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Bruno Sammartino Question


Bruno Sammartino left the WWF just prior to Wrestlemania IV. Knowing that Bruno was outspoken about things like the drug use and steroids after the fact, what was the straw that broke the camels back, as far as Bruno choosing to leave just before Wrestlemania. Was it a combination of things, or was there an incident that led him to quit on the spot? Did the angle involving the WWF Championship between Hogan-Andre-DiBiase have anything to do with it? We all know that Bruno was a traditional guy, and having the title handled in that manner may have seemed ridiculous to a guy like Bruno.

​I'm pretty sure it was the steroid issues that were running rampant at that point for the most part, but I don't know there was one inciting incident that made him leave for good.  The Observers at the time don't really have a 'By the way, Bruno told Vince to go fuck himself' report that you can pinpoint.  Has he maybe said something in an interview since then?  ​


  1. Bruno probably had a contract, fulfilled the terms, and left. It's not like he contributed anything useful to the broadcast team anyway.

  2. Didn't it have to do w/ his son? I think David came back in early 1988 & got fired, which was the final straw for Bruno. Or at least one of the straws.

  3. I think he wanted out for a while because of the changing atmosphere and his contract finally expired. I don't think Vince wanted to offer him another one (Bruno was godawful on commentary) and Bruno didn't want to come back anyway, so things just kind of exploded.

  4. I thought that he was pretty much always there against his will and left as soon as his contract was up.

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  6. Does seem a whole combo of stuff. It's interesting how they practically erased him from their own history for so long but when he finally agreed to do the HOF and such, they suddenly remember "oh, yeah, if not for this guy, the damn company wouldn't exist" and start pushing his classic stuff again. I personally saw it as Bruno thinking he doesn't have a lot of time yet, he might as well get his legacy out on his own terms and worked out okay in the end.

  7. Bruno's value wasn't his commentary, it was having him available to boost attendance on house show tours, particularly in the Northeast. Hence, he occasionally did the house show circuit against Piper, Savage, the Honky Tonk Man, among others.

  8. Right. It's not surprising that Bruno was out of the company about six months after his final match (which was a tag team match with Hogan, the only time they ever tagged -- it's insane to me that WWF didn't record that).

    Once Bruno wasn't selling the occasional house show tickets in the Northeast, he was on borrowed time.


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