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WCW Worldwide: September 15, 1996

I hope you weren’t expecting Fall Brawl just yet. There’s still an hour of rock solid storylines to plow through first. For example, Jim Powers, VK Wallstreet, Hugh Morrus, and Maxx are here, and might do something noteworthy. We certainly would not want to miss that.

TONY SCHIAVONE and BOBBY HEENAN welcome us, and are up to date on all the big storylines. They’re absolutely disgusted by the big heel turn against WCW. That’s right, we’re talking The Giant.

JIM POWERS and THE RENEGADE (with Teddy Long) vs. HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri and Colonel Robert Parker) (for the WCW world tag-team titles)

Can I renege on my decision to recap this show? It wasn’t until I started this project in January of last year that I remembered just how much I did NOT miss Stevie Ray. Renegade hits a crossbody on Stevie for 2, and I assume that’s about as close to winning as they’ll get. Stevie tries a Harlem sidekick, but it’s uglier than Sherri in the morning. Booker comes in to clean up this mess, and hits a spinning heel kick on Powers. A scoop slam sets up a missed karate chop, and Renegade gets the tag. Brawl erupts, because that’s the formula. A double powerbomb finishes at 5:21. *

Tony promises the startling footage of Giant turning to the nWo.

VK WALLSTREET vs. ICE TRAIN (with Teddy Long)

NICK PATRICK referees here, in case we are looking for clues of some kind. Wallstreet clotheslines Ice Train, but he comes right back with a big headbutt. Wallstreet misses a charge, and Train finishes with the big splash at 1:36. DUD

GOLDBERG PAT TANAKA vs. REY MYSTERIO JR. (in a non-title match)

Tony calls Super Calo one of Mysterio’s “arch enemies”. Does Rey constantly foul up his attempts at federal crime? What exactly makes them arch enemies? Mike Tenay isn’t here to expand (or at least call Tony out on his BS), so I’m left with my imagination instead. Rey goes for a rana, but Tanaka flattens him with a powerbomb. Pat hulks up, and hits a side kick for 2. Rey comes back and finishes with a West Coast Pop at 2:24. This would be your Pep Boys Power Pin of the Week. In case you are tracking. 1/2*


Oh snap Konnan, you done joined the Dungeon of Doom, and now it’s time to face their greatest detractor, who is neither fish nor shark, but all man. Konnan cheats and throws his flannel in Tenta’s face to blind him, and pounds away while screaming “RAZA”. Tenta rams his shoulder into Konnan’s midsection, and then steps on him. Heenan goes nuts, because “that’s his heart! He stepped on the man’s heart!” Tenta drops an elbow, and then a leg. He goes for a one handed pin, but frickin’ Konnan kicks out. He misses an avalanche, but comes right back with a powerslam. Tenta heads to the second rope, but misses a big fall splash, and Konnan finishes with a super senton at 3:07. *

HUGH MORRUS and MAXX (with Jimmy Hart) vs. THE NASTY BOYS

Heenan asks the fans: “How do they smell?” as the fans chant “NASTY”. NICK PATRICK is your referee. Maxx wants a test of strength with Saggs, which neither guy seems to win and is a gigantic waste of time. RON THE LEPRECHAUN chases a crew member around the ring, before disappearing into the back. Morrus works over Knobbs in the corner, including an avalanche. A second attempt gets a boot to the mouth, and Knobbs gets 2. A double team avalanche drops Morrus, and an elbow gets 2. Knobbs is sent to the floor, where Maxx posts him head-first. Morrus nails No Laughing Matter, but Saggs saves the day. Morrus goes back again, but this one misses and Saggs gets the tag. 4 straight elbows are delivered to Maxx’s chin, and a powerslam gets 2. Knobbs dumps Morrus to the outside, and a clothesline/chop block combo get the win at 6:05. They have a tag-team title shot tonight on PPV. *1/2

NEXT WEEK: Disco Inferno, Rock n Roll Express, and Arn Anderson! I guess he won’t die in the cage like he promised. Unless this is a red herring, in which case, tune into to Fall Brawl later tonight! 


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  2. Good article. Enjoyed it. Pat Riley is totally pressed with himself. He's vastly overrated. Keep the articles coming.


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