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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Daily Network Thread - Weekend Edition - 4/19/14

The Network live stream schedule for today:

11:00 AM ET - Wrestlemania Rewind - Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XIX.
12:00 PM ET - Warrior Week, Part 1 - Warrior's Greatest Matches.
1:00 PM ET - Warrior Week, Part 2 - Wrestlemania Rewind: Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI.
2:00 PM ET - Warrior Week, Part 3 - Warrior: The Ultimate Legend.
3:00 PM ET - Warrior Week, Part 4 - Legends of Wrestlemania: Warrior.
4:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 1- Reliving John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, followed by a press conference.
5:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 2 - Reliving The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar, followed by an interview with Paul Heyman.
6:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 3 - Relive three more matches and then watch the press conference.
7:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 4 - You get the idea by now.
8:00 PM ET - Journey to Wrestlemania XXX: Daniel Bryan.
9:00 PM ET - Beyond the Ring - NWO: The Revolution.
10:00 PM ET - Legends' House - Replay of the premiere episode.
11:00 PM ET - Journey to Wrestlemania XXX: Daniel Bryan.

The live stream usually has at least one or two interesting shows, but if you haven't seen Warrior: The Ultimate Legend, then I recommend that you do. Meanwhile.....Baseball! NBA playoffs with daytime games like Brooklyn vs. Toronto and Golden State vs. the LA Clippers. The NHL playoffs continue with Chicago vs. St. Louis.

BoD Daily Update

Will Ric Flair Come Back to Manage Evolution?

As of now, there are no plans for Flair to come back to manage the trio.

Credit Bryan Alvarez, Figure Four Weekly Newsletter

WWE Referee Almost Loses His Thumb

While on tour with the company in Saudi Arabia, referee Charles Robinson sliced his thumb while helping set up the ring so badly that he nearly lost it all together. Luckily, the doctor was able to immediately stitch it back together. You can see the pictures by clicking on the link below


Kayfabe Commentaries Taking Submissions for their Next YouShoot DVD

By clicking on the link below, you can send questions to be chosen for the upcoming Shane Helms YouShoot.


King of the Ring 96

I just finished watching King of the Ring 96 on the network, and I had a thought that I hoped you could help me with.  Obviously, in hindsight, Austin was the right choice for winner, but at the time: Vader had been positioned as a monster heel and ended up main eventing Summerslam that year, Mero was being paid a pretty good sum of money, by all accounts, and Jake was on the nostalgia/comeback tour...by the time they got to the PPV, it seems like Austin was the 4th most likely to win the tournament.  How did he end up getting the nod from Vince and company?

I don't know if there was any specific reason behind Austin winning other than Vince just deciding that he was the guy that day (and really they had no plans for him at that point anyway), but I do have to call attention to Meltzer at the time doing the most spectacular undersell of a business-changing moment:

7. Austin beat Roberts in 4:28 to win King of the Ring. The storyline was that Roberts was working on badly injured ribs. Ironically it was Austin who was hurt legit as he needed 15 or 16 stitches in the tongue and mouth (done backstage at the building, not in the hospital as was said on television). Austin worked the ribs for about 3:00 and Gorilla Monsoon came in to stop the match. Roberts begged for him to let it go, which he did. At this point they got a lot of heat and Roberts made a quick comeback before being cut off. Austin got the pin with the Stone Cold Stunner and did a strong post-match interview knocking Roberts religion and drinking problems. 1/2*

​Yeah, it was a "strong post-match interview", that's for sure.  ​

Rumble World Title Matches & Tag-Team Wrestler getting title shots

Good evening Mr. Keith.  2 More Observations as I stroll randomly through shows on the Network:

Royal Rumble: Since the Rumble itself is the REAL selling point, why bother wasting a title match that has two PPV headliners itself (like Cena/Orton for example)?  What i would focus on is really stacking the deck of stars for the rumble itself and making it as best as you possibly can, maybe making the winner less predictable.  And what i would do with the title match, is using that 15-20 mins time and give it too a solid mid carder or a star on the rise and while it would be unlikely he'd win, it would be some good exposure.  I would say a good example is Bret/Razor, even though Razor was in that star-powered 92 Survivor Series tag match.  And this year, put Cena in the Rumble, let a Kofi( i know, i know, awesome close eliminations) or a Langston do their thing with Orton

Whatever happened to a solid tag-team wrestler getting a world title shot just for the fun of it? Remember Morton vs. Flair(i wish i had better examples, i know there are).  I love the Bryan vs. Authority , but it doesn't have to be involved in every single match from here to whatever ppv, eh, err, "special" that goes on, especially with B & C Shows of Smackdown and Main Event.  Give one of the Uso's a 15 minute match with Bryan, it'd sure be a worthwhile way to kill one of the dozens of matches that happen in your 4-5 week in-between PPV time without making the world title feud you got going seem overdone (which they do i think mostly).

Keep up the good work and NHL Playoff Predictions? I'm rooting for St. Louis, thinking Boston takes it all, calling Dallas the sleeper 

​I have no dog in the Stanley Cup fight this year.  As long as it's not Boston or Chicago, it's fine with me.  

The Usos are a weird case, given that Jimmy exists in an alternate universe on Total Divas that they completely ignore on the main shows, where he has a personality and character and everything.  Given how the show is insanely high rated for what it is, you'd think they would try to tie in with it and bring viewers across as much as they can.  And yet the Usos are still featured as interchangeable twins with nothing to distinguish them.  

Daniel Bryan can TOTALLY do the Flair "defend against every two-bit midcarder and make them look like gods" act and would it be great.  He used to do long defenses against Morton, Hawk, assorted Russians and Freebirds, you name it.  People say that getting a *** match out of El Gigante was a miracle but I submit MICHAEL FUCKING HAYES working a *** match with Flair was even more insane.  

But yeah, they'd got the Main Event and Smackdown which generally have nothing else going on, why not have Bryan wrestle an Uso or Damien Sandow or whatevs.  HHH can put a bounty on him!  That angle works every damn time and we know that HHH is loaded in real life and we know he loves old school shit like that, so you can have him be all "I'll give $100,000 to anyone who can beat Bryan" and you get all these guys coming out of the woodwork to step up and try to beat him.  ​

Friday, April 18, 2014



I was just watching a "Legends of Wrestling" show where the topic was overachievers and underachievers.  The panel proceeds to totally trash Lex Luger, portraying Luger as a total bust who never connected with any fan base. I mean, I never viewed Luger as a "Hogan" or "Flair" type player, but he was a solid main eventer for many years in both WCW and WWE, and I recall him being quite popular.

It seems like WWE has a revisionist history for everything. Maybe if they had given Luger a clean win over Yokozuna at SummerSlam '93 after an entire summer building him up with the whole "Lex Express" thing (rather than having him win by count-out, then celebrating like he just won the title), things could have been different for Luger during his WWE stint.

What say you?

​Vince McMahon would have sold his children into white slavery to draw the ratings that Luger was getting on top of WCW in 1997, so yes, they're very full of shit.  Luger made WCW some pretty serious coin during their hottest period and got a run with the belt by beating Hogan cleanly.  Not to mention that he did business with Flair for nearly a year straight in 1988.  Granted I've always been something of a Luger apologist, but they're clearly wrong here.  ​

The Patriot

I was watching the Raw where D-Generation X forms, and I noticed The
Patriot had a pretty big involvement in the show. Is there anyone else
who has ever been more out of place at a certain time in wrestling?
His corny voice, look, and persona screamed 80s jobber, but this guy
was challenging Bret Hart for the WWF Championship in 1997. I know he
was picked because his gimmick fit him well as a representative for
the United States, and it filled time until Bret was ready to drop the
title, but still, so terrible!

​Well, he had a pretty decent run in 1993 WCW and he was a good worker until he destroyed his arm, so I wouldn't say "80s jobber."  He was headlining indies and such before he got to the WWF, but it was really the masked thing was super-cheesy and killed it for me.  If they just brought him as "Patriot" Del Wilkes without the hood and pushed the shit out of him, I think people would have been a lot more accepting.  I can see where the idea was coming from, though.  ​

NXT - April 17, 2014

Date: April 17, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Renee Young, William Regal, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The main story at the moment is Brodus Clay wanting a piece of the NXT Title and going after Adrian Neville to get there. Other than that we're looking forward to seeing Sami Zayn get his hands on Corey Graves after Graves injured him a few weeks back. The Divas division is also getting more and more awesome so let's get to it.

Smackdown - April 18, 2014

Date: April 18, 2014
Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's the first show after a pretty uninteresting Monday Night Raw. The main story coming out of it is the reformation of Evolution, who will be feuding with Shield over the coming months. Other than that there really wasn't all that much as Daniel Bryan was on his honeymoon, leaving us with no match for him at Extreme Rules yet. Kane would be the likely candidate though. Let's get to it.

WWE Smackdown Thread

Batista vs. Sheamus is your main event tonight.

My P2B Nation Debut

Bayless inadvertently reminded me of something: I'd forgotten to hype my P2B debut piece titled "The 'Us' Movement." Pretty much the same thing I've done here. If you aren't familiar with my work, I take a specious premise about men in their underwear pretending to fight, and use more big words than necessary in the process. If you are familiar with my work...well, it's still that.

Anyway, I don't like shameless self-promotion but it is my first piece for them, so there you have it. Enjoy. Or read it and hate it. I'm not your mom, I really don't care what you do.


Sony $0.99 Flash Sale


Holy schneikes.  They're really trying to make sure I never have any desire use my Xbone any time soon.  All the original Crash and Spyro games for a buck each?  YES PLEASE.  

On a related note, I started playing the latest Ratchet game this weekend and then finished it in the same day, which was kind of disappointing for $30 but in a sense it was pretty satisfying to level my weapons all to the max within hours.  I do love me some platforming, though.  Next up on the backlog should be GOW: Ascension.  I also picked up Ninja Gaiden Sigma for super duper cheap and will probably regret attempting it, but it seems like it's worth a go.  

WWF Championship Wrestling February 8th, 1986

February 8, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon 

Tonight’s featured match is George “The Animal” Steele & Corporal Kirchner vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff. As Vince and Bruno run down the card, Steele walks by holding a bouquet of flowers.

Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Here is a sampling of written pieces and podcasts from this past week! Also, if you missed the announcement, The Steve Corino Show podcast debuts this coming week on PTBN!


Justin wished Roddy Piper a Happy Birthday by looking back at one his memorable angles: Happy Birthday Hot Rod! Remember When You Saved Virgil?

Mike Mears checks out the "Us Movement": The “Us” Movement

Roger Morrissette checks out the feud between the Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude: The Cowboy Goes to Class: Ultimate Warrior vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude Trilogy

The High Spot looks at ROH's move to PPV, Sting and more: The High Spot: Sting, ROH PPV, and the Other Top Stories of the Week

The PTBN Staff ranked Undertaker's WrestleMania matches: Ranking the Streak – The Undertaker at WrestleMania

Other Interest:

Tim Capel continues his case study of Captain America: Philosophy of the Shield: The Case for Cap – Part 2 - Philosophy of the Shield: The Case for Cap – Part 3

Todd Gessling previews the NHL Playoffs: 2014 NHL Playoff Preview


Kevin Kelly chatted about WrestleMania, Ultimate Warrior and also spoke with Steve Corino: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 7 – Featuring Steve Corino

Scott & Justin paid tribute to Ultimate Warrior's career: Place to Be Podcast Episode 305: Ultimate Warrior Tribute

The Bower Show welcomed in Jonathan Coachman: The Bower Show #13 – Jonathan Coachman Interview

The Titans of Wrestling look back at the WWF at MSG in December 1980: Titans of Wrestling #25: WWF at MSG – December 1980

The PTBN Comics Staff looks at comic books and TV: Place to Be Network: Comics Roundtable #3

ECW Hardcore TV - Episode #30 - 11/2/93

From the WWE Network Vault, it's episode #30 of Eastern Championship Wrestling.

Original air date was 11/2/93.

We kick things off backstage, where The Sandman is with Peaches, and he is getting a title shot against ECW Heavyweight Champion, Shane Douglas. He says that he has held the title before, and tonight he's taking it back.

QOTD 141: Rare finds

So I'm currently in the parking lot of a thrift shop as the lady I'm with browses through literally decades of clothes and fashions and stuff dead people wore.

As someone who was once offered Roger Ebert's wardrobe - I feel weird wearing pre-worn clothes. Who knows what kinda karma they're packing, ya know? 

But I do love pawn shops, thrift stores and yard sales for cool electronics, having found a cheap air hockey, table awesome speakers, and rare games like "Fat Chance" (don't ask). 

So what are you favorite second hand finds / deals? Ever find a rare album, game, book, or DVD? Maybe you scored a pool table for six bucks and a stick of gum? 

Old School Match of the Day



Is it just me or does it not sound like Gorilla & Bobby are calling the match directly from their seats of the Prime Time Wrestling TV set?

​Perish the thought.  ​

Russo back in TNA


Vince Russo is back in TNA doing creative.

At this point, does it really matter either way? Can he really do any more damage to the product than has been done already?

They could literally have every member of the roster commit ritual suicide on live TV while giving away a million dollars to each home viewer and then resurrect the zombie remains of Randy Savage for a match against Lou Thesz and still draw the same 1.0 they always do.  It will make zero difference either way.  

Promo of the Day

This is a great one from Randy Savage in which he runs down Hulk Hogan, hyping their WrestleMania V match.

And here is the Hogan promo that goes along with it.

Monday Nitro - November 23, 1998

Monday Nitro #164
Date: November 23, 1998
Location: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're on the road to Starrcade now with a main event of Kevin Nash challenging Goldberg for the World Title. The other main story coming out of last night was Hogan not appearing in the big battle royal for reasons that weren't explained. Other than that we didn't get the two big midcard matches we were promised because this is WCW and giving us angles instead of delivering advertised matches is a great idea. Let's get to it.

BoD Daily Update

Is Vince Russo Still With TNA?

Russo is currently on the TNA payroll as a consultant. He is currently offering ideas and critiques of the TV product. However, everything involved with the creative process goes through John Gaburick.

Credit Dave Scherer, PWInsider.com

WWE.com Article on the Kliq "Curtain Call" Incident


Reason for the Fandango/Summer Rae Spilt

The reason the split occured is because Summer is out filming the "Marine 4" and they needed a reason to explain her absence.  She is scheduled to come back as a singles heel.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Bad Influence Update

Both Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian have started to take independent bookings, with Daniels taking bookings for promotions that release TV, iPPV's, and DVD's, which is not allowed when you are under a TNA contract. Daniels' TNA contract will expire next week and Kazarian's will expire in May.

Credit Dave Meltzer, F4WOnline.com

Daily Network Thread - 4/18/14

The Network live stream schedule for today:

9:00 AM ET - RAW Flashback - 12/12/93 - Bret Hart vs. The Brooklyn Brawler; Randy Savage vs. Headshrinker Fatu.
10:00 AM ET - RAW Flashback - 12/19/93 - Tatanka vs. Ludvig Borga.
11:00 AM ET - Beyond the Ring - The John Cena Experience.
1:00 PM ET - WCW Spring Stampede '97 - 4/5/97 - Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage in a No DQ Match.
4:00 PM ET - WCCW - 3/20/83 - David Von Erich vs. Buddy Roberts.
5:00 PM ET - WCCW - 4/11/83 - Kevin Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy for the American Heavyweight title.
6:00 PM ET - WCCW - 4/14/83 - David Von Erich and Iceman King Parsons vs. Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts; Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Garvin.
7:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 4 - Recapping the best matches and exclusive press conferences from WM XXX.
8:00 PM ET - Legends of Wrestling - 9/30/06 - The very first episode; the careers of Roddy Piper and Terry Funk.
9:00 PM ET - Old School - 10/19/86 - From Houston - Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff for the WWF Championship; Davey Boy Smith vs. The Iron Sheik.
10:00 PM ET - Warrior Week continues - The final installment of this four night look back at The Ultimate Warrior.
11:00 PM ET - Legends of Wrestling - 9/30/06 - The very first episode; the careers of Roddy Piper and Terry Funk.

If you didn't catch it when it aired on the live stream last night, go to Originals>Original Specials and watch Warrior: The Ultimate Legend. A few pieces from the new Warrior DVD, but the more captivating stuff was added in after news of his passing. We get the Warrior story from the beginning, including some old footage of he and Sting as The Blade Runners, and Sting himself makes a talking head appearance in more than one segment. This was a heartfelt tribute to Warrior, almost as if WWE had publicly apologized for the Self-Destruction DVD. Very well done.