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Network Editing WrestleMania

Just rewatched WrestleMania on the Network, and it seems to me like they edited the boos for Reigns in his match with Lesnar. It's one thing to edit Smackdown or a YouTube video, but to edit out boos from a live PPV is just ridiculous. I can't recall WWE going to these lengths with Cena. So why are they so insistent that Reigns must not get booed? Wouldn't it be easier to just change Reigns (either heel turn or tweak his character) than try to change everyone else's minds or change history altogether? 

​Haven't we all been watching for the past three months?  They're determined to tell the story of underdog family man babyface Roman Reigns, all evidence of that story not working be damned.  Editing Wrestlemania (and they apparently re-edited Brock's entrance to properly cue to the pyro, so it's not just this) is the least of it.  I'm pretty sure Vince is going to progress to simply paying every member of the audience a couple of bucks each to cheer by June.  ​