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Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Welcome to autumn/spring (depending on your hemisphere), or as we Floridians call it...summer.

Another rip-roaring Network special last night that featured one of the shittiest streams I've ever encountered on the Network. Still it wasn't a bad show. It wasn't great either. This is going to be a theme for these shows because there's enough good workers for some things to work in every show.

The Good:

Sheamus-Cesaro was great. I mean the crowd wasn't feeling them at start but you let two guys beat the crap out of each other for 12 minutes and the people were rocking. I liked the story of Cesaro throwing everything at Sheamus and the fella asking for more. It gives the program a nice building point as Cesaro will have to figure out that brute strength alone won't win.

Stardust. I'm a fan. People are fans. Heeling them will just make them more popular.

Ambrose-Rollins brawl. It worked, Ambrose has already moved into that Daniel Bryan spot but he might be a better fit for it because he embraces the challenge. Whereas Bryan was being booked to pander to the masses from time to time, Ambrose is just walking into the storm without a raincoat and fighting everyone. These things always work.

The Bad:

The Main Event was all right but I was promised a balls-to-the-wall brawl and got a screwjob finish instead. I'm not mad about the story development, I just wanted more actor from the combatants.

Divas. Don't care

Miz as champion. Don't mind the gimmick but wish Sandow would have gotten it instead.

The Ugly:

All this Henry-Rusev hype for that POS match? Henry is at his best when guys are bumping for him and making him look like a monster. Rusev is on the elevator to the top so he's not going to look strong if he's always bumping so it wasn't a good idea from the beginning. Should have extended the Swagger program instead. People were behind it. A different finish at Summerslam and we would have something.

That's me.

As for TV tonight:

Monday Night Football (Jets & Bears, oh my)

Season/Series Premier hysteria

Gotham, Big Bang Theory, Scorpion, Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist and my personal favorite Celebrity Name Game.

But Gotham and MNF...yeah Raw is screwed tonight.

Come out swinging... but keep it clean!

Best Matches

Hey Scott,
Lightning round
What are the best Singles' matches you can think of for the following guys, some of the best B+ players of the 80s and 90s? (Let's limit it to North America)
Tito Santana
Rick Martel
Dynamite Kid
Greg Valentine
Big Bossman
Ted Dibiase (Sr.)
Dustin Rhodes
Shane Douglas
Paul Orndorff
Jeff Jarrett

Tito:  IC title match against Hennig on SNME.
Martel:  AWA World title match against Stan Hansen, maybe?
Kid:  The match with Tiger Mask, duh.
Valentine:  I know he's had some really good ones with Flair, but for ones I've seen the cage match with Tito.
Bossman:  The cage match with Hogan.
Dibiase:  Probably the famous one against Dr. Death from Mid South.
Dustin:  That match he had with Vader on the Clash?
Douglas:  His stirring victory over Shawn Michaels at IYH3.
Orndorff:  He had some really good ones with Steamboat near the end, I'll go with one of them.
Jarrett:  The Shawn match at IYH2 where he dropped the IC title.

September Classics: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Ground Zero 9/7/97

This match received top billing over a WWF Championship match. The first major meeting between two of the top stars of all time. The match may end in a schmozz, but how they got there is the story. This would set up the first-ever Hell in a Cell match the next month. The video is in two parts, so click the Read More link to get the second half.


BoD Daily Update

176 comments RAW Preview

TNA Talent Contract Updates

Kurt Angle's TNA contract expired yesterday and the contracts for Austin Aries and Gail Kim are expiring very shortly.

Prince Devitt to Wrestle as Part of a Tag Team in NXT?

Right now, there are rumors that Devitt will be forming a tag team in NXT, with Sami Zayn and Kevin Steen as the choices for his partner.


Another Wrestler Portraying the Bunny on WWE TV?

Justin Gabriel has also been playing the Bunny, along with Sami Zayn

Credit Dave Meltzer,

Regarding Sting

If they do bring Sting into the WWE, even if it's for a single one time match, how do they do it? 

The simplest way would be to just do a tag team match with Sting/Bryan Danials vs Flair/HHH as they can play on the history between Flair and Sting, hide Sting's ring rust via a tag match scenario, and moreso, have his arrival mean something big as far as Bryan thinking outside the box and purposely recruiting Sting as a partner to go against Flair and HHH as far as far as hitting them with a mystery partner who HHH can not bully or threaten or extort (and who would know Flair like an open book to counter).

Jesse Baker

​That's the simplest way?

I was thinking more that they announce him for the Hall of Fame and someone (let's just say...Moe?) gets all upset that he's never even had a WWE match before, and ​challenges him to said match at the Wrestlemania.  

Cosmic Key


The Dust Brothers can relax. I found the Cosmic Key:

​Well I think we can all sleep better now.

Sporting News: WWE Night of Champions 2014 Results


Sunday, September 21, 2014

The SmarK Rant for WWE Night of Champions 2014


The SmarK Rant for WWE Night of Champions 2014

Live from Nashville, TN

Your hosts are Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler

Muraco's Monday Morning Matches of the Week (9/22/14)

Another Monday morning, another week of killer matches to catch up on. This week in particular provided a couple classics. These will not be forgotten come December when folks are putting a list together of the best stuff of the year.

ROH: AJ Styles vs. Kyle O'Reilly - [Taped 8/22/14, Aired 9/13/14]
ROH: Young Bucks vs. The Briscoe Brothers
- [Taped 8/22/14, Aired 9/13/14]

Couldn't find this on YouTube or DailyMotion. Had to go to the RuTube for this one. This is the AJ Styles that we weren't sure we would ever see again after the TNA debacle. Simply put, this is the best match on U.S. soil this year. It doesn't stop there however, this is a 2 match edition of ROH television and the second match is a mind blower as well. Easily the best hour of professional wrestling this country has produced this year.


NJPW: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Katsuyori Shibata - [9/21/14]

BoD Night of Champions Live Thread

Here is the card:

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE Title

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Sheamus vs. Cesaro for the U.S. Title

Dolph Ziggler vs. Miz for the Intercontinental Title

Usos vs. Goldust & Stardust for the Tag Team Titles

Paige vs. Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee for the Diva's Title

Mark Henry vs. Rusev

????? vs. Seth Rollins (The Big Show was Rollins' surprise opponent at last night's house show so it might end up being him)

Also, click inside and hit refresh for up to the minute match results and analysis that will be on top of the page.

2014 NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS Live Chat Thread

Here we go!  Your card:

* WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena
* Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz
* United States Championship: Sheamus vs. Cesaro
* Tag Team Championships: The Usos vs. The Brotherhood
* Divas Championship: Paige vs. AJ vs. Nikki


Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns
Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
Mark Henry vs. Rusev

Okay, folks -- swing away all you want, but keep it clean as always!

BoD Night of Champions

This has nothing to do with the WWE

Waiting for the Trade - Iron Man


Waiting for the Trade

Iron Man: Iron Monger
by Denny O’Neil (and five artists)
collects Iron Man 193-200

Why I Bought This: I always loved Iron Man 200 and thought it would be worth owning the entire Iron Man/Iron Monger saga in trade.

The Plot: Tony Stark lost everything due to alcoholism including his company (to Obidiah Stane) and his superhero identity (which he handed off to James Rhodes). Now having recovered from alcoholism he starts putting his life back together.

 (Spoilers below)

Surprisingly Good Match of the Day - Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine - MSG 10/20/86

I was just watching this episode of Old School on the Network. It was a televised MSG show from 10/20/86. This was the best match on the show, and I would rate this somewhere around ***1/2, if only for the weak ending. I just wanted to share with you, the BoD Universe.....since I care and all.

Davey Boy Smith vs. Greg Valentine by Stinger1981

BoD Sunday NFL Thread

Here are my picks for this week. I am a pathetic 2-8 for the season so make sure to pick the opposite of what I do as there is an 80% chance you could win something this week:

Philadelphia -4 vs. Washington
Baltimore -2 at Cleveland
Cincinnati -7 vs. Tennessee
Arizona +3 vs. San Francisco
New England -14 vs. Oakland

John Cena's Hardest-fought Victories - WWE Top 10


I feel like we're being trolled a little bit here, but the #1 was indeed a hell of a match.  I feel like Umaga should have been higher.  And isn't there a pretty obvious omission from 2012?  Or is that omitted due to blood, I wonder?

Is it time for WWE to bring back the jobbers/enhancement talent?

Just wanted your thoughts on this.  Do you think it's time to bring back the jobbers/enhancement talent?  One of my issues with RAW  and PPV's is how stale a lot of the matches have become.  And they are stale cause they have no choice but to do rematch after rematch due to the 3 hours they have to fill Mondays, not to mention Smackdown and the Main Event.  Take Summerslam for instance.  Since that show, we have gotten 5 rematches on RAW since(Bray/Jericho, Reigns/Ortons next week makes 5).  Now, I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but bringing back the jobbers can keep the main matches fresh cause it allows you to keep the two guys feuding, separate.  It also allows each guy in the feud to look strong rather than the stupid 50/50 booking they always do.  Instead of their usual 'guy beats the champion to earn a title shot', they can have them squash jobbers instead and look like a killer.  It will also get the midcard over.  Look at recent
 history and look what squashing jobbers did for Ryback early on in his career.  It elevated him to the main event.  You don't watch TNA anymore but that same idea got Ethan Carter over too.  I'm not saying the whole show should be these matches, but wouldn't this be a good way to get more people over?

​Of course, and I've been advocating this idea for years.  Problem is that USA controls a lot of the creative content on RAW and I guarantee that doing any more than one squash per show would cause someone to flip out.  Although it's not like they're making any better use of the three hours as it is.  But for example, but we get squash matches on NXT all the time and it's fine.  No reason they couldn't do the same on Main Event and Superstars as well, like they did in the Jakked/Velocity days.  Give some indy guys exposure​, fill time more easily with something other than recaps, etc.  

WM 31 travel packages

Hey Scott,


An issue which I've seen coming up several times on the web, but still no answer from WWE.

We're almost in October now, and still no news regarding travel packages for WM 31. I've tried to contact them, and I've heard of people trying to contact them as well, but they're suspiciously quiet on the subject.


I know the travel packages usually go on sale 'round summertime, which makes it even weirder.


I was wondering if you had any inside information on the subject or heard any rumour about no travel packages this year?

​I could barely even tell you where Wrestlemania is going to be this year.​

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–10.16.95


The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 10.16.95

Live from somewhere not mentioned, but it’s LIVE.

Your hosts are Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan & Mongo

I feel like we need a petition to get them to add the damn 09/25 show to the archives already. 

Two quick questions

Hi Scott,

blah, blah, big fan, blah, blah....

Two questions are:

1) What is the highest star rating you've given to a Jake Roberts match (that wasn't Royal Rumble 92)?

2) What is your favourite match that ended with a disqualification?



​1.  Pretty sure I had all the matches he had with Randy Savage in the ***1/2 range.  Either that or one of the Ricky Steamboat series would be the highest.

2.  Shawn v. Mankind, of course.​

The Beer & Coffee Rant for NJPW’s “Road To Destruction 2014: Kōrakuen Night 2” (9/15/14)

The Beer & Coffee Rant for NJPW’s “Road To Destruction 2014: Kōrakuen (Night 2)”
Live from Tokyo, Japan – 9/15/14

[ Click HERE to see the show in it's entirety without spoilers ]

With the final NJPW pay-per-view of the Ustream era coming on the air in a couple hours, here goes the most recent Kōrakuen show leading up to it. There’s also another NJPW show that aired after this one (available HERE), once again with no commentary, just crowd noise and ring mics. Of course, with no commentary, I had no idea what was going on, so you may have to fill in the blanks for me.

Also quick note, if you didn’t check out last night’s Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero mask vs. mask match, don’t sleep on it. Believe the hype, it was an incredible way to spend a late Friday night. Plus, the ROH show with Styles vs. O’Reilly, and Bucks vs. Briscoes is the single best hour of U.S. wrestling you’ll find on TV this year. Again, don’t sleep on that one; proof that these wacky North Americans can do this wrestling shit as well as anybody in the world. Ok, moving on now……

Taichi & El Desperado vs. Yohei Komatsu & Maximo

Ring of Honor: Revenge on the Prophecy January 11th, 2003

January 11, 2003

From West Mifflin, PA

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Levy

BoD Saturday Night Thread

On tap for tonight:

MLB Action
College Football, highlighted by #1 Florida St. against #22 Clemson
New Japan Wrestling Destruction in Kobe show

Also, the Jim Neidhart shoot won the poll  with 37% of the vote. Disc One will be reviewed on Thursday.

WWE: Roman Reigns out of Night of Champions after emergency hernia surgery

Reigns out of Night of Champions.  Good thing they have all those other top guys... 

Roman Reigns Undergoes Emergency Surgery, Likely Out Of Night Of Champions


It's on  Apparently he had something called an incarcerated hernia.  No word on how long he's out for.




Long time reader, blah, blah, blah…I was re-watching the footage from Hogan's in ring heel turn and was wondering – did Bobby Heenan get any heat for basically giving away the turn?...I realize it was only seconds before it happened, but still…always been curious.


Thanks and keep up the good work,


Rich P.

​The Observer certainly doesn't say anything about it at the time, but you'll notice it's edited out of all the WWE's airings of the angle.  So I dunno.​

Supercard Update: The People's Challenge

Hey Scott, you still into Supercard?  They just updated the app with a new feature called the People's Challenge.  Basically your wins are for one of two guys (Cena vs Brock in this case), and whichever superstar comes out with the most "wins" is declared the winner.  AMAZING rewards for someone willing to spam their life away for the next three days.

Also, if you haven't played in a while, you'll probably find some new cards in your deck, as the last update contained rewards for certain levels of gameplay.

(Record: 1000-77)

​Yeah, I played the People's Challenge thing a bit, but really this game is just robbing me of valuable time that I could be playing Simpsons and Family Guy.  The raiding in Tapped Out is one of the most fun events they've ever come up with.  ​

Blown spots

Scott - what's a major match that you can think of that has the most blown spots?

I just watched Rey vs Eddie Guerrero from SummerSlam 2005 on the network and holy cow do they mess up a lot of you have Vickie missing her run-in and Eddie throwing a huge tantrum mid match.


​Sabu v. Sandman from one of the ECW PPVs has to hold the record.  ​

Thunder - April 29, 1999

Date: April 29, 1999
Location: Bryce Jordan Center, State College, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The question coming out of Monday is will anything that happens tonight actually mean anything. Nitro saw two World Title changes resulting in Diamond Dallas Page winning and losing the title on the same show. We're still on the way to Slamboree with Nash vs. Page for the title and Flair vs. Piper (both of whom may be fired) for control of the company. Let's get to it.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro–10.09.95


The SmarK Rant for WCW Monday Nitro – 10.09.95

Still no 09/25 episode on demand yet, but I’ll keep you updated!

Live from Chicago, IL

Your hosts are Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan & Mongo

Smackdown - September 19, 2014

Date: September 19, 2014
Location: Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, Mississippi
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's the go home show for Night of Champions and since this is Friday, we're not likely to see Cena or Lesnar, meaning nothing important is going to happen tonight. WWE has done a very bad job building up everything other than the main event for Sunday and it really shows when Cena and Lesnar aren't on the show. Let's get to it.

BoD Friday Night Thread


Waiting for the Trade Dr Doom vs the Avengers


Waiting for the Trade

Emperor Doom
by David Michelinie and Bob Hall

Why I Bought This: So this is an original graphic novel from the 80s that I had never seen or even heard of until about a year ago when something on the Internet referenced it and I was like that sounds interesting. I eventually tracked it down on Amazon in fair condition for $15.

The Plot: Dr. Doom successfully conquers the world by releasing a mind control contaminant into the atmosphere. Wonder Man, who is made of living energy and doesn’t breathe, proves to be immune. He has to find a way to get through his Avengers teammates and save the day.

Spoilers below:

WWF Wrestling Challenge October 26th, 1986

October 26, 1986

From the War Memorial in Rochester, NY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight are Don Muraco & Bob Orton, Hillbilly Jim, Butch Reed, and Kamala. Plus, the "Snake Pit" with guest The Honkytonk Man.



Scott, Here is a great article on the XFL. I thought this might be a good read for the blog as NFL season is in full swing. The XFL is also a perverse look into the mind of Vince McMahon and how he operates. Although most think XFL was doomed from the start I actually thought it was a good idea and worth trying. Had they stuck it out a few more years they may have had access to a few very controversial college stars, namely Maurice Clarett, Mike Williams, and Marcus Vick. Check it out. 

White Thunder

Maybe Vince should buy the rights to the NFL Blitz game engine and produce an XFL game to celebrate the nostalgia for the league?  

September Classics: Chris Jericho vs. Eddy Guerrero - WCW Fall Brawl '97

The opener for Fall Brawl '97 is a very good match. Jericho comes in as the Cruiserweight Champion. Eddy comes in looking like a total slimeball, which is my personal favorite incarnation of Eddy.

46. 97-09-14 Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho... by puropwgwwestuff

Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend everyone. Enjoy this sample of pieces from the week that was at PTBN!

All Round Three matchups in the PTBN Greatest Television Character Tournament are posted and open for voting: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters – Knockout Round Four, Day Four

Kevin Kelly was joined by Dr. Tom Prichard for a great interview with lots of old school territory talk: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 18 – Featuring Dr. Tom Prichard

Mike Mears looked at the Disease of More that plagues WWE: Pro Wrestling’s Disease of More

Scott & Justin's Vintage Vault Refresh continued with The Big Event: Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh: The Big Event

Russell Sellers ponders options for a potential Green Lantern film: Five Ways To Reboot Green Lantern

The PTBN Comics Team also had a long roundtable chat about Green Lantern: Giant-sized Hard-Traveling Fanboys #2: All Things Green Lantern

The Cowboy looked back at WCW Fall Brawl 1994 on its 20th anniversary: The Cowboy Goes to Class – WCW Fall Brawl 1994

PTBN's Seinfeld Rewatch series continues on and is almost at the end of Season Two: Seinfeld: The PTBN Series Rewatch

The Pro Wrestling Super Show examined the legendary Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine feud: Pro-Wrestling Super Show – Greg Valentine vs Tito Santana

Be sure to join us Sunday night for our Night of Champions live blog and on Monday for our Instant Reaction Podcast! Thanks for the support!

Wrestler names (again)

Hey Scott, 
Long time blah blah...
Anyway, in the comments we are always complaining about the WWE Random Name Generator and the reason is obvious - Trademark and merchandising. But the most common example is always, "Vince let CM Punk keep his name, and he's the last person who will get that treatment."

But didn't both Cody Rhodes (yeah, I know, Runnels, but does Vince own Rhodes?) and Ted DiBiase (Jr) sign with WWE after Punk? I know neither of them have been the merchandising machines Punk was.
But can you imagine Legacy with Curtis Axel like names for those guys?
And would Joe Hennig have done any better as Axe Curtis?

The Legacy thing was actually during the period where Vince's crazy whim was guys keeping their wrestling namesake for marketing purposes.  So that was actually deliberate, believe it or not.  

And I feel like Axel Curtis might have been a better name.  

Roman Reigns Reverse Psychology


If it's fair to say John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton become established main event stars circa 2005, then is it fair to say WWE has only gotten two guys over in the past 9 years as new main event acts? (CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.)

If WWE wants to truly get Roman Reigns over, shouldn't they have him lose a lot and tell us he isn't an A+ player?

Reverse psychology Is the only recipe for creating a main event star that has worked the past decade. 

Snark aside, there is actually something to that.  You kind of have to make the fans want to make a guy to get the maximum effect out of it.  Rocky didn't become the top star until the backlash from his initial push faded and then the FANS felt like they decided he would be a top guy.  The same thing is kind of happening with Ambrose, where the fanbase is getting more behind him as a top guy than WWE intends and it's probably forcing their hand somewhat.  Honestly, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for the Authority to start screwing with Reigns and making him work for his push.  If you book him in ridiculous odds week after week and he overcomes them in the end, that's how you make a star.  Throwing all these softball feuds at him is just gonna make him look like another guy.  

BoD Daily Update

Steve Austin Getting Ready for WrestleMania?

Some people have taken the fact that he has been training hard as a sign that he is getting ready. According to Dave Meltzer, the last he heard about the subject is that Austin's appearance on the show will all come down to the right creative idea and the right amount of money.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

When Will the Next WWE NXT Live Special Happen?

Right now, the next NXT live special is expected to take place in December.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Wade Barrett Update

Barrett, who is recovering from shoulder surgery, is set to make his return in December.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Ring of Honor Announces Their 13th Anniversary Show

The show takes place on March 1st and will be held in Las Vegas.

New E-Book: KB's History of Monday Nitro Volume II


The Beer & Coffee Rant for NJPW's "Blue Justice V" (9/7/14)

The Beer & Coffee Rant for NJPW's "Blue Justice V" (9/7/14)
Live from Togane, Chiba, Japan - 9/7/14

With this weekend's big 9/21/14 pay-per-view "NJPW Destruction in Kobe" standing right now as the very last Ustream show before their PPV division folds, let's hit these shows leading up to it. The PPV itself is stacked, which we'll cover along the way.

Quick note, the 9/13/14 NJPW show that aired after this one actually has *No Commentary*, just the crowd and the ring mics. For those who can't get passed the language barrier, it's available in its entirety by CLICKING HERE. I tried reviewing it, but without the announcers telling me what I was looking at, I had no idea what was going on, tbh.

Sho Tanaka vs. Yohei Komatsu