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BoD Daily Update

WWE Considering Another Brand Split?

The company is thinking about having some talent that is exclusive to RAW and Smackdown in order to make both shows must-see. However, this will not lead to a full brand split of the entire roster. The company wanting to increase Smackdown's rating is the driving force behind this decision. 

Credit Wade Keller, PWTorch

Reasons for WWE Announcing Changes

One reason for Booker T being added to RAW was that the company officials liked his work on the pregame shows and felt he would be a good addition to RAW and that some people even want him on the show to offset JBL's "ridiculousness" as he wants to provide comments about the matches and wrestlers instead of the soap-opera storylines and everything else. Booker will be "greenlighted" to speak about the product in a more seriousness manner. Also, the company felt that Lawler's energy would be better served on a two-hour show and feel that his presence will increase ratings on Smackdown and make the show seem more important. 

Credit Wade Keller, PWTorch

David Otunga Update

Otunga, who has not been seen since the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, will be appearing on the WWE house show loop this weekend. 

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Also, talk about the NFL Playoff Games Here. And my picks for today:

New England -7 vs. Baltimore
Seattle -12.5 vs. Carolina