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Southpaw One Night Only

What would your opinion be if WWE did a Network special of an actual wrestling show for Southpaw Regional?

Remembering back to the original ECW One Night Stand, one of the cool aspects was many guys essentially taking a night off from regular gimmicks & throwing back to their older incarnations, separate from WWE.

I think they could do something similar with the Southpaw guys. Run it at Hammerstein or somewhere snarky enough to go along with chanting for the Southpaw characters and going along with it. Just a small 1-2 hour show as a Network thing so it doesn't mess with current continuity. It could be a really fun entertaining show, if done with the right level of dedication.

I realize this is a really slippery slope in many ways and I wouldn't want it if it means sacrificing the little videos we get, but as a one-off, would you watch it?

Oh yeah, I'd watch it, but a little goes a long way with this kind of wacky self-referential stuff. 

They really should just repackage the Bullet Club into Tex and Chad full time, though.