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Who Was Behind Lana's Babyface Turn?

Vince McMahon was the driving force behind Lana's face turn, believing that she was "too hot and blonde to be a heel," which is why they put her with Dolph Ziggler.

Update on Wyatt Family Reunion Rumors

Despite rumblings that the Wyatt Family would be reunited, along with Bo Dallas added to the group, the plans were scrapped last weekend.

WWE Talent Returning to Action at This Weekend's House Shows

Big Show, Brad Maddox, and Layla all returned to action at this past Saturday at the house show in Utica, NY

Former WWE Writer Kevin Eck Blogs About the Daniel Bryan/AJ Lee Storyline

Quick question...


Top three face TITLE REIGNS of all time?

​1.  Bruno
2.  Hulk
3.  A tie for everyone else ever.  

Well that was tough.  ​

Gobbledy gooker


Was what we got really the idea they originally wanted? Like THAT was planned out? As a kid I totally thought it was going to be the million dollar man's mystery partner. Which would have been funny to see taker come out of the egg.

​Yes, that was really what they wanted.  They thought a Thanksgiving mascot was legitimately going to be this huge hit with kids, but of course the problem was that it was hyped like a wrestler debuting and expectations were raised too high in the wrong direction.  I think if they had just been like "And oh yeah, we'll debut our stupid dancing turkey, yee haw" then people might have panned it but then immediately forgotten it and moved on.  It was really the egg that sunk it and turned into the legendary bomb it was.  ​

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WWF Wrestling Challenge June 21st, 1987

June 21, 1987

From the War Memorial in Rochester, NY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the Islanders, Honky Tonk Man, Ken Patera, Koko B. Ware, and Demolition

Barber Heel Turn?



Hulk Hogan feuded with Mr. Perfect in late '89-early '90. At the same time, I remember an angle run on TV where Brutus Beefcake had a run in with "The Model" Rick Martel
, cutting up his clothes that he had been modelling, kick off a feud between those two. Then it seemed that it was abruptly changed, when Beefcake had a run in with Mr. Perfect at the Royal Rumble, totally no-selling the run in he had with Martel a couple weeks before. 

It seems to me that Beefcake was being put in a feud with a guy who was a hot heel at the time, with the heat from the Hogan-Perfect feud now being transferred to Beefcake-Perfect. Then Beefcake gets into the career-defining accident, cutting everything off. 

Given that Hogan got his feud with Beefcake at Starrcade '94, do you think that Beefcake was being groomed as yet another "Hogan friend turned enemy" run, if he had not gotten into the accident?

​I doubt it.  Beefcake already had his run with Hulk in 85 and didn't do any business, so I don't see them bothering with another try in 91. Clearly Beefcake was someone who the fans wouldn't buy as a heel anyway, as WCW discovered many times.  Plus you would think Beefcake would have been smart enough to know that his bread was clearly buttered on the Hulk side.  Although try clearly missed an opportunity by not having him ever betray Hulk so that we could someone crying 'ET TU, BRUTI?' in the context of a ​wrestling angle.  

Rev Rock


As if The Rock wasn't already on the Mount Rushmore of Pure Awesomeness.

I don't think there is any argument that Rock is the greatest choice to officiate a wedding.  But which 3 wrestling personalities would you think would be the next best options?

My list:
  1. Macho Man - The guests wouldn't understand him, but he would raise his voice at just the right times
  2. Bobby Heenan - Just for the option to cut down every crazy member of the family
  3. Ric Flair - While he'd be looking WAY too closely at the bride, I think ultimately he'd do the right thing and go through with the ceremony.

Dead last would be Shawn Michaels, who would actually go through with what Ric Flair is thinking. 

​I think Bobby would be better suited to hosting the wedding or giving the best man speech.  Really I doubt anyone is going to top the Rock in this kind of battle.  I would definitely allow the Reverend Slick to officiate my wedding.  ​

Hennig and Harts vs Demos

Was the plan for Hennig to always turn face in '92 and feud with Flair? If warrior hadn't left how would they have gotten to that point?

Explain this to me. The Harts win the tag title from demolition in a 2 out of 3 falls match where one fall they won by DQ. On an episode of Saturday nights main event the British bulldogs defeat the Harts in a 2 out of 3 falls match with one fall being one by dq yet they are not awarded the titles because titles can't change on a dq. So, like, what the hell happened?

​Man, Sundays.  Not even anything on TV now that I subscribe again.  But lucky for everyone else, I get ROH on some random ABC station at 2AM that I can DVR, as well as NJPW on AXS, so get ready for the HOT FIRE, as JTG puts it in his book.  

Anyway, no, the Hennig thing was as desperation last-minute as you can get.  There was no plans for him to turn or even come back to wrestling leading up to it, as far as I'm aware.

As for the second one, that's always bugged me as well, just like the rules of the cage matches in WWE seem to change depending on the needs of the storyline.  ​

BoD Sunday Thread

To distract you from all the TNA posts.

50 Forgotten WCW Stars


There's no real narrative to this list aside from "Here are people that existed" so I'm kind of unsure on the point, but there ya go.  


I know everyone loves bashing TNA, but let's not be blind and stupid here.
Think about this; ECW is beloved by most fans and it ran less than 8 years from August 94 through March 2001. ECW produced ONE 5-star match by your account, and the only guy who came straight out of ECW to find major WWE success was RVD. Everyone else used ECW as a stepping stone (Austin, Foley) or a place to recharge (Sid, Rude). Based on talent, quality, probably overall money made while in business, and longevity, shouldn't we remember TNA as being better than ECW?
TNA had over a decade of amazing matches. Their talent level was NEVER the issue. Starting from Day 1, the X-Division was fresh and different and was near 4-star match every week. The Cruiserweight/Extreme style had been seen in a while. Guys like AJ, Daniels, Lynn, Low-Ki, Petey Williams, Doug Williams, etc. busting their asses. The Tag team division also was always quality especially compared to WWE over that period. XXX, AMW, Team Canada, the Naturals, and then eventually the Dudleys, LAX, Beer Money, MCMG.  They even created fun gimmick matches and didn't water them down like WWE. Lockdown was a great idea. 6-sided ring, made them unique. Ultimate X, Monster's Ball, and King of the Mountain were original match concepts that worked. Sure they took on WWE wrestlers (Christian, Angle, Dudleys, Jeff Hardy, etc) but doesn't WWE do the exact same thing (Hello, Samoa Joe, Sting, etc.) I can list 3 DVDs worth of great matches right now and I wasn't even watching regularly! They released a Best of Samoa Joe in TNA DVD and Ultimate Matches set which covered their gimmick matches. Mostly great stuff and those were from 2005-6.
I guess my general question is: Once we get past the bashing of TNA's booking debacles and money issues can we give them any credits as a 13 year wrestling promotion?
Here's my counter:  ECW survived as the third promotion during a period when the two other companies were doing the biggest business in history and crushing all the competition, and people still chant its name at shows today.  TNA was handed a captive audience of millions of lost WCW fans, and even using all their leftovers still managed to completely alienate even that group of fans to the point where no one even talks about them today.  ​

WCW Conspiracy Theory

We've all heard every theory for the collapse of WCW from the finger poke of doom to the AOL/Time Warner merger. But what if it was an inside job? By none other than Hanoi Jane herself?

Hear me out. Jane marries Billionaire Ted in 1991. The same year WCW became WCW, right? she divorces him in 2001, the same year WCW goes under. Coincidence?


But who was she working for? Crockett, perhaps? Another jealous NWA honcho? JIM HERD?!?!? Let's not forget WCW also ran shows in N Korea. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

How have we not seen this before? If I were a betting man, I'd even wager it was her own voice on those WWF skits in 96. That's probably when she recruited Razor and Diesel! Whoa, And that just came to me! IT GETS DEEPER AND DEEPER!!!!


​I feel like I've already thought about too much as it is.  Don't you think I've been considering that very theory in my mind over and over since the company died?  Don't you think we ALL haven't thought about the Jane Fonda Theory at some point while wondering what went wrong?  But then that's when they turn on the chip in your brain and you get shocked for asking the wrong questions.  Not worth it.  Gotta finish.  They're coming right now.  #WAKEUPSHEEPLE #THANKSOBAMA

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TNA, What now?

Well Scott, seeing as how TNA is more or less the walking dead at this moment, my question is what do you think happens to most of the talent now?  Who could break out in any way?  I believe that James Storm, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode are safe and will make a fortune in the indies and Japan, Kurt and Ken Kennedy are persona-non-grata in WWE for more reasons than I can think of, Matt and Jeff Hardy may squeak in somehow if they change their act, EC3 and Bram could be brought back to NXT because they're both young and have matured in the ring, but I doubt that Eric Young, Jesse Goderz, Homicide, or Abyss will get any attention from the WWE.  Who looks more promising to you in making it in this business?

I think they'd probably bring EC3 back unless he's completely burned all his bridges.  Bram got nailed on a DUI so I doubt they'll bother with him.  I can see the Hardyz coming back for a Royal Rumble appearance or two or RAW Retro deal where we get to hear about how great the Attitude Era was yet again.  I think Aries could probably make a fortune in Japan, as you noted.  He's pretty much perfect for the Bullet Club and he's exactly the kind of guy they love.  The rest are gonna have to be Indy 4 Life, I'm pretty sure, unless they get deals with whatever GFW ends up being.  

Where does TNA go from here?

Okay, so by the beginning of October, TNA will no longer have TV in the U.S.

But they'll still have international distribution deals that they need to fulfill, right?

So will they keep taping and airing TV for international markets and show Impact online like they did after they got the boot from FSR?
Or, if TNA really does go out of business, can the international TV networks sue them for not delivering a promised product?


I think by that point getting sued for non-delivery would be the least of their worries.  Not being a legal type, however, I have no idea how their deals would work or how long that TNA would keep foolishly clinging to life.  I mean, I guess in theory they could keep making TV shows, but Destination America is footing most of the bill at this point so I don't even know if they have the cash to produce their own product.  

Daily Thread of Stuff

Well, I un-cut the cord today because it's actually cheaper to get three months of Sasktel TV service on promo than it is just to have internet.  So discuss this and other stuff going on this afternoon!  Go sports?  I dunno, whatever, Brian is better at this shit.  

Reading an old Observer

Reading the March 30, 1998 Observer, and two things struck me. I was curious what you'd think.
"In the 4/27 battle with Raw in Hampton and Nitro in Norfolk, WWF has sold 5,910 tickets for $102,000 or about 80% of the building while Nitro is already sold out at 9,000 tickets and $164,000."
This, of course, was the famous DX Invasion. When I've seen the WWE's side of the story, Nitro was supposedly papered to all heck, but according to this, the Nitro show (during the peak of WCW's business) was sold out in a bigger building with a bigger gate, faster than the WWF show cross-town. So who's right here? Is the WWE lying today, or did Meltzer get ba
info back then?
Given that Nitro was at its hottest point then, it's pretty clearly WWE lying.  In fact WCW used to err on the side of going too small with the arenas for a while when they could have sold out bigger ones.  But that was the propaganda line from Vince -- they paper their shows, we don't.  

"Kevin "Nailz" Wacholz, the original Latrell Sprewell, is expected to join the NWO and get a big push."
Nailz was supposed to get a WCW job? What happened? Do you remember this? This seems out of the blue, as this would have been seven years after choking McMahon and four years after the steroid trials. In retrospect, this would have been a bigger disaster than Warrior in WCW, right?
​But what would they have named him?  Nutz?  Boltz?  ​

Newsday story: Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus considered MMA but is happy she joined Lita as 'Team Bestie' instead


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WWF Superstars of Wrestling June 20th, 1987

June 20, 1987

From the Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, NY

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be the Can-Am Connection, George Steele, Killer Khan, and the featured match between the Killer Bees and the Hart Foundation

History of the Jobber


Hi Scott,

I just read on Wiki that essentially Johnny Rodz was basically the first jobber in History. How accurate is that? What is the history of Jobbers?

Happy Memorial Day or Whatever it is you freaky peace-nik Cannucks celebrate.

​We throw rocks at veterans because we're Bizarroland.  

I guess it depends how you define a jobber, but there certainly were guys who were basically tomato cans even in the Goldust Trio era.  It's a tough designation because there was no TV and so there was little need for squash matches.  I'll tweet the question to Karl Stern, because that's the kind of thing he'd probably love to cover on his show.  ​

Tammy Sytch

She is whore, no?

​y sunny do porn?

I mean, I thought that getting traded to Ahmed Johnson for a bag of coke or doing Skype phone sex calls for internet nerds was as low as someone could sink​, but here we are.  

Slammiversary 2014

Since it's Memorial Day, Destination America has decided to not air a new Impact Wrestling tonight and is airing a completely out of context pay per view from eleven months ago.  As confusing as this might be, I'm not sure why this hasn't been done before, at least in an edited version.

Slammiversary 2014
Date: June 15, 2014
Location: College Park Center, Arlington, Texas
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Time for another TNA pay per view which at least has been good in the last few years. The show has had some decent build, but due to a combination of injuries and TNA's horrific marketing skills, the World Title match has been changed and there was no mention of the X Division Title match on television. The show does look good on paper though and we get the newest Hall of Fame announcement. Let's get to it.

BoD Evening Thread

Talk about everything going on tonight here.

And, vote in this week's shoot interview poll by clicking on the link below

Ditzy Dixie strikes again


> This whole thing is getting funnier by the day

Well in all fairness... Eh, I got nothing. 

Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks has turned into an incredible performer, and I adore watching her work. But her entrance music is complete garbage, yes?

You shut your filthy hooker mouth!  Charlotte's music is the worst, and I will not tolerate disrespect of the Boss.  

BoD Daily Update

Not much at all in terms of wrestling news for today but here are links to some sales going on this weekend:

RF Video has a 25% off sale that runs through Tuesday at noon

Highspots has a 50% off sale on all "Kevin Steen Show" DVD's that runs through Memorial Day

Pro Wrestling Tees has a 20% off all Steve Austin Merchandise

And head on over to Place to be Nation to check out the "Main Event" podcast as they review WWE Payback, NXT Unstoppable, and some TNA. Click on the link below to listen.

Refs Calling NXT Matches


Maybe this is already a known thing, but it seemed to me that the Sasha v Becky match was being called in large part by the ref, and presumably further called by Triple H into his earpiece. Is that what you think happened?

Either way, it seemed like he was communicating to them the next spot to go to and I never really saw Sasha or Becky calling them. It was a fantastic match, and I guess I never considered how hands on Triple H could be during a live match. It was cool. If true, anyhow.

Sidenote: my wife was watching for the first time and thought the ref was getting a little too grabby trying to break holds. Guess I never thought of that for men's matches.

​Given how super-rehearsed most of the matches are now and the fact that it's developmental people on a live show, I would be shocked if it wasn't the ref passing signals to them.  No one's expecting anyone to be a ring general after a year in the business, so it's fine.  ​

TNA rise and fall dvd matches

Hey Scott,

Thought this might be a good discussion for the blog. With the news of DA (allegedly) canceling impact, there must be a dvd in the near future from WWE about this ala ECW and WCW, right?

Aside from the standard documentary  , which matches would be included on the set? Aside from the Unbreakable three-way, and maybe a match from the first show, has TNA had any (allegedly) historic matches of any kind?


​Woof, good question.  Maybe an Ultimate X match of some kind?  Probably I'd go with a few representative matches to showcase the different styles of stuff they did (Full Metal Mayhem, Ultimate X, that other thing with the cage and the weapons) rather than trying to highlight specific things from their history.  Probably the Joe v. Angle matches would be the most historic, or something like Randy Savage's last match, I guess.  

Any better guesses?  ​

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–07.08.96


The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 07.08.96

I’m skipping the BATB redo because RAW is already getting added a rate where I’m falling behind anyway. I’m strongly considering just motoring through one show or the other to finish off 1996 rather than alternating, which would probably make me lean towards RAW because it’s faster.

Live from Orlando, FL, at the Disney Studios outdoors. Now THIS is exactly what RAW is lacking. The arena looks and feels like nothing else they had done to that point, like something FRESH.

Your hosts are Tony & Larry.