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What if Brock re-signs


Recent reports suggest WWE is optimistic about Brock signing an extension. JR commented on this as well speculating that future health concerns from UFC may be included in Lesnars thought process. If indeed that is the case then wouldn't Lesnar jobbing at mania be a colossal waste of $ unless they are planning a double turn. Is there money in Lesnar going over and Reigns learning from this and coming back stronger next year ala Shawn Michaels wrestlemania 11 & 12?

​I think that recent history has taught us that there is no money in Reigns and even less in Brock given his costs.  I would be gobsmacked if Brock ends up anywhere other than UFC. ​


  1. There's going to be money in Brock if they pony up the cash and put him on TV as the dominant champion who tears through the roster. Having him off television for so long has killed his momentum.

  2. Hey Scott,

    Has there ever been as boring a PPV weekend for the WWE as this one? Fast Lane was terrible (minus one or two bright spots), and Raw was the drizzling shits tonight. This has got to be the worst start to the "Road to Wrestlemania" ever.

  3. There's no real monetary value in keeping Brock, but there's actually NEGATIVE dollars involved in keeping Brock champion simply for the plan to be a rematch with Reigns at next year's Mania. I mean, man alive...

  4. The Amazing GamecockFebruary 23, 2015 at 9:51 PM

    If I was Brock, I'd stay in WWE for as long as possible. Work a few days a year and get paid MILLIONS. What a lucky fucker.


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