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BoD Saturday Night Thread

On tap for tonight:

At 8pm EST on the WWE Network you can see the "Best of Hall of Fame" show as they highlight Gene Okerlund and Shawm Michaels. Then at 9:30pm EST you can watch the 7/29/89 episode of "Saturday Night's Main Event."

The NBA has 5 games on the schedule tonight. At 8pm EST the Phoenix Suns face off against the Chicago Bulls on NBA TV.

In the NHL there are 9 games tonight. At 9pm EST the Los Angeles Kings take on the San Jose Sharks over on NBC Sports.

College Basketball has several Nationally televised games tonight, highlighted by #3 Gonzaga vs. St. Mary's at 10pm EST over on ESPN 2.

Also, the Koko B. Ware shoot interview won the poll and that recap will be posted Thursday at noon.

And as usual, talk about anything else going on tonight here.


  1. Fortunately J E DOUBLE F J A DOUBLE R E DOUBLE T didn't subject us to the Zaun clan #MikeZaun #SportsRadio66AND1019FM

  2. A fellow wrestling and Zaun nerd? I thought I was the only one. #NooYawk'sNumbahOne

  3. So TNA has lasted almost as long as Ted Turner-owned WCW. Crazy.

  4. Listening since Jody Mac had his Wrestling Hour at 3AM Saturday nights/Sunday mornings

  5. Considering Brian Lee was booked as a blond-haired, plucky, heartthrob babyface in his early years in USWA and SMW, his descent into a gaunt biker-type in the latter years of his career is truly astonishing.


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