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WWE look

We've all bitched about the staleness of WWE's set design and basic presentation at length, but I'm catching Lucha Underground for the first time and just HOW bored I am with WWE's look is thrown into sharper relief.

Let's say you, Scott Keith, are immediately put in charge of freshening up WWE's presentation. What do you do? Change the TitanTron? The hard camera location? The type of venue you book? The positions of the floor cameramen? The editing style? Varying the uniformity of crappy buttrock entrance musics? Assume nothing is off limits.

I would immediately lose all the LED boards around the Titantron and scale it back to 1997 levels, for one thing.  Less is more and it's hard to buy that someone would be distracted by entrance music when there's already 8 million distractions every second.  You can't change the hard camera because then how would guys in NXT know where to look when they're making the pin?  I would absolutely vary the size and scale of the arenas, but it's a tricky thing because USA would get pissed if WWE started running, say, Hammerstein to change things up.  Even though WWE doesn't really depend on the gate for the TV show to be profitable, the network doesn't want wacky stuff like that.  If I could, though, I would.  Run Hammerstein, run the Mall of America in tribute to Nitro, run on a beach in summer, you name it.  I'd also change the format of the shows in general, do like Russo and just blow up the script from time to time to see what happens.  That was one thing he had going on -- he never felt beholden to formatting if it meant doing something exciting.  


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