVeR
    3. NXT aRival

    Worst Pay-Per-View
    1. TNA: Bound For Glory
    2. WWE: Hell in a Cell
    3. WWE: TLCS: Tables, Ladders, Chairs AND Stairs

    Moment of the Year
    1. Daniel Bryan overcoming the odds at Wrestlemania
    2. Brock Lesnar ending the streak
    3. Sami Zayn winning the NXT title

    Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year
    1. Dean Ambrose with a mannequin in ring before facing Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell
    2. Bray Wyatt uses hologram to distract Dean Ambrose at WWE Hell in a Cell
    3. Dean Ambrose SLIMES Seth Rollins with a rigged MitB suitcase

    Promotion of the Year
    1. WWE
    2. SSW
    3. PWG

    Television Show of the Year
    1. nXt
    2. Raw
    3. iMpact

    Most Improved Wrestler
    1. Goldust
    2. Eric Young
    3. Titus O'Neil

    Biggest Wrestling News Story of the Year
    1. WWE Network launch
    2. Ultimate Warrior dies
    3. CM Punk walks out

    Best Blog Column of the Year
    1. The banner change thread
    2. The Dave Scherer thread (That poor dog.)
    3. The youshoot reviews

    Blog Poster of the Year (Maybe name this one after Farva?)
    1. Parallax
    2. Bayless
    3. kbjone

    Most Loved Blog Topic (Something that created lots of great conversation here)
    1. Mocking others
    2, Meltdowns
    3. Dean Ambrose

    Worst Blog Topic (Something you got sick of talking about and wished would go away)

    2. Cena heel turn
    3. Meekin

  114. Thanks! This is a really good idea on your part.

  115. This was a really good review.
    Hope Scott lets you keep doing these as your NXT observations on the threads are very spot on.

  116. Dammit! Just as Scott Sterling's matches and promos were starting to get really epically bad!

  117. The three ROH reapers did ok.

    Everyone loves Bayless.

  118. Good times here, hope you stick around and cover Chikara when it gets good.

  119. *Wrestler of the Year

    1-Daniel Bryan 2-AJ Styles 3-Brock Lesnar

    *Women's Wrestler of the Year

    1-AJ Lee 2-Paige
    3-Gail Kim

    *Worst Wrestler of the Year

    1-The New Age
    Outlaws as Tag Champions 2-That STUPID Bunny
    3-That Midget Bull on RAW

    *Tag Team of the Year

    1-The Wolves (Richards/Edwards)
    2-REDragon (O’Reilly/Fish) 3-The Shield

    *Match of the Year

    1-Shield v.
    Evolution (Streetfight/Elimination match) 2-The Wolves vs. Matt & Jeff
    Hardy (TNA from the Manhattan Center – tag title match) 3-Daniel Bryan v. Randy
    Orton v. Batista (WM 30)

    *Feud of the Year

    1-CM Punk v. The
    WWE 2-Daniel Bryan v. The Authority 3-The Bellas v. Stephanie McMahon

    *Best Pay-Per-View (what is a

    30 2-Money in the Bank 3-SummerSlam

    *Worst Pay-Per-View

    1-TNA Bound for
    Glory 2-WWE TLC 3-WWE Hell in the Cell

    *Moment of the Year

    1-Brock Ends the
    Streak 2-Daniel Bryan wins the title @
    WM30 3-Stephanie McMahon getting arrested on RAW

    *Worst Segment (Moment) of the Year (Do we HAVE to only do 3???)

    1-The death of
    Ultimate Warrior 2-Mr.T’s HOF speech 3-New Age Outlaws win the Tag team titles
    at 50+

    *Promotion of the Year

    1-WWE 2-ROH

    *Television Show of the Year

    1-NXT (Which I’ve
    only really seen ½ of one episode) 2-Legends House 3-RAW (yes, thats how bad
    wrestling is/was in 2014)

    *Most Improved Wrestler

    1-Cesaro 2-Nikki Bella 3-Dolph Ziggler

    *Biggest Wrestling News Story of the Year

    1-Brock ends the
    Streak! 2-CM Punk Quits 3-Death of the Ultimate Warrior days after

    *Best Blog Column of the Year (Note:
    I’m assuming MOTD doesn’t count as an actual “column”)

    1-Scott Sez/PPV
    reviews 2-QOTD 3-Shoot Interview
    Reviews/BOD Daily Update (tie)

    *Blog Poster of the Year (Maybe name
    this one after Farva?)

    1-Darren X 2-Scott Keith
    3-Devin Harris

    *Most Loved Blog Topic (Something that
    created lots of great conversation here)

    1-Whats NOT on
    the WWE Network 2-The Horrible state of RAW/Smackdown, and their horrible 50/50
    booking 3-CM Punk

    *Worst Blog Topic (Something you got
    sick of talking about and wished would go away)

    1-CM Punk.
    Period. 2-All the bitching and whining
    about the contents of other contributors to the Blog of Doom 3-Dixie Carter (particularly as an on-screen
    talent or her nonsensical twitter posts)

  120. I'm ready to keep doing this just don't know what Scotts opinion is yet. With the limited availability of early Chikara shows good times will be coming sooner than later.

  121. Found an interesting top 15 WWE matches list on Buzzfeed

  122. I've logged your votes.


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