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October Classics: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle - iMPACT! - 10/25/12

Jeff Hardy won the TNA World Championship at Bound for Glory 2012, and makes his first title defense here on an episode of iMPACT! The two put on a pretty good match, shall we say near the **** range?

BoD Daily Update

Good morning! Stranger in the Alps here, filling in for the intrepid Brian Bayless, who is on assignment.

Updated Hell In A Cell card for this Sunday:

The Big Show vs. Rusev
Brie Belle vs. Nikki Bella - Loser Becomes the Winner's "Bitch"
Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro - Intercontinental Championship
Sheamus vs. The Miz - United State Championship
John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Hell in a Cell Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - Hell in a Cell Match


NXT Star to Try Out a New Gimmick

Tye Dillinger has been trying out a new gimmick at NXT house shows. It was described as a cross between Ravishing Rick Rude and Fandango.


Justin Roberts to Write a Book

Justin Roberts told TMZ that he plans on writing a book about his life. He wants it to be part inspirational and part instructional. He does not yet have a publisher for the planned work.


WWE Extras Pay Rate

Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, a former WWE backstage worker, is disputing the WON report that WWE cut its pay rate for extras. The Observer reported pay was cut from $250 to $100 but the Reddit user says this is false and the pay for independent wrestlers and extras was only cut by $50, and talent now gets $200. He also noted that people who appear as Adam Rose‘s Rosebuds at live events receive $100.


Wrestling Personality Quiz for the Blog of Doom


Hey Scott,
This is longtime reader/commenter, but first time emailer BeardMoney. I recently tried my hand at creating a personality quiz and I thought the BoD might enjoy this one as it asks which member of a legendary wrestling tag team you would Bee. It's kind of like a sports entertainment version of the Zoë or Zelda question. If you wanted to post it here, that would be War Games level awesome. Thanks for the great work you do with the Blog!

​I feel like I would be a Zelda.  ​

The Slaughterhouse



I found this match and promo from Kevin Sullivan's short-lived Slaughterhouse group. Great stuff, but it's no wonder Turner pulled the plug on this.

​Kevin Sullivan leading Buzz Sawyer around on a dog leash is great stuff?  I'm with Turner on this one.  ​

WCW Saturday Night: October 12, 1996

All systems are operating within normal design parameters. THIS is WCW Saturday Night!

TONY SCHIAVONE and DUSTY RHODES are your hosts. Tony hopes to have a Sting update later tonight. My guess? Drying his tears.

Total Divas Season 3 Recap: Episode 7 - "The Double Cross"

Welcome back for the second half of our Total Divas Doubleheader. (MATT: NOT a euphemism.) Last episode, of course, was dedicated to Eva Marie and Jon's bachelor/ette party in Curacao, Mexico. In this episode, we got to see differences in how our group of Divas had fun and celebrated.

  • To Nattie, such a getaway meant a good time to get away and have a romantic time reconnecting with her husband. Unfortunately, TJ's concept of romance and connection was feeding ostriches at a farm and not banging the shit out of her when she brought up the idea. (MATT: Let that sink in for a moment: he actually researched things to do in Curacao and chose to visit an Ostrich Farm.)
  • Brie lost her luggage and had to make do with her sister's clothing and persistent badgering. She did drink some but, for the most part, wanted to think about her husband at home and how to decorate that home. Nikki kept lamenting the loss of her sister (or rather the loss of her sister as her co-conspirator in getting drunk and acting silly) and may have made some personal growth in recognizing they are just very different women who (as Nikki said herself in the first season) she wouldn't be friends with if they weren't sisters.
  • Cameron, as usual, didn't have much time for Vincent, though she did want to drag him away on this excursion. Though she barely spent time with him on the vacation, she did decide to house hunt with him after he made his feelings about their relationship known. Since Nikki is the only real estate agent they know (plot contrivance), she asked Nikki to be her realtor.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–09.18.95


The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 09.18.95

(Last pre-taped rant for 1995.  Promise.) 

Taped from the same place as last time.

- Your hosts are Vince & King.

Evening Thread - Sunday Edition

The BoD brings you a place to discuss various events and happenings. What's on tap for the evening?

WWE Network presents Halloween Havoc '89 at 8:00 ET. The main event for this show was Ric Flair and Sting against Terry Funk and The Great Muta in a Thundercage match. The show stealer on this one was Pillman vs. Luger for the US title. Also includes Steiners vs. Doom, Road Warriors vs. Skyscrapers, Dr. Death and the Midnight Express against the Samoan SWAT Team.

NFL Sunday night football has the Niners in Denver to face the Broncos. That's at 8:30 ET on NBC.

NHL, NBA preseason, prime time TV has "Treehouse of Horror XXV" on The Simpsons, as well as new Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Bring your A game you buncha B Plusers.

Waiting for the Trade - Captain America


Waiting for the Trade

Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z (2)
by Rick Remender & John Romita Jr.
collects Captain America (2012) issues 6-10.

Why I Bought This: I wanted the complete story of Cap in Dimension Z so I actually grabbed volumes 1 and 2 at the same time (on FCBD with a 40% discount per trade).

The Plot: Cap storms Zola’s fortress in a bid to rescue his son and prevent Zola’s plan to invade the Earth.

(spoilers below)

Network Update - 10/19/14

Quick note on just added content:

In Ring > RAW Replays
                 Episode 127 - 9/18/95
                 Episode 128 - 9/25/95
                 Episode 129 - 10/2/95

              > Smackdown Replays

                 Episode 20 - 1/6/00

BoD Sunday NFL Thread

After going 3-2 last week I am now 14-15-1 for the year. Here are my picks for this week:

Chicago -3 vs. Miami
Dallas -5 vs. New York Giants
Indianapolis -3.5 vs. Cincinnati
Tennessee +5 at Washington
Green Bay -6 vs. Carolina

Joe Gagne's Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade #55: TNA Impact


Sorry about your Dreamcast, Joe.  :(

I actually bought this game from EBGames for $2 in one of their ultra-cheap impulse bins by the till.  I feel like it was a fair price.

Kevin Sullivan

Hi Scott-

Can you please explain to me how Kevin Sullivan got so much sway? I've been watching Nitros from 1995 and the guy is equal parts everywhere and terrible. All he does is jump on guts and cut weird promos while Curtis Iaukea screams gibberish with his eyes closed.
It's just amazing to me that he was front and center feuding with Hogan and would then be given the book when he was a big part of the stupidest thing I've ever seen on televised wrestling, the Dungeon of Doom.

Also, how much did Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman hate the Dungeon of Doom/Hogan nonsense?

And when the nWo came around, what kind of impact did that have on Sullivan's influence?

Well, Sullivan was typically the booker for promotions where he was working, so when WCW brought him in it was more for booking the shows rather than being an on-screen character.  He just had the luxury of making himself the central enemy of the top draw in the company because he was the guy in charge.  

As for the Horsemen, I'm sure they didn't care as long as it was making them money.  Ric Flair isn't exactly a guy who was all about the artform of wrestling by that point.  And the nWo really didn't hurt Sullivan because he was still the guy writing the storylines anyway.  If anything it helped him.  And when Russo got fired in 99, Sullivan was the guy who was going to be in charge again. 

Plus if you haven't checked out Sullivan's Varsity Club promos on the Saturday night shows or Charles Manson-influenced Florida stuff from the 70s and 80s on the Network, you really should. 


Oh, sorry, I'm just getting a note that none of that is on there yet.  My bad. 

Keep Calm and....


Pretty funny they've turned teddy long making tag team matches into a meme. 

Keep calm and leave the money on the table?  I'm pretty over the whole "Keep Calm" meme, so naturally WWE would now pounce on it.  I bet they start exploiting the Randy Orton meme sometime two years from now.  

WCW Prime: October 7, 1996

Friends, we approach the end of an era. This is the second to last edition of WCW Prime. Syndication cancellation is all the buzz. In response, WCW has done the unthinkable; THEY EDITED JOHNNY B BADD OUT OF THE OPENING CREDITS.

Our hosts are DUSTY RHODES, and MIKE TENAY replacing a vacationing Chris Cruise who can stay wherever he is as far as I’m concerned.


Hey Scott,

A buddy of mine gave me "The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA" recently and I watched it today. The highlight for me was any time they talked to Nick Bockwinkel. In fact, there's a bunch of extras where he's talking about whatever, and they're the greatest. Nice guy, good storyteller, and from what I could tell, a hell of a wrestler.

What's your opinion of Bockwinkel? His legacy? Where he falls in terms of his place with relation to other all-time greats (e.g. Flair, Lawler, etc)?

​Well, I never really appreciated him growing up, because I was a HUGE Curt Hennig fan and Bockwinkel was this old guy clinging to the AWA World title who I wanted Curt to beat.  Plus by 86 he was way past his prime.  I think I appreciate him more for his stories on WWE DVDs now, because as Bobby Heenan famously said of him "If you ask Nick the time, he'll tell you how to build a watch."  But hey, he's in one of the matches I gave ***** to, so that's not bad.  Other than that, I can't really speak to his legacy, sorry.  ​

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ring of Honor Epic Encounter April 12th, 2003

April 12, 2003

From the Murphy Rec Center in Philadelphia, PA

Your hosts are Ray Murrow & Chris Levy

Spring Stampede 1999


Watching Spring Stampede '99, I was pretty shocked; I completely forgot WCW was still able to occasionally churn out a thoroughly enjoyable PPV.  As someone whose favorite wrestler used to be Benoit, I usually try to find a reason to be busy with something else when his matches are on.  However, the crowd was going berserk for Raven/Saturn v. Benoit/Malenko and I couldn't help but get sucked in as well.

To end the match, Double-A lays a chair on Raven's head and Benoit does a completely unprotected diving headbutt…onto the chair.  Maybe you can argue his shoulder took some of the brunt, but it is as gratuitous as possible.  Granted, this is well covered bullshit and certainly long before concussion awareness.  What I want to know: who actually comes up with that? Does Benoit just volunteer to do something completely ridiculous? Why doesn't he jump off the top and do a foot-stomp? Was he already out of his fucking mind at this point? 

I can see someone on the indies or ECW doing this, but why pull this shit on the big stage (even in the mindset of '99).

-Ronnie Vod

It was part of the same macho bullshit that did in Dynamite Kid, and we know how badly Benoit wanted to emulate him.  That move (and others like it) are just terrifying to watch now, especially because Benoit in particular would make sure to absorb the brunt of the move with his head and shoulders directly, rather than channeling the force into the mat like Randy Savage used to do with the elbow.  And yeah, Benoit would be the guy to volunteer to do it himself.  Harley Race used to do similar stuff and he fucked his neck six ways from Sunday too.  And look what happened to Daniel Bryan!  I really wish they'd retire that move for good, even more than the piledrivers and spears.  Gravity isn't just a good idea, it's the law.  

BoD Saturday Night Thread

Lots of sports on tonight and I am sure other stuff too so talk about it here.

Thunder - May 27, 1999

Date: May 27, 1999
Location: North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, South Carolina
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

Believe it or not things are looking up just a bit in WCW. The most recent Nitro was just a disaster instead of the worst show ever. There is an interesting story coming up with the old guard not being happy with the lack of respect they've been getting from the younger crowd, which led to Benoit and Malenko turning on Flair earlier this week. Let's get to it.

Smackdown - October 17, 2014

Date: October 17, 2014
Location: Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham, Alabama
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We now have the obvious PPV main events set and for some reason the question is which match goes on last. I can defend a lot of what they do with Cena but there is almost no justification for Rollins vs. Ambrose not going on last. It has a story and the constant interference makes the Cell appropriate. Orton vs. Cena is happening because of history that people are tired of, Orton wanting a match and the calendar saying it's time for the Cell. Let's get to it.

The SmarK Rant for WCW Starrcade 1995


The SmarK Rant for WCW Starrcade 1995

Well, we’ve apparently run out of RAW shows to review again, so we might as well just say fuck it and go back to WCW for a while. I was going to repost this one from years ago, but have you READ IT? UGH. So here’s a fresh version. Although I was drifting back to WCW at this point, I wasn’t dropping the $30 on this show. That’s, like, 20 weeks worth of instant noodles and hot dogs.

Live from Nashville, TN

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan & Dusty Rhodes

WCW Nitro: October 7, 1996

This past summer, my parents stayed with me for a few days. I was working nights at that point, so I regularly slept until about noon or so.

I got up late one morning, and of course both my parents were already up. My father, who has gone every morning of his life that I can remember with a cup of coffee, was complaining about my “future coffee machine” giving him a hard time. Now, I have a Keurig, which of course is the easiest machine in the world to use. But here he was, carrying on that it took him over 20 minutes to put it all together and get a cup of coffee. I was nearly a point of hysteria when I finally asked what took him the longest to figure out, how to put the cup inside the machine, or how to push “brew”?

“No, it was getting that piece of foil off the coffee pouch!”

Suddenly it wasn’t so funny anymore. Lo and behold, there sat a K-Cup in my brewer, cap off, and coffee grounds everywhere. And as I sit here, drinking my coffee before work, prepping to write a Nitro-cap, I am STILL picking coffee grounds out of cup, some 3 months later.

What does this have to do with Nitro? The last couple of weeks have been rank with coffee grounds in my cup, and hopefully now is the time we see something a little closer to the wrestling that I love.

The ever familiar voice of TONY SCHIAVONE is screaming about the Big Boys playing, because we are LIVE SO VERY LIVE LIVE LIVE in Savannah, Georgia. Tony declares WCW “red hot!” LARRY ZBYSZKO would love to weigh in, but he’s too busy taking bows to the legions of fans who live in his head. Tony demands to know the word on Liz? Larryland declares her an obvious member of the “New World Odor”.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–09.11.95


The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 09.11.95

- Taped from somewhere "two or three weeks ago" according to Eric Bischoff.  That would be Worcester. 

- Your hosts are Vince & King, green-screened in at ringside in an awful-looking open. It's the new fall season, you know.

Edge again...sorry

In question to his longevity: Edge debuted in mid-1998, and retired after Wrestlemania 27 in 2011. That's a 14(!) year career with only the one serious hiatus (2/03-4/04) for neck surgery.  The other injury in 07 only missed a few months.  In comparison Cena and Orton have been there only 12 years each with each taking multiple breaks for injuries, movies, etc.  In summation, I think we can qualify Edge as having longevity and having as many or fewer injuries than almighty Cena himself.

​What is this, Edge Night?  His documentary is on the Network as well as we speak. 

As for his longevity, I tend to think of Hall of Fame guys as having 20+ year careers, which is why I think it's best to actually extend out the age of admittance to 45 or so instead of 35, because as Karl Stern has said many times, their story is still not finished at that younger age.  But it's a different business now anyway so it's not a perfect​ formula anyway.

BoD Friday Night Thread

Tonight, Smackdown air at 8pm EST on Syfy with the Miz & Goldust & Stardust vs. Sheamus & The Usos.

NHL action tonight with several games on tap

The NBA preseason continues as well

In NFL news, the Seahawks traded WR Percy Harvin to the Jets for a conditional draft pick that ESPN's John Clayton reports will be anywhere from a 2nd-4th round pick.

WWF Superstars of Wrestling November 29th, 1986

November 29, 1986

From the Joyce Athletic & Convocation Center in South Bend, IN

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Vince McMahon

Tonight's featured match will be the Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs in a non-title bout. Also, Danny Spivey returns from injury and will be in action with Mike Rotundo. Plus, Butch Reed is here and we will get an update on the condition of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

Edge as HOFer


In a recent email someone questions Edge's HOF worthiness.  Am I missing something?  I admit to being an Edge mark but look at the resume.   Forget even counting the obscene amount of titles, but he was a pioneer of the extremes of the attitude era with ladder/TLC matches, was the inaugural MITB guy, won a Royal Rumble, main-evented Wrestlemania, and put on countless 4-5 classics in both singles and tag matches including the TLCs with the Hardys and Dudleys, WM matches with foley and Taker, and his long feud with Cena.  Not even mentioning that Edge & Christian is probably a top 5 all time tag team.  I guess my question is, what argument can one have against Edge?

The main one is that the only guy from his era that can be legitimately counted as moving the needle is John Cena, due to the company de-emphasizing individual people in favor of just promoting "Hey, WWE is coming, buy tickets!"  He also didn't have the longevity due to his back injury and was injury prone while active.  

That being said, I would certainly vote for him and I think he gets in based on ringwork, historical impact to a certain degree (ie, pioneering the whole Money in the Bank thing as a character trait) and certainly for being a draw in what limited sense that anyone CAN be a draw these days.  

October Classics: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage - Halloween Havoc '97

So, the other match I was referring to yesterday was this one. DDP and the Macho Man had quite the rivalry in 1997, even going so far as to involve Elizabeth and Kimberly. They met at Spring Stampede earlier in the year, with DDP getting the win. At Bash '97, Savage got the win. Bash at the Beach '97 saw the two team with Curt Hennig (DDP) and Scott Hall (Savage), with Savage/Hall taking it, then another tag match at Fall Brawl '97, with DDP taking up with Luger against Savage/Hall, with Luger/DDP winning that one. Finally, it culminated at Halloween Havoc in a Las Vegas Sudden Death Match.

Randy Savage vs DDP (HH97 Part 1) by mrbling

Maggle Cole - Best of all time (?!!)


Hi Scott,

Although it's just JBL's opinion, it still speaks very loud for how Michael Cole is viewed by his peers in the company:

JBL: "I do think Maggle is the best play by play guy WWE has ever had."  

I personally think he's pretty bad at this point, but I understand the pressure he has.  But I would never EVER confuse him as the best ever.  Ugh.  He wasn't half bad during the 2001-2005 Taz era.  Taz is another story though.

Your thoughts on Cole as best ever?

thanks,  Anthony V., NY, NY

Am I being trolled here?  

Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend everyone. Enjoy this sample of pieces from the week that was at PTBN!

The one and only CRZ joined the Main Event crew to talk Hell in a Cell as well as run through a series of Wrestling Favorite questions: PTBN’s Main Event – Episode #20: Fun and Games with CRZ!

Scott & Justin's Vintage Vault Refresh series is through WrestleMania IV: Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh: WrestleMania IV

The NBA-Team continues their preseason divisional previews: PTBN’s NBA-Team Podcast Division Previews

PTBN's Seinfeld Rewatch checks out classic episodes "The Pen" and "The Parking Garage": Seinfeld: The PTBN Series Rewatch

Kevin Kelly welcomed in Kyle O'Reilly, talked Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and  took part in a Wrestling Network Draft on Episode 20: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 20 – Featuring Kyle O’Reilly

Andrew Woltman attended a taping of Late Night with Seth Myers and shares his experience:

The Hard Traveling Fanboys counted down the best creative teams in comics: Hard-Traveling Fanboys: Countdown (Best Creative Teams)

RF Video Shoot Interview with Nova Volume 2, Disc Two

Disc Two runs at two hours and fifteen minutes long

You can read the recap of disc one by clicking on the link below

Sting vs. Bret Hart and Edge HOF


Hey Scott,

Read your review of Sting as WON HOF Contender and the unspoken name that kept coming up for me was Bret Hart. Basically, everything you could say for drawing Sting's power, it seems, would apply for Bret, plus, he only had, what, 8 years, tops, as a main event wrestler, versus Sting's bazillion years (Even if they were low-drawing). Yet Bret was in the HOF by '96, after just 4 sub-par (from a drawing standard) years as a main eventer, IMO.

Sure, Bret was probably a much better worker. But does that really justify him being (I assume) a first-ballot WON HOF'er while Sting can't even get past CM Punk or Lesnar.

And Edge? No offense, but WTF? How could Edge beat Sting?

​Edge isn't in either, but he's arguably a better worker and certainly drew better as champion than Sting did.  Edge is basically handicapped by being in the "WWE brand first, superstars second" era of the business, though, where the only one to escape the pack of 50/50 midcarders was John Cena.  

And yes, Bret being not just a better worker, but an elite-level worker more than justifies his inclusion on its own.  Even if he hadn't been in, Montreal alone would have made him a slam dunk inclusion for historical reasons alone.  ​

Mania 17


On the heels of the Austin podcast, youtube pointed to the Gimmick battle Royale..... Question is why on earth did the guys go for it? Hayes looks nuts and Corny keen as mustard too? what kinda payday you reckon the likes of Kamala Earthquake Tugboat got out of that? Funny but terrible 

​What kind of payday did they get out of the (at that time) most profitable PPV in history?  A pretty damn big one.  I'd dress up in Doink's old gear for a $10,000-or-so one night payoff too.  ​

BoD Daily Update

TNA Announcing a New TV Deal?

It has been reported that TNA is telling people they will be making an announcement regarding a new TV deal within the next ten days.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

Kurt Angle Update

It is expected that Angle will remain in TNA and that the company is trying to make it seem like he will be leaving in order to make it look like a surprise when it is revealed that he is staying.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

WWE Confirms Date for Next Quarterly Report

The report will take place on October 30th with the WWE Network subscriber amount number being released on that date as well.

Ryback Update

It has been reported that Ryback is now medically cleared to return to the ring. Also, the WWE is currently trying to figure out how to re-introduce him and are considering ideas like tweaking his gimmick and giving him a new singles push.


TNA Impact Rating Falls

Impact drew 988,000 viewers, down from the 1,102,000 from the previous week. The show is expected to get a 0.8 rating.


Well, this will be my last Daily Update until the beginning of November as I will be away for the next two weeks. However, Stranger in the Alps has volunteered to take over these duties in my absence so you all can discuss the news. I am sure that he will do a fine job.