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Impact Wrestling - May 8, 2015

Impact Wrestling
Date: May 8, 2015
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentator: Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

For the first time in weeks, we actually have a special episode. This is airing live from Orlando with the promise of a former World Champion returning in the first five minutes. Other than that we have Kurt Angle defending the World Title against Eric Young to probably blow off their feud. Let's get to it.

Eric Young is in the ring to start and promises to win the title back tonight. This brings out the returning World Champion and it's Bully Ray, who will referee Angle vs. Young. Eh cool but it's nothing earth shattering. It doesn't help that it's for Angle vs. Young which is just a placeholder until Cater challenges Kurt.

We get the opening recap video. They're treating this like a huge show.

Here's Ethan Carter to talk about the democratic process which has lead us to a gentlemen's contest: arm wrestling. This brings out Mr. Anderson to show us the results: falls count anywhere wins with 85% of the vote. Shocking indeed.

Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III

This is billed as falls count anywhere but the rules make it sound hardcore. Anderson quickly sends Carter and Tyrus to the floor but the big man gets in some cheap shots. That's fine with Anderson who sends Tyrus into the post and chases after Carter as he tries to get away. We get the first weapons brought in as Anderson pulls out a bunch of chairs to pile up on the floor.

A Mic Check onto the chairs doesn't work so Carter backdrops Anderson onto the ramp for two. Carter makes the mistake of spitting in Anderson's face, earning him a Regal Roll onto the chairs for two. Back in and Anderson hammers away before planting Carter with a swinging neckbreaker. Tyrus comes back in to earn his check with a t-bone suplex and a corner splash. The spike to the throat puts Anderson down for the pin at 5:39.

Rating: C-. Well that was quick but they were smart to keep this quick given how obvious the booking seems to be. Young is a guy who could bounce right back after all these losses so why not feed him to Carter to get us on the fast track to Angle vs. Carter? Everyone knows that's where it's going so why not just keep this quick?

Bully Ray likes the look of Angle's World Title.

Gail Kim goes up to Awesome Kong and asks if they're on the same side tonight. Kong walks away.

Quick recap of BDC vs. the Rising.

Here's the BDC, wearing masks during their entrance, with something to say. MVP holds up his mask and says it belongs to Homicide, but he can't be here tonight because someone blindsided him on his way back here, sending him to the hospital for surgery shoulder. Now he's not saying the Rising did it, but they must know something about it. MVP goes on a rant about the American government taking foreign oil fields and being cheered, but when the BDC tries to take something, they're called thugs. That's a new word for something censored, which was probably a racial term given how MVP was going.

Cue the Rising, who says they fight in a ring instead of the streets. Think about it though: a man called Homicide isn't the most endearing person in the world. The Rising had nothing to do with the injury, but maybe it was someone closer to home. Where was Kenny King last night for example? MVP says he doesn't care about wrestling. It's all about the money and power that comes with the job. Drew cares about workrate but MVP cares about interest rate. Wasn't MVP the one who came to TNA to make things better for wrestling? MVP wants a match right now so let's do it live. The brawl is on and we take a break.

MVP vs. Drew Galloway

Joined in progress after a break with MVP choking on the ropes and bending the arm around the ropes. A slam off the middle rope gets two and they trade big boots with Drew's knocking MVP outside. Drew follows him and gets slammed head first into the barricade for a loud thud. Back in and the Playmaker is countered into the Futureshock to give Drew the pin at 4:45.

Rating: D+. The match was watchable but this is one of the least interesting feuds I can remember in a long time. They're doing the right things, but there's just nothing to make me care. The (maybe) racist part could be interesting and feels like Corgan's first story addition. It's not likely to make me care about the feud, but the wrestling and promos have been fine. I just don't care.

Post match Eric Young (in CRAZY pink) comes in and helps the BDC beat down the Rising with a chair. Despite Young being an associate of the team when it formed, this is treated as a surprising turn of events.

James Storm is here with a present for a special friend. They should just call him Christmas because he's always giving.

The preview for next week is all about Kurt Angle and asks who's next. I know that's a Destination America ad but it's almost guaranteeing that Angle retains tonight.

Here's James Storm with his present. He can talk about being tough and drinking beer, but it's time to give someone else the spotlight. This brings out Mickie James to a very nice ovation, but Storm wants to talk about her being a mother. Everyone should love their mother, but Storm quickly switches over to Mickie's music career. She's an amazing mother, wrestler and singer, but she's also a great friend. He holds up the box and it's a new guitar. Storm tries to sing a bit but Mickie politely shakes her head no.

They take a picture together (not a selfie Storm) and here's Magnus with a forced smile. Storm has a gift for him too: the spiked helmet from the Brutus Magnus days. Magnus and Mickie leave but Storm pulls out a blanket for their son Donovan. That's too much for Magnus, who comes back in and breaks the guitar over Storm's head. Like a truly creepy man, Storm starts smiling. They are NAILING this story and Storm is making it awesome. How can he be the same guy that led the worthless Revolution?

Eric Young wants the BDC to have his back to deal with Bully Ray tonight.

We go backstage at Robert Irvine Live (Gail Kim's real life husband and a celebrity chef) where Taryn Terrell shows up. Gail gets in her face and that's about it.

Gail Kim/Awesome Kong vs. Dollhouse

Jade jumps Gail to start but gets thrown down by a hurricanrana, so it's off to Marti vs. Kong. Everyone but Taryn comes in and the Doll House is thrown into the same corner and splashed by the monster. We settle down to Marti hitting a running faceplant on Gail, setting up a cannonball from Jade for two.

Marti slams her down for two but it's off to Jade, who is very slowly slammed down onto Gail's knees. Kim's Black Widow is broken up by Taryn but Gail dives over for the hot tag. The Dollhouse has to save their boss from an Implant Buster and everything breaks down. Jade takes an Implant Buster but Taryn counters the Eat Defeat on Marti with a rollup for the pin at 5:32.

Rating: C. This was fine and the right ending as I'm still loving Taryn and the Dollhouse as a whole. They're setting up the big blowoff with Gail vs. Taryn, but I'm hoping we don't get another Gail title reign. We've been there time after time and I don't see what else she can do with the title.

We look at Jeff Hardy breaking his leg and see Matt holding both Tag Team Titles.

Magnus asks Mickie to have nothing to do with James Storm anymore. Mickie isn't thrilled and leaves.

Here's Matt Hardy to address the Tag Team Title situation. Jeff is going to be healing for a long time, so as of right now, the titles are vacant. That means it's time for Matt to go home and figure out what's next for him.

As he leaves, here are Bobby Roode and Austin Aries with something to say. Aries hasn't forgotten Young putting him on a stretcher to send him out of the Impact Zone on a stretcher. That brings Aries to another piece of gold: the World Tag Team Titles, which seem to have a curse on them. Yeah they're constantly being vacated, but that sounds like an opportunity. He and Roode have held the Tag Team Titles and didn't get hurt, so Roode thinks the titles should be defended by two of the best wrestlers in the world today.

This brings out Davey Richards, who says no one has fought more battles for those belts than the Wolves. Aries likes the idea, but there's no team in front of him. Not quite says Davey, because Eddie Edwards is back. Eddie has been cleared to wrestle and who better to start against than Roode and Aries? That's fine with them, but Eddie wants to one up it: a best of five series. Hands are shaken and the series is on.

After a break, Matt Hardy goes to leave but Drew Galloway stops him to offer him some food for thought: things are changing a lot and he could use a good man.

Angelina Love is in the ring to talk about being asked everything going on lately. However, she just wants to talk about herself because she's the only Beautiful Person around and the best Knockout ever. Cue Velvet Sky because these two are cursed to be around each other for all eternity. Velvet looks.....sleepy. Anyway, Angelina sucks up to her but Velvet, now with pink/purple highlights and a left arm tattoo sleeve doesn't say anything. Instead it's a spear to start a catfight as the fans are going mild. Security breaks it up.

Recap of Young beating Angle in a stretcher match last week.

Young asks Ray if he's going to be the next one to stab him in the back. Ray says he's just here to referee.

TNA World Title: Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young

Bully Ray is refereeing and Angle is defending. Josh on Angle: “If anything ever happened to Captain America, Kurt Angle could easily be an Avenger.” A quick belly to belly puts Young down but he fires off some elbows in the corner to take over. Eric is sent to the apron so he runs to the top, only to have Kurt run the ropes and superplex him down. The BDC is watching from the stage as we take a break.

Back with Young getting two off a neckbreaker and choking in the corner. The chinlock slows Angle down for a bit before Angle fights up and wins a slugout. Now we hit the rolling Germans before the ankle lock sends Eric to the ropes. Kurt won't let go so Eric rolls Angle out to the floor. A CRAZY low blow puts Ray down and the BDC starts triple teaming Angle.

This brings out Chris Melendez and the Rising to help Angle before fighting to the back. Young loads up a piledriver on Ray but gets backdropped down, setting up the Angle Slam for two on Eric. Why there hasn't been a DQ called yet isn't clear. Eric hits a quick piledriver for two but goes up for a cross body, only to have Angle roll through into the ankle lock to retain at 14:33.

Rating: C. The match was ok but the most obvious ending ever and an unnecessary brawl in the middle didn't do it any favors. Now hopefully we can get away from the Young vs. Angle story and get on to Carter taking the title at Slammiversary because I never want to see Eric get another title shot.

Angle poses on the stage for a long time and no one attacks him to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. Good enough show this week but it's really nothing memorable. Ray coming back is cool, but they would have been better off by not announcing it as a former World Champion as Dixie's clues made it a pretty obvious reveal. The Sky return was the same obvious swerve, which doesn't leave a lot going on here. This was basically a preview for what they have coming, which is fine as it's the start of a new cycle, but there wasn't much to see here.

Ethan Carter III b. Mr. Anderson – Pin after a spike to the throat from Tyrus
Drew Galloway b. MVP – Futureshock
Dollhouse b. Gail Kim/Awesome Kong – Rollup to Kim
Kurt Angle b. Eric Young – Ankle lock

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  1. A mostly inoffensive show (unless you count MVP's promo), but not the home-run show they desperately needed to kick off the Billy Corgan era.

    I do like the "puppet master" angle with James Storm. Hey, anything to get him away from the Japanese version of the JOB Squad, right? And they continue to bring EC3 along nicely. Bully Ray, however, looked bored.

    But I am not sure if the acoustics are that bad or the Impact (Zone?) crowd is just that silent. Plus the darkened arena look has to go. Presentation wise, the show looks unappealing and plain boring at times.

    Until they can get their presentation issues worked out, hiring Billy Corgan is just another exams of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  2. I wonder what if that has anything to do with Bully Ray last seen at the Royal Rumble. When he came out he was over huge on a ppv in philly (I think). And now back on impact. A bit of a different atmosphere.

  3. That thought crossed my mind as well. With news coming out that WWE apparently has no interest in signing Bully or reforming the Dudley Boyz, it almost felt like a dejected Bully was residing himself to the fact he is, for now, stuck in TNA.

  4. Exactly. I did not feel special at all.

  5. So are they back to a regular taping schedule if tonight was Live?

    Live every other week? Or at least limiting the tapings to 2 at a time?

  6. kbwrestlingreviewsMay 8, 2015 at 11:47 PM

    From now until Monday they're taping about seven weeks of shows.

  7. Wow 7 weeks in five days that's rough

  8. kbwrestlingreviewsMay 9, 2015 at 12:33 AM

    Yeah but it's going to save them a lot of money, which is one of the most important things for them at the moment.

  9. I wrote Southern States Wrestling reviews that got more comments than this.

  10. I feel bad for Bully. All the hard work to improve and he wastes the last years of his career in TNA.

  11. Fuck Matt PerriMay 9, 2015 at 7:06 AM what ?

  12. Fuck Matt PerriMay 9, 2015 at 7:07 AM

    hell yeah bororor

  13. Perri got a boner for X-ManMay 9, 2015 at 7:36 AM


  14. Perri got a boner for X-ManMay 9, 2015 at 7:36 AM

    huh ?

  15. Perri got a boner for X-ManMay 9, 2015 at 7:36 AM


  16. Perri got a boner for X-ManMay 9, 2015 at 7:37 AM


  17. Perri got a boner for X-ManMay 9, 2015 at 7:37 AM


  18. It is really unfair of WWE not to take a look at a few of the TNA guys.

  19. Here's the schedule. Last night, they taped footage for next week.
    5/9-5/11: Impact tapings in Orlando
    6/26: Live show in Orlando
    6/28: Live PPV in Orlando
    6/29-7/1: Impact tapings in Orlando

  20. Bring those back. I loved them.

  21. It was a one night appearance.

  22. Send those cards and letters to Scott Keith, PO Box OU812


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