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Flair pinning Hogan in 1991 with brass knuckles

What's up with this? In Flair's first run of non-televised matches against Hogan, he would pin Hogan with brass knuckles, be announced as the new WWF champion, only to have the decision be reversed. Here's handheld video of it happening in their second-ever match:  Just seems strange that Hogan, who was always protected, would be pinned by the little new guy from down south. Even if it wasn't televised, it was still seen by several live audiences. We've seen all kinds of hokey finishes in house show/dark match main-events, but Hulk Hogan being pinned to lose the title by a complete newcomer only to be awarded the title back on a technicality has to be the strangest right? So was this done to elevate Flair in the eyes of the live-show attendees? To gauge audience response? Did Hulk lose a bet? What gives?

​Well, clearly they were dead serious about pushing Flair as a big deal when he came in.  Yeah, the houses kind of sucked for the rematches and they lost interest quickly, but Flair had those matches going over Hogan and Piper even put him over, so it's clear there were plans.  I checked the WON for that week and despite a hilariously wordy review of the match from Dave, there's nothing about why they chose that finish, so it's probably just what they picked to build for the rematch, with Hogan trusting Flair enough to do a fake job for him.  Dave gave the match ***1/2 in case anyone is wondering.  ​


  1. Yes ... and then I remember him winning the title in front of 70 mil having beating all three active members of Evolution in one night.

  2. I'd argue the Flair/Steamboat feud that set up the Flair/Funk feud was just as perfect.

    And if you draw the line of the Bret/Austin feud at Canadian Stampede, their last big match on opposing sides, I think that's gotta be in here. I mean, Austin gets beat down by the entire Hart family, pinned by little brother, and arrested. That's a pretty great blowoff. Everything that happened after was really Austin/Owen.

  3. same with Zack Ryder:
    Yay we gave him a title to shut up the fans; loses the title after being injured by Kane; gets more injured by Kane; looks like a chump with Eve; lost the WM tag match by being in the kicked in the nuts by Eve; never gets revenge against Eve or Kane

  4. Not great ... but.


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