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Hey Scott--

Have you seen this?

I share this for two reasons; first, this hack looks AWESOME, and any NES kid from the 80s would freak out over this.

But secondly, I was tearing my hair out at the end when Abobo is fighting Amazon in the ring from Pro Wrestling, and both Mike and James are stumbling around trying to identify the game.

"Is it WrestleMania?"

"Is it M.U.S.C.L.E.?"

"I think it's WrestleMania."

It's f*&%ing PRO WRESTLING. I'm not getting on them because they aren't wrestling fans; to each geek their own domain. But these knuckleheads are supposed to be game collecting Nintendo gods, and they can't identify a classic black box game that was the only one that (to quote our friend Joe Gagne) "wasn't awful?"

That's like you doing a gaming podcast, looking at a screen shot from Legend of Zelda, and saying, "Is that Kid Nikki?"

*le sigh*

To be fair, I think someone like Pat Contri the NES Punk is more of the collecting god.