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NXT Takeover Results and Analysis

My new column about the show of the moment, NXT Takeover.  Just in case Sporting News readers had missed the show and were curious about whether they should watch it.  (Spoiler:  Yes.)


  1. Would love to see them do a Team NXT vs Team WWE at Survivor Series this year. It would be a great way to introduce some of these guys into the new roster.

    Neville and Zayn obviously for the NXT side, and then either The Ascension or Breeze & Kidd.

    Orton for Team WWE as the dickish heel looking to show these new kids who runs things with Miz & Sandow and maybe someone like Cesaro or Dallas.

    Charlotte's got a chance to stick.

    Really think Bull Dempsey is destined to be a new Wyatt member at some point.

    Love Kalisto.

    Scott nailed it about Enzo Amore. He'd be a solid manager.

  2. "I always find it fascinating to watch guys before they become stars and see where they came from, and that’s exactly what this show is all about."

    This I agree with. It's like watching a college football player before they get drafted to the NFL. I liked that I got to see Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black, Claudio Castagnoli a few years before I got to see Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, and Cesaro. I like going back and seeing some of their earlier matches, like that match with Dean Ambrose that was on the blog a few weeks back. I also like to do this with actors and watch some of their earlier movies.

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  4. I strongly disagree with Scott on the women's match as I thought Bayley was a great face, but yeah overall I wish there had been more heat.

  5. Charlotte Flair is kind of a funky looking broad,bordering on fugly. Bayley, on the other hand, inspires nasty thoughts on the level of Paige for me, for entirely different reasons.

  6. Also wondering what Zayn is still doing in NXT, looks likely Neville/Breeze/Ascension are getting called up before him. Maybe it's wise to keep him there until there's someone else who can be relied on to have great matches on the NXT main event scene

  7. CruelConnectionNumber2September 13, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    You would beg Charlotte for sex.

  8. I would really like for the network to start showing OVW from the beginning for that same reason.

  9. Unless he gets used in the old Evan Bourne role, I can't possibly imagine them calling Neville up. There's small and there's TINY and Neville's about 150 pounds.

  10. I love this idea. It's more likely that Miz would be the guy leading the charge, because Orton would never waste his time with the kids.

    Neville, Zayn, Mojo, Kalisto, and Itami vs. Miz, Sandow, Cesaro (who could turn face afterwards, if they follow the story from Takeover I), and Rybaxel. Breeze could even come out and turn on the NXT guys for leaving him off their team and throw his lot in with Miz.

  11. Her facial features are all Naitch's. No doubt Vince will book her as some type of monster because she's not Diva-y enough.

    Also 100% guaranteed he books Bayley as female Eugene if she ever makes it to the main roster.


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