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Wrestlemania Star (32)

Hey Scott,

So I'm hearing rumors now that the WWE wants to run Rousey vs Steph and HHH vs Rock as 2 singles matches.

I'm intrigued by both of those matches, but when you add in video packages and entrances that's probably a full hour of mania time for those 2 matches.

We haven't even factored in Brock, Sting, or Taker into the situation and 1/4 of mania is already booked with part timers.

Should Bray start looking for a new career or should he keep Bolieving?

Hey man, wrestling is a business and they need to sell 100,000 tickets.  If that show does a $25 million gate, guys like Bray should get down on their hands and knees and kiss the Rock's feet for drawing that kind of money and basically supporting the midcard guys for the next six months in the process.