Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Matt's Monday Night RAW Recap - 3/30/2015

I've had a hell of a weekend.

It's not quite real to me yet. The rest of the pics and recaps are coming.

In any case, I was actually AT RAW tonight and...well, it was insane. The crowd went from nuts to batshit crazy gradually -- but when the fans lost their shit, I'm honestly surprised the show wasn't delayed. I really thought it would be by the time Seth Rollins began yelling at the crowd during The Wave.

Monday, March 30, 2015

BoD Mania II

This has nothing to do with the WWE

Roman Looks Stronger?

So, the scuttlebutt at other boards I've seen is that, ironically, they did the best job of making Roman Reigns look strong in defeat.  Having him smile at Lesnar's attacks, spit in the ring at him, beg him to bring more, etc., actually made him look like he was a fighter.  I was reminded of The Thing vs. The Champion in comic books, in that Thing is almost never the underdog but the one time he was it was more awesome for him.

Agree or disagree?

​We'll see what the followup entails, but the best analogy I've heard is that Reigns is Tommy Dreamer, who the fans resented because he was a "pretty boy" with a push forced on them.  So Heyman booked Dreamer to take hellacious beatings from Sandman, over and over, until the audience had their catharsis and no longer wanted to boo him.  Unfortunately Reigns has a host of other issues holding him back from the top spot, but the beating at WM was definitely a step in the right direction.  ​

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Well that was a pretty fun Wrestlemania eh? One thing about that particular event is that even the "bad" Wrestlemanias give you something to latch onto be it a special entrance or a particular segment. Yesterday, without the budget of having a live act sing someone out they spiced up the entrances even more than normal. Rusev's tank entrance was amazing and he's earn that sort of buildup with his work over the past year.

The matches were all good. I thought the main event was spectacular and the swerve at the end was brilliant. Brock Lesnar continues to elevate as the top babyface in the company. Seth Rollins has really earned the opportunity he got last night. I thought Roman Reigns was great in the match even though he apparently can't do anything right. I enjoyed his comeback segments and it gave the match some depth. Blood helped too and I'm glad if that's going to happen they save it for Wrestlemania.

The Rock-Rousey/McMahons segment would have been better about five minutes shorter and with Steph going down to a real armbar, but I guess there were reasons that should have happened. Only problem with the segment was by HHH bumping for Rhonda you really can't sell her as a women's wrestler down the road. As talented as the NXT workers are it would be tough to take any of them seriously against her in a worked fight because she beat up men. Better booking would have been for Steph to take the hip toss and barely escape the armbar. At least she would have actually bumped.

Other than that, enjoy the RAW after Wrestlemania. Should be very entertaining because of the fan reactions.

Also on TV:

Women's Elite Eight: UConn should kill Dayton but Tennessee-Maryland might be good.

NHL has six games with Lightning-Canadiens and Kings-Blackhawks having major playoff implications

NBA has seven games with Houston-Toronto being the best of the bunch

I think ESPN or ESPN2 has some Arena Football on late tonight

Comedy Central Roast of Justin Beiber is tonight

New Episodes of: Better Call Saul, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Bates Motel, American Dad, Two Broke Girls...tons to watch!

Try to keep it clean...but if you can't just don't be too bad.

WWE announces Network numbers, Wall Street unimpressed.


1.3 million subs for the Network, stock drops almost $3.00 as a result.  That's kind of a disastrous number, actually.  Unless Wrestlemania did about 700,000 regular PPV buys, there's not really any way to spin this as a positive.  Plus they're doing another free month in April.  I'm sure Chris Harrington will chime in shortly and I'll link there when he does, since he actually knows what he's talking about with this stuff.  

WWE Announces New Network Series


BoD Daily Update

WWE.com RAW Preview


WWE Made Last Minute Changes to the WWE Title Match?

According to PWInsider.com, and this was prior to the main event, the WWE was concerned about Reigns as the champion would be a bigger issue with the fans than having him lose his first WrestleMania main event. There was also a belief in the company that if they put the title on him too soon that it would hurt Reigns in the long run to the point that he would never be able to recover. They also reported that there was talk about last minute changes to the creative plan of the match.


Problems Between Steve Austin and WWE?

Austin was originally scheduled to attend WrestleMania last night but ended up not making it to the show and there was word going around that it was due to an issue he had with Vince McMahon, possibly about using his podcast on the Network.


Sting Update

According to Dave Meltzer, Sting told the AP that his WrestleMania match against HHH was likely his last match as a wrestler, although he would consider a match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

WWE Sets All-Time Gate Record at WrestleMania 31

The show grossed $12.6 million, surpassing the $12.3 million from WrestleMania 29.


Ring of Honor Wrestler Announces His Departure From the Company

Tommaso Ciampa announced this past Sunday on his Facebook account that he was leaving the company. Here was his message:

""Ring of Honor and I have decided to part ways. I will be finishing up my services this weekend in Texas. My eternal thanks to the fans and my entire ROH family!"


DBSM’s Live WM Report


“Live” as in “back home four hours after the show has ended”

Hey, Scott, this is BonzaiDBSM somewhat fresh from WM31. I figured I’d throw in some observations from being in the Wrestlemania crowd if you’d be so kind to post them; why listen to random Meltzer crap on the BoD Daily Update about how the crowd was when you have a top-5 BoD commentator, a BoD C-List Champion and three-time BoD fantasy sports champion right in the thick of it?

This was my fifth PPV and second Mania (the other being 21, 10 years ago), but my first stadium show. They couldn’t have picked a better day for it, it was about 70 degrees all day even the sun right on us. It also made for a cool spectacle to have most of the show drenched in sunlight WM9-style (although some entrances suffered for it), only darkening for the main event. Sounds weird to say, but I wish I had brought sunscreen for Mania. My sis bought me the ticket as a Christmas present and got me a decent middle-pavilion seat. Although I was directly facing one of the ring support pillars, they at least had the foresight to make them semi-transparent; while the action got obscured a bit at times, it could’ve been worse (I imagine it was the first few years they did it), but I hope in the future they figure out a way to not block people’s views.

WrestleMania Weekend 2015 - Day 2: WWE Axxess

(Apologies for not getting the remaining days of WM weekend out sooner. We've both been engulfed in work and life and attending this stuff, adding in the aforementioned, has left us a bit fatigued...more to come!)

Friday was a little different.

We left work and came rushing over, only to find that the gates hadn't opened yet...and there was a line, about a mile long, to get in, with that classic "zig-zag" format you see in a line at Disneyland.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sporting News: Wrestlemania 31 Shocks and Awes


The SmarK Rant for WWE Wrestlemania 31


The SmarK Rant for WWE Wrestlemania 31 – 03.29.15

Live from San Francisco, CA

Your hosts are Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler

I’m trying the live stream tonight, so hopefully it doesn’t die on me. The picture is already heavily pixelated early on, though.

Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: Closing the Show (10 p.m.-Close)

Credit to the BoD'ers that have hung in there until the end. It's been a heck of a night and there's still much left to come.

HHH goes over Sting? Are you kidding me??


Anyway let's finish this strong. Hopefully Disqus gives us a nice hour of streaming comments.

Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: The Third Hour (9-10 p.m. EST)

Well given Disqus' problems it seems silly to break down these into hourly threads but like the WWE once we commit to a failed idea at the BoD we gotta see it through.

Hopefully you are enjoying the card or the thread.

For the record my stream is awesome so far.


Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: The Second Hour (8-9 p.m. EST)

All right Blog O'Doomers, we're three threads in. Disqus apparently is going to make sure we don't break any records tonight but I appreciate the people that are sticking through the issues and completely understand those who aren't.

Once again, Reddit spoilers will be deleted and those that post them may get their wigs split!

Keep it clean!

Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: First Hour (7-8 p.m. EST)

All right we survived the pre-game so now it's time for the real show. Very quickly here are my predictions since no one asked!

-- The Bella Twins over A.J./Paige since the Bellas appear to win every week.

-- Daniel Bryan wins I-C Ladder Match by outlasting Dolph Ziggler after 20 minutes

-- Seth Rollins over Randy Orton because Seth really needs this win.

-- Undertaker over Bray Wyatt to start a new streak, don't think he'll get to 21 this time.

-- John Cena over Rusev for the U.S. Title although I don't expect this Cena title reign to last long. Rusev is the right guy for that belt.

-- Sting over HHH because HHH always won the real life battle here. No need for him to win the worked match right...Right???!?!

-- Roman Reigns over Brock Lesnar when Paul Heyman turns on his monster for the new,youngrt monster (or at least the WWE hopes).

Enjoy Wrestlemania!

Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: The Pre-Show

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Well today is the day and this is clearly the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup Finale (insert any other sports theme you like) of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. And like those events sometimes you don't get the matchup you want but you can't deny the success the name has regardless. As Gorilla Monsoon always said..."tonight history will be made."

And Wrestlemania is also quite the boom for this board as traffic levels go from above average to extremely high during the course of the week.

I don't know who will be writing reviews on the show...I know I'm not and you can all applaud for that.

Oh yeah the Pre-Show will be competing with the Duke-Gonzaga basketball game so you can all talk about that here too if you want.

I encourage discussion and would appreciate it if you kept it fairly clean.

Also, all Reddit spoilers will be deleted. Please do not spoil the show for those wanting to be surprised (This is Brian Bayless)

Bray Wyatt Injured During Preshow Warmup

According to PWInsider.com, Wyatt was warming up in the ring when he suffered what appeared to be an ankle sprain. He was then taken backstage in a cart. There are no further updates at this time but it does not appear that he will miss the show.


WWF Superstars of Wrestling May 2nd,1987

May 2, 1987

From the Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Vince McMahon

This week's featured match is Brutus Beefcake vs. Johnny Valiant. Also in action will be Randy Savage, Can-Am Connection, and Adrian Adonis. Plus, the debate between Ken Patera and Bobby Heenan and much more.

Rock cuts an uncomfortably honest promo


Countdown to WM: Wrestlemania XXX


The SmarK Rant for WWE Wrestlemania 30

Live on the WWE Network, from New Orleans, LA. I was watching on the PS3 tonight and the stream was 99% perfect, with only a couple of buffering issues and once or twice where something would repeat. Other than that, it looked HD quality, just like on PPV. For a four hour show I’m very impressed.

Your hosts are Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler

BoD Daily Update

WWE Planning Major Changes For The Diva's Division?

According to PWInsider, the WWE is going to change the way in which the divas are portrayed on TV. Reportedly, the "Give the Divas a Chance" movement opened up a lot of eyes within the company with regards to how the divas are booked. There is also a feeling that since they portray the diva characters so strongly on "Total Divas" but are not presented the same way on WWE TV, that they might lose viewers for the "Total Divas" show.


Update on Jimmy Jacobs WWE Role

Jacobs, who was speculated as being hired to work on the creative team for NXT, has now been confirmed for working on the creative team of the main roster as he will be moving to Connecticut.

Credit F4WOnline.com

Finn Balor Interview

Balor was interviewed for "Between the Ropes" and spoke about how he almost decided against joining the WWE and was presented the name "Danny Best" before deciding on Finn Balor. You can listen to the interview by clicking on the link below.

Information for Those Attending WrestleMania Today

Just thought I would post this for those going to the show today as it is a brief list of rules and policies of the stadium.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

BoD Saturday Night Thread

On tap for tonight: 

WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony starts at 7pm EST on the Network with the Red Carpet Event. 

The NCAA Men's Basketball tournament continues tonight with the "Elite Eight." Wisconsin vs. Arizona is currently underway while Notre Dame vs. Kentucky tips off at 8:49pm EST on TBS. 

Multiple games in the NBA and NHL are on tonight as well. 

Plus, check out the "Great WrestleMania Re-Book Series over at Place to be Nation as they tackle WrestleMania XXX. 

And the Bruno Sammartino shoot won the poll as that will be recapped on Thursday. 

Hideo Itami Hits GTS at NXT-WWE Live (Good quality goog angle)


Holy crap that's a huge crowd, too.

U.S. belt

With all the hoopla surrounding the I.C. and U.S. title matches at Mania and with WWE supposedly trying to bring back some prestige to each, wouldn't it be a good time to make a new U.S. belt? Its been over 10 years since WWE brought it back and its been the same belt since day one. Ive always thought the design was horrible.

Just like they did with the I.C. belt, they should bring back the classic design, from the late 80's.

Great looking belt. Nice and shiny.

I like shiny things.

You're right.  I have the perfect design.

Thunder - November 4, 1999

Date: November 4, 1999
Location: Cox Arena, San Diego, California
Attendance: 5,091
Commentators: Larry Zbyszko, Scott Hudson

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's a taped show in the Russo Era, which is the kind of thing nightmares are made of. I'm not sure anyone wants to see what's going on with this show but at least it's only two hours instead of three and there are no tournament matches in sight. Maybe it'll even make sense! Ok I got ahead of myself there. Let's get to it.

Random WM Questions


Good Morning Mr. Keith, for WM Weekend I have just some random questions while thinking about past events:

1. Michaels turned on Janetty not too long before Rumble 92, and they still feuded after their match at Rumble 93, so how come the appropriate blow-off wasn't at one of those years respective Manias?  Or is it the obvious answer of Janetty being unreliable to behave in time for the big show?

2.  Was someone planning a Papa Shango/Hogan program after WM 8 or was there a Harvey Wippleman connection that I can't remember for him coming to Sid's aid at WM8 and that was just supposed to be it?  Or was it Warrior bleeds-oil-from-hands angle the plan all along?

3. With Hogan/Andre being done with early on at the WM4, and knowing it would steal the show, why rob of us Savage/Steamboat II and go with Valentine instead?

Lastly, how do you feel as a fan of hockey, what my team, the Sabres are doing, with regards of the organization, not the players, tanking for the #1 or #2 draft pick in this years lottery?  I think its a result of the system the NHL has set up anyway, and its going to happen regardless of what team is aiming for last.  And, with all do respect, I really don't want Edmonton to win the lottery, they've wasted too many top picks.

....and fuck Arizona too!  Why is hockey even down there?

Thank you, good day, #ReignsoverGedo

1.  Yeah, Marty had some run-ins with the law and drugs, basically.  That was the general plan, however. 

2.  Warrior-Shango was the plan and that’s how they decided to set it up. 

3.  Because Vince is a petty, petty man. 

It’s hard to really say an entire organization is tanking, but they’re certainly not trying very hard.  But then look at how bad the Oilers have been since 06, and they’ve been actively TRYING.  On the other side, I had actively accepted this as a rebuild season for the Canucks, and they’ve way overachieved, so getting a big draft pick isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success.