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Comic "Events" Question

Hey Scott,

Wrote you a year and a half ago, as an adult who had never read a comicbook but had become interested in that world, basically through the MCU.  I had asked you (and the Doomers) where to start as a comicbook first timer.  The input was great...

My next question concerns comic event/crossovers.  What are your favorites?  Let's say...your Top 10.  Love to put it out there for the Blog for their input also...


​Well, most of my choices would be pretty DC-centric since that's all I read until the late 90s.  For me, Crisis on Infinite Earths is still the biggest and best, one of the few where it promised that everything would change and effects would be lasting, and it delivered.  Plus it let George Perez draw millions of heroes in super-detailed group shots over and over.  ​On the Marvel side, I'd probably go with Age of Apocalypse, which was actually my introduction to the X-Men comics in general and was a pretty entertaining series of books on their own.  I'm a sucker for alternate-reality stuff anyway.  DC's version of the same concept, Flashpoint, was a really pale imitation and pretty much represented all the worst instincts of Geoff Johns allowed to run wild.  Flash was the savior of the universe, people died violently for no reason, people turned grim and gritty all over the place, the story made no sense and built to a payoff that made even less sense, etc.  I still kind of liked it and bought the trade, but clearly the Batman spinoff was the best thing about it.  Zero Hour seemed OK at the time, but MAN did that one not age well.  The story is complete nonsense (like, literally, major events occur in the story that make no logical sense) and Dan Jurgens is the most generic writer possible.  

We'll throw this one out to the floor for further discussion.