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Random WM Questions


Good Morning Mr. Keith, for WM Weekend I have just some random questions while thinking about past events:

1. Michaels turned on Janetty not too long before Rumble 92, and they still feuded after their match at Rumble 93, so how come the appropriate blow-off wasn't at one of those years respective Manias?  Or is it the obvious answer of Janetty being unreliable to behave in time for the big show?

2.  Was someone planning a Papa Shango/Hogan program after WM 8 or was there a Harvey Wippleman connection that I can't remember for him coming to Sid's aid at WM8 and that was just supposed to be it?  Or was it Warrior bleeds-oil-from-hands angle the plan all along?

3. With Hogan/Andre being done with early on at the WM4, and knowing it would steal the show, why rob of us Savage/Steamboat II and go with Valentine instead?

Lastly, how do you feel as a fan of hockey, what my team, the Sabres are doing, with regards of the organization, not the players, tanking for the #1 or #2 draft pick in this years lottery?  I think its a result of the system the NHL has set up anyway, and its going to happen regardless of what team is aiming for last.  And, with all do respect, I really don't want Edmonton to win the lottery, they've wasted too many top picks.

....and fuck Arizona too!  Why is hockey even down there?

Thank you, good day, #ReignsoverGedo

1.  Yeah, Marty had some run-ins with the law and drugs, basically.  That was the general plan, however. 

2.  Warrior-Shango was the plan and that’s how they decided to set it up. 

3.  Because Vince is a petty, petty man. 

It’s hard to really say an entire organization is tanking, but they’re certainly not trying very hard.  But then look at how bad the Oilers have been since 06, and they’ve been actively TRYING.  On the other side, I had actively accepted this as a rebuild season for the Canucks, and they’ve way overachieved, so getting a big draft pick isn’t necessarily a guarantee of success. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sporting News: The Best Wrestlemania Preview Ever


Impact Wrestling - March 27, 2015

Impact Wrestling
Date: March 27, 2015
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Taz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're finally back in America after a pretty awesome UK tour and the main story is Kurt Angle defeating Lashley to win the World Title. As for tonight, the big story is the return of Jeff Hardy from his annual “I can't go to Europe” leave for a showdown inside a cage against James Storm. Let's get to it.

Place to be Nation WrestleMania Week Update

It's WrestleMania weekend and we have you covered with EVERYTHIIG Mania related. Here's a taste of what you can find at

Dan's WrestleMania XXXI Preview: 

The Definitive Ranking of the WrestleManias: 

The Five Count: Undertaker’s WrestleMania Opponents: 

The Great WrestleMania Re-Book series: 

Audio: PTBN Main Event - WrestleMania 30 Preview

Audio: Good Will Wrestling - WrestleMania vs. Starrcade

Audio: Good Will Wrestling: Bad Booking in WrestleMania

22-1 or 21-2?: The Future of WWE Collides with its Past at WrestleMania 31

The Ranking of Randy Savage's WrestleMania Matches:

Audio: Wrestling Culture Podcast - The Complete WrestleMania Weekend Preview

BoD Friday Night Thread

Talk about everything going on tonight here

WrestleMania Weekend 2015 – Day 1: WWE WrestleMania Axxess

There are some who would say that WWE is wrestling company in flux.

That, despite the fact WWE has the support of the majority of wrestling fans, there's something relatively off about their biggest event of the year.

WWF Wrestling Challenge April 26th, 1987

April 26, 1987

From the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight's featured bout is the rare babyface vs. babyface between the Islanders and the Rougeau Brothers. Also in action will be George Steele, Billy Jack Haynes, Can-Am Connection, and the Hart Foundation.

Hamburger Ebook plug

Hey Scott,

I know this is a little off-brand for you, but you've plugged my burger-related projects before and I was hoping you would do again. Wrestling fans love burgers, right? Of course they do, everyone loves burgers. After years and years of abusing my body for my burger blog, I put all the data I've gathered into a burger tome ebook and published it on Amazon ( 

Thanks! Looking forward to a lot more Brock Tock (talk) in the coming year.


I also love burgers, but here in Canada BBQ season is only 2 weeks long and we don't have any of the good burger chains, so we have to make them out of weird stuff like bison up here.  

Brock of course makes his burgers out of the meat of the elephants that he clubs to death with great white sharks.  

Pro-Wrestlemania 31 article plug


Hey Scott,

I wrote my first pro wrestling article over at the entertainment blog I write for, and I decided to write about why Wrestlemania 31 might actually be a worthwhile show this year. It's probably not my best work, but I figured the WM conversation needed a positive argument or two, even if it reads as devil's advocacy. 

If you could help out with a plug, that'd be great. If not, no harm, no foul. Enjoy your Mania weekend!


Wait, Wrestlemania is this weekend?  I thought it was Fastlane.  

RF Video Shoot Interview with Larry Zbyszko, Disc Two

This was filmed in 2006

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry

Disc Two runs for one hour and twenty-eight minutes long

You can read the recap for Disc One by clicking on the link below:

Give me


5 matches that had the best finishes ever

Bruno beats Zbyszko into a quivering heap of jelly, wipes the sweat off his brow onto his defeated body, walks out of the cage untouched.  

Randy Savage spends 15 minutes throwing everything possible at Ricky Steamboat, gets obsessed with trying to end his career via ringbell and trying to show up the poor idiot who loves his manager, becomes so distracted that he loses to a simple rollup off a slam attempt.

Steve Austin is overmatched against an increasingly evil and vicious Bret Hart, but he keeps fighting through major blood loss and becomes a bigger star by losing than he would have by winning.  

Ultimate Warrior bounces Rick Rude around the ring like a pinball but is too dumb to keep an eye on Bobby Heenan, gets tripped up and pinned as a result.  

Undertaker finally traps Shawn Michaels in an unwinnable cage match, beats the holy hell out of him once and for all, but his long lost brother rips the door off the cage and hits him with his own move to give Shawn the win.  

Big lost opportunity in mania history to this point


The one guy who should have been a much bigger star than he ever was

I feel like the answer will be Roman Reigns in five years, but I think Sting was stupidly loyal to WCW for way too long and should have been a giant star at some point with WWE.  Second choice Owen Hart, who not only underachieved in his lifetime, but probably would have been elevated to something really special and top tier during a time when WWE lost all their star power and workrate guys at the same time and needed someone who had both.  

BoD Daily Update

WWE Plans for WrestleMania 32

Due to the show being held at Dallas Stadium and needing a lot of seats to fill, the idea is that any legend that can still perform will probably be asked to be part of the show.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WrestleMania Preshow Updates

With the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal being moved to the kickoff show, it is reported that match will go on first at about 6pm EST. The Tag Team Title match will start at about 6:30pm EST, making the WrestleMania show 5 hours long in total.

Hideo Itami Wins NXT Tournament to Qualify For the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Former WWE Tag Team Looking to Work for Lucha Underground

The former Cryme Time team of Shad Gaspard & JTG were at the past Lucha Underground tapings looking for work.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Also, head on over to Place to be Nation to check out the "Great WrestleMania Re-Book Series" as they cover WrestleMania 29. You can view that by clicking on the link below.

And vote in this week's shoot interview poll by clicking on the link below.

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Best Wrestlemania matches at Paste Magazine


Would love for the blog regulars to come tell us how awful our picks are for this list of the best Wrestlemania matches. I lobbied hard for the WM 27 8-man but no dice.

​It's no Bret-Austin, but it's close.  No love for Lawler v. Cole either?  COME ON.​

Sporting News: Five Potential Opponents for Brock Lesnar


I'm trying the new-fangled slide list format on the Sporting News for fun.  Probably screwed it up, we'll see.

Smackdown - March 26, 2015

Date: March 26, 2015
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 17,540
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's the final show before the big one and that means we're in for a very different kind of Smackdown. This is likely to be a studio heavy show with a lot of video packages, but it's not like Smackdown means much in the first place. The main event is a big eight man tag with most of the people in some of the bigger matches. Let's get to it.

Quick note for mobile users

I've disabled the mobile version of the site due to issues with Adsense not liking where Blogger places certain links, which is kind of ludicrous because they're both the same company.  But that's Google for you.  Anyway, the only change most people should notice is that you'll get the full desktop version on your phone, but then if you're too much of a caveman to not have a phone that can handle it you're probably Brock Lesnar anyway.

Carry on.

Podcast Plug Please


Hey Scott, with WrestleMania weekend upon us, me and my friends over at the Cultural Compulsive Disorder blog looked at the already crowded wrestling podcast scene and said "us too!". Would you mind giving a plug for a long-time loyal reader?
​Kudos on the Simpsons reference there, too.  ​

Which Shoot Interview Should be Reviewed Next

This week I thought I would select four legends in the fine sport of professional wrestling. Here are your choices:

Bruno Sammartino

Terry Funk, Volume 1

Harley Race

Nick Bockwinkel

Vote by clicking on the link below. Voting ends Saturday at noon.

BoD Thursday Night Thread

Talk about everything going on tonight here

WWE Superstars on KNBR 680

WrestleMania 31 being in Santa Clara means that a few WWE Superstars took the time to talk with our local sports radio station, KNBR 680.

The link to their podcasts is here:

If you go through the short list, you'll find interviews with Daniel Bryan, The Miz & Damien Miz-dow, Mick Foley, and Jimmy Hart.

Pretty good stuff.

15 Mug Shots of arrested WWE Superstars (this is what a google search can find Triple H...)


It's interesting looking through these mug shots, keeping in mind Triple H's concerns about WWE fans finding inappropriate results if they searched for Chyna....Apparantly being a porn star is worse than violence against woman, drink driving and murder

I'm just disappointed that they left the curveball hanging with the Big Show slide.  Arrested for indecent exposure but released due to "insufficient evidence"?  That punchline writes itself!  Bunch of amateurs.   

5 Wrestlemania Matches That Almost Happened


This is a really weird list on WWE's part, because it's part kayfabe and part "insider" stuff.  Like the 10-man from Wrestlemania X that was cancelled is suddenly an obscure trivia question?  And the Hogan-Flair match at #1 was never gonna happen, obviously, but they do the kayfabe "Jack Tunney changed it" explanation.  And HHH v. Tyson?  Um, no, never even talked about.  Whatever, it's their list, I guess. 

RF Video Shoot Interview with Larry Zbyszko, Disc One

This was filmed in 2006

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry

Disc One runs for two hours and two minutes long

Flair/Sting '91 Q for the BoD

Regarding Flair winning the title back from Sting in January 1991 at the Meadowlands in NJ, why at this time and why at this show? It was during a horrible snowstorm and the arena was half (if not mostly) empty according to most reports. Why not put the match and the change on TV, like at the first Clash of the year? That was the random Flair/Scott Steiner match, and we know now that the rumors of Flair wanting to give Scott the title aren't true at why that random, half-empty show?

I can see if it was their first time there maybe, and the snow ruined what was supposed to be a big show, but they couldn't call an audible on that one?

Yeah, that was a weird one.  You'd think that they would have just put the belt on Flair at Starrcade if they wanted to go that direction.  And it's not like they went back to Jersey anytime soon, so it wasn't to build for big return business there or anything.  You got me.  

BoD Daily Update

Potential Main Event for WrestleMania 32

Right now there is talk of having Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock at WrestleMania 32. However, this will all depend on the Rock's film schedule. 

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

Some Details on Brock Lesnar's New Contract

Lesnar's new deal is for three years and he got a raise from his previous contract. However, details on how many dates he has on this new deal has yet to be revealed. 

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Current Feuds Planned For After WrestleMania

Right now post-Mania feuds are Cena vs. Rusev for the U.S. Title will continue after WrestleMania, Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title, and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Title. 

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

Global Force TV Taping Planned?

According to PWInsider they have been hearing rumblings that Jeff Jarrett has been booking wrestlers for a show in Las Vegas on August 22nd. It has yet to be confirmed what type of show Jarrett is booking. 

WCW Worldwide: February 16, 1997

Horsemen4ever: Didn't Sledgehammer enter WCW with a record of 9-1-1?

*Standing ovation*

The Sunday Morning Wars are starting to take over the wrestling world. While the WWF has decided to run with recaps and footage of people setting up the ring for the pay-per-view tonight, WCW is loading up the shotgun and firing out some of the biggest names available today. Do you want to see Hulk Hogan? Randy Savage? Sting? The Outsiders? OF COURSE NOT! Not when Billy Kidman, Alex Wright, Mieko Satomara, and Malya Hosaka are around!

TONY SCHIAVONE and “SOBER” BOBBY HEENAN hype tonight’s main event; where the Faces of Fear take on Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson, who’s somehow found the strength to roll off the operating table and ignore his near-crippling career ending neck injury to compete for YOU.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The SmarK Rant for NXT–03.25.15


The SmarK Rant for NXT – 03.25.15

Well since this is something of a mini-special, I figured I’d give it a review. So was this taped before or after the Columbus show last week that set this show up?

Taped from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Rich Brennan & Corey Graves

NXT - March 25, 2015

Date: March 25, 2015
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're back home in Florida tonight with the main event being Kevin Owens defending the NXT Title against Finn Balor. This is the lower level main event that still has the potential to tear the house down if they're given enough time, which NXT is usually really good about doing. In addition to that, we have Sasha Banks defending the Women's Title against Alexa Bliss. Let's get to it.

BoD Wednesday Night Thread

Talk about everything going on tonight here

Rock and Reigns


        Wouldn't the obvious feud to build to for WrestleMania 32, be Roman Reigns vs. The Rock.  Reigns could go uber heel, blame the fans AND Rock for not supporting him, and dominantly plow through faces (including a Brock-style destroying of Cena at Summerslam), win the title mid year and lose it when Rock shows up to defend his and his family's honor.  BOOM: WrestleMania match.  That, plus Sting/Taker retirement is a pretty good double headliner.  Throw in Brock/Bryan as an apology to the fans and Dallas has a Hell of a Show!
Dude, they need to sell ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND tickets for that show.  Roman Reigns ain't gonna be anywhere near that main event.  Put the names of Brock Lesnar, The Rock, HHH, John Cena, Undertaker and maybe even Shawn Michaels if you're desperate into a hat, pull out any combination of three matches with them, and that's your main card.  Even then, I dunno.  

WWE meets Tapout


I was just thinking to myself "If only they could find a way to make Roman Reigns look like an even bigger douchebag."  And they did! 

Monday Nitro - November 1, 1999

Monday Nitro #212
Date: November 1, 1999
Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Attendance: 8,362
Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's still tournament time and tonight we get the other half of the first round. Some of the matches were already announced on Thunder, but I'd actually be surprised if they remembered those matches after four days. Other than that I'm sure we'll see a lot more of the Filthy Animals vs. the Revolution, which hopefully means more of Torrie. Let's get to it.

BoD Daily Update

Brock Lesnar Update

Lesnar had in fact, up until a few days ago, spent the past few months training for a return to MMA. It was also reported by Dave Meltzer that Lesnar's wife, Sable and his close friends did not want him returning to professional fighting. It is also reported that a Lesnar babyface turn has been reportedly decided on since the first of the year.

Finn Balor Update

There continues to be talk from within WWE NXT that Balor is getting called up to the main roster shortly after WrestleMania 31.

RAW Ratings

RAW drew 4.19 million viewers this past Monday which was up from the 3.92 million they had last week. Here is the hourly breakdown:

8pm: 4.18 million viewers
9pm: 4.34 million viewers
10pm: 4.04 million viewers

Silly Question

Feel daft asking this, but Did Superfly ever work as heel? Been mostly a wwe man since Mania 7 so not sure if he heeled it up before or afterwards? Cheers

​I wouldn't want anyone to feel daft.  But yes, Snuka absolutely worked as a heel for years before he got famous with the WWF.  He had a pretty famous cage match with Bob Backlund in fact.  ​

Dodging Mania XX Bullets


Hey man love the BoD just a quick question/look at what the new dynamic is come main event time at Mania.....

Vince & Company dodged some major bullets with Brock inking a new deal as you have to believe this crowd was gonna SHIT ALL OVER this hot mess via Brock ~ Goldberg @ XX. It adds potential for all new directions now.

I'd like to see the double turn. It kinda feels like it's already happening & Reigns sure as hell needs it, and fast. I just saw an interview with the Rock, & in hopes of selling out 100K in Dallas next year, the E is angling for Brock v Rock. Super uber face Samoans Rock & Roman, which by default would make them heel Samoans, snatching the Gold from a hot Lesnar sets up nicely for Mania 32. Would be fresh I'd like to see this.

Rollins cashing in. If he cashes in on Reigns, Rollins is now automatically a monster face, & they can go that way with Reigns chasing & eventually winning.

Rolling cashing in on Brock with the help & approval of Reigns, & maybe even the new IC champion Ambrose. Reuniting The Shield, misdirection the entire time, as a means to take down the Beast.
Working for the Authority? Probably not. Maybe Heyman's job was threatened & he orchestrated it? But not liking being pressured he reforms the entire Shield to combat HHH & to cover his ass from a vengeful Brock?  Maybe Sting sets it up to get the Gold away from Trips?

Point being, they now have some more options with Brock staying put, which is so cool for fans. And one would think Vince & Trips have to be looking at all avenues since the Roman Empire plan seems to not be going where they wanted it to, in my opinion.

So I ask you, does the outcome change at all now that Brock is here to stay? What would you like to see happen?

And hey HOW AWESOME was your cameo in that Max Landis spoof on the H's? So cool man, Macho was right, the cream does rise!

Keep it coming, many thanks, & once again much like Russia & Iran, the BoD is #1 

​Wait, that was a quick question?

As dumb as they've been (which is pretty dumb), they HAVE to do a double turn now.  I just don't see any other solution.  I'd go all in and have Brock retain, then Roman goes crazy on him and the Shield reunites for the Rollins cash-in after a triple powerbomb.  Wrestlemania ends with the Tri-Force Fistbump over the fallen Lesnar, who is now a super babyface and we reset things back to 2013 and try again not to fuck it up this time.  ​