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TNA rise and fall dvd matches

Hey Scott,

Thought this might be a good discussion for the blog. With the news of DA (allegedly) canceling impact, there must be a dvd in the near future from WWE about this ala ECW and WCW, right?

Aside from the standard documentary  , which matches would be included on the set? Aside from the Unbreakable three-way, and maybe a match from the first show, has TNA had any (allegedly) historic matches of any kind?


​Woof, good question.  Maybe an Ultimate X match of some kind?  Probably I'd go with a few representative matches to showcase the different styles of stuff they did (Full Metal Mayhem, Ultimate X, that other thing with the cage and the weapons) rather than trying to highlight specific things from their history.  Probably the Joe v. Angle matches would be the most historic, or something like Randy Savage's last match, I guess.  

Any better guesses?  ​


  1. TNA definitely had enough quality matches for a good DVD retrospective. The Unbreakable 3-Way, the AMW/XXX match where Skipper walked across the cage, the early X-Division and Knockouts stuff, Raven vs Jarrett, Joe vs Angle, oddities like Macho and DDP showing up - you're looking at an easy 3-disc set.

  2. Must have:
    AMW vs. XXX cage match
    Joe vs. Daniels vs. Styles
    Jarrett vs. Sting
    Kurt vs. Joe
    Kurt vs. Jay Lethal
    Sabin vs. Low Ki
    Styles/Daniels vs. LAX
    Abyss/Styles from Lockdown
    Christian winning the NWA Title

    Honestly, before 2008ish there was a ton of good stuff in the ring in TNA

  3. I don’t think there’ll be a rise and fall
    DVD. Maybe some matches here or there, but there’s no real *story*
    behind TNA. It was poorly run, it was never that successful, and then it went
    out of business. There’s no “rise and fall” narrative like with WCW, or ECW. It’s
    not a good story. It’s just a bunch of stuff that happened, to quote Homer.

  4. The rehearsed way isn't how I prefer wrestling, but in the NXT sense it's getting awesome matches from the more advanced wrestlers and acceptable matches from those who are still learning. People will learn to improv as they go. It's fine.

  5. It only bothers me if I can tell, and I can't.

  6. For "Fall" you need:
    Sting vs Stoned Jeff Hardy
    Hogan vs. Sting
    Jenna Morasca's abortion of a match
    Reverse Battle Royal
    Pacman Jones not actually wrestling

  7. Cena vs Orton,one more timeMay 22, 2015 at 7:07 AM

    The Existence and Fall of TNA.

  8. Honestly with developmental talent I'm not worried if I can tell. I expect it, the same way I can tell how college basketball coaches call the plays.

  9. That ref is none other than CZW long-timer Drake Younger, good dude and four time Jean Claude Van Damme Lookalike Contest winner

  10. That's a good comparison. I'd guess if I watched a match over again looking for it I could probably spot it, but it's honestly not something I'm conscious of until something gets fucked up.

  11. You forgot Jarrett pinning a red hot Month Brown

  12. Point in fact, everything is fine.

  13. Buffalo HopscotchMay 22, 2015 at 7:10 AM

    With a serious case of PMA as well.

  14. Not a match, but they need to include Bully Ray's 5-part retconning of the Aces and 8s storyline.

  15. Using a TNA phrase for NXT?

    :: stump puller ::

  16. Most of my favorite matches of theirs were in the Nashville, four-sided-ring era. I'd put the XXX vs America's Most Wanted cage match on there for sure, and probably several combinations of Styles/Daniels/Lynn/Low-Ki/Red. Maybe even R-Truth winning the "NWA World Title."

  17. Even after, I thought the Main Evednt Mafia storyline started really strong.

  18. Gauntlet for the Gold to crown a NWA Champion (1st show)
    Styles vs. Lynn vs. Low Ki - Ladder match for X-Division title
    Jarrett vs. Raven - NWA ittle match
    AMW vs. XXX - Both Steel cage matches
    Styles vs. Abyss - Lockdown 05
    Styles vs. Joe vs. Daniels - Unbreakable 05
    Petey vs. Sabin vs. Styles - Ultimate X from Final Resolution 05
    Jarrett vs. Sting - NWA title Bound for Glory 2005
    Jarrett vs. Christian - NWA title match from Against All Odds 06
    Joe vs. Angle - Angle's 1st match in TNA Genesis 06
    King of the Mountain match to crown 1st ever TNA Champion - Slammiversary 2007
    Angle vs. Sting - Bound For Glory 2007
    Angle vs. Joe - TNA title Lockdown 08
    Beer Money vs. MCMG - 2/3 falls from The Whole F'in Show
    Sting vs. Hogan - Bound For Glory 2011
    Roode vs. Storm - Bound For Glory 2012
    Roode vs. Aries - Destination X 2012
    Aries vs. Hardy - Bound For Glory 2012
    Hardy vs. Bully - TNA title from Lockdown 2013
    Bully vs. Styles - TNA title from Bound For Glory 2013
    Spud vs. EC3 - Hair vs. Hair from the UK Impact
    Lashley vs. Angle - TNA title from UK Impact

  19. As for the ref being handsy. I actually did notice something sort of. I thought I saw him sort of palm Sashas crotch, but I wasn't sure. They were both on the outside of the ring and she was up resting against the apron?

  20. Don't forget Sting vs Abyss, either the one where the NWA Title changed hands via DQ, or the Last Rites match that gave us (I think) the first Fire Russo chants

  21. The post about how Drake went from hardcore wrestler to NXT ref is great:

  22. The promotion telling fans to leave so Angle and Sting could have their match.

    So so dumb.

  23. Sounds like your wife is an overreacter.

    Although that raises an interesting question: since NXT and HHH have such a progressive outlook on women in wrestling, why not reach out and hire some female refs? Obviously they're not gonna be doing ref bumps in mens' matches and maybe they wouldn't even ref mens' matches because blah blah patriarchy these little wimmin can't control the men blah blah, but it seems like one of those little touches that adds a more dynamic angle to the TV presentation. I know that the WWE claims to not pay attention to the UFC and HHH/Steph swear they aren't UFC fans and are just Ronda Rousey fans, but WWE and NXT are clearly taking some cues from MMA and to my knowledge, all female UFC bouts have female refs, so...

  24. Belee_Matt!_INDEED!!!May 22, 2015 at 7:21 AM

    JAYZUS, man. Did you have this already prepared for when it happens?


  25. Exactly - while I understand why being able to improvise is important, I think "rehearsing" gets too much flak. Randy friggin' Savage used to plan out every detail of his matches.

  26. Good idea!

  27. Eh that Gauntlet for the Gold was such crap. Yeah it crowned a champion, but it's for a title that only a handful of people will ever care about. I don't think TNA really merits a "history."

  28. also I forgot to add Austin Aries winning the title from Bobby Rooode, that entire show was the last gasp of TNA - they haven't ever been able to get that hot again.

  29. How are you holding up? I was worried about you yesterday.

  30. Belee_Matt!_INDEED!!!May 22, 2015 at 7:25 AM

    Calling the spots, not calling the spots....Sasha Banks executes that shiz like a mofo.

  31. Would it make sense to have Sara Del Ray as the women's ref? Or would her being the head trainer be too close much like holding their hands through the match.

  32. That was one of the best examples of chicken salad out of chicken shit I've ever seen in wrestling.

  33. I was GOING to make this list, but you beat me to it. Hey remember that awesome Aries match with Sting on Impact? Pretty much anything with Aries post 2011 should be on there, especially the Ladder Match with Jeff Hardy.

  34. It would just have to be something like "The Best of TNA."

  35. I'm fine lol. I actually don't mind if they go under. Their roster is a shell of what it used to be and all the talent that I enjoyed watching in TNA aren't there anymore.

  36. Nah. I threw it together in about five minutes lol

  37. Yeah it was an awful match, but I put it up there for historical purposes.

  38. Belee_Matt!_INDEED!!!May 22, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    Now that's a fan.

  39. TNA had some interesting ideas, too - obvious the X division was a cool evolution of the old cruiserweight division so bigger guys could do it, Lockdown was a great idea, the Ultimate X match, the Bound for Glory series was great, the X Cup with talent from all over the world, Destination X a ppv devoted entirely to the X division, later on the Plan C where the X champ can turn the title in for a shot, and taking Women's wrestling seriously.

    There were a ton of dumb ideas, too, but that stuff was really cool

  40. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighMay 22, 2015 at 7:29 AM

    NXT results for next month are circulating if people are interested. Not in the spoiling business but to nobody's surprise. It's good tv.


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