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Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and are excited for another week of life. I really enjoy reading this blog and reading these comments and last week we seemed to have a nice run of dream matches or pairings that never happened and some that did.

As Scott and I both mentioned in one of the threads the ultimate babyface team of Tito Santana and Ricky Steamboat did team up once against the Dream Team in like 1985 or something. It is on YouTube in full and yes it's awesome as it sounds. For one thing it's at the old Maple Leaf Gardens with the long ramp and for another Steamboat and Tito decided to wear matching baby blue trunks to further cement their babyfaced-ness.

The Hogan-Dusty pairing never happened to my knowledge and why didn't they have a tag match against Savage and DiBiase on a SNME is well beyond me. For one thing we could book this match ourselves with the The Real American Dreams storming to the ring (separate entrances of course) and cleaning house for five minutes with DiBiase and Savage bumping from pillar to post. The Million Dollar Macho Kings (Fantasy Sports Team Name Alert!) eventually take over, with some distraction from Sherri and pound Dusty through a commercial break. Eventually Dusty makes the hot tag and in 1990 there's no human being alive that could survive the big boot-elbow drop-leg drop combo right?

Figuring out how to do the Megapowers vs. Demolition in 1988 would be a lot harder. The Demos were still heels at Summerslam but they held the straps so you couldn't just job them in the main event. So you would have to have the Harts stay heel, regain the title at Wrestlemania IV and then that frees up Demolition to be bought by DiBiase to end the Megapowers and there's your Summerslam match. Demos could win the titles at the fall SNME against the Harts or someone else and still have a year-long reign and still turn at Survivor Series.

Anyway for TV tonight:

Women's World Cup: U.S. vs. Colombia at 8 p.m.

College World Series: Virginia vs. Vanderbilt.

RAW of course

More baseball

American Ninja Warrior

HBO is doing a documentary of the gun violence in America that happened in the spring of 2014. How ironic is that? The sequel is happening before my eyes.

Enjoy the night and keep it clean!


  1. Early posting tonight, this is a late-arriving crowd.

  2. RIP Buddy Landell! IYH Dec 95 fuck the world!

  3. That stinks. 53...such a young age. He seemed like a nice guy. If I remember he was the only member of the wrestling community that went to JYD's funeral or something.

  4. Looks like Kimbo vs Shamrock did big numbers. Lots of casuals and second biggest rating for mma this year. Credit f4o.


    This is what a wrestling match would look like if it was shot cinematically. It rips open Kevin Dunn's mouth and shits down his throat

  6. Lol. It needs more shaking camera angles. I actually really like the camera shots from inside the ring. Nitro used to do it, and on occasion WWF would too (or at least shoot from atop the ring apron into the ring). I miss that

  7. Here's a shoot review last year on the site with Buddy.

  8. Interesting, and quite cool. My first thought was that I wonder how many of those angles could be pulled off live; Grail mentions a camera in ring or on the apron, but I don't know if you could consistently do those sweeping shots we see in that vid.

    Also, those guys seemed like really solid workers. That was a good watch. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Greatest oppenent ever RIGHT HERE


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