Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BoD Daily Update

Eric Bischoff's Status with TNA

There is an ongoing contract issue between Bischoff and TNA, with false reports of the two parties suing each other. Neither side can discuss the matter until their deal expires, which is reportedly to be very soon. Bischoff was on Steve Austin's podcast recently where he stated he could not dicuss the matter.


RAW Rating

This week's episode drew 3.7 million viewers with a 1.2 in the 18-49 demographic, down from last week's 3.75 and 1.23 respectively. It's the second lowest viewership of the year, beating only the 5/26 episode. The household number was not yet available at the time of this post.

WWE Network in Canada Update

Rogers has issued a letter to the CRTC addressing issues raised with their application last month. The company stated that they received nearly three hundred interveners responding to the application and that only four opposed it. Other highlights:
-The Network as distributed in Canada will consist of the same content available on the US version.
-The Network will not be exclusive to Rogers and that other companies can negotiate to carry it on their systems.
-WWE decided to carry the Network as a cable channel rather than an over-the-top service in Canada, but that Rogers confirmed that they are working to also provide a service with the same functionality and convenience of the US over-the-top service.


Change to Hell in a Cell

From the Smackdown taping last night, the match between Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro for the Intercontinental Championship will now be a 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Black and white on the Network


Is it just me, or is the black and white video whenever there's blood on the screen brutally annoying? I find it worse than the ads.

Just seems so stupid. We all know what blood looks like. We're paying $10 a month for this. I understand censoring nudity (not that I condone it), but blood? C'mon.

I dunno. That's all I've got.

​Blood's only censored on the live stream, because it's marketed as an actual TV channel in Canada and needs to conform to TV-PG.  There's no B&W in the archives.  ​

Title holders as jobbers

Hey Scott,

Random but sort of lucid thought I had this morning. It seems whomever holds the IC or US Title (and to a lesser extent the Tag Titles) ends up jobbing a shitload on tv. Here's a theory as to why...

Since basically the entire roster is filled with midcard geeks trading wins with each other, no one is terribly over. Additionally, the powers that be have asserted many times that the belts are but mere props. Therefore, when you need to have someone BUILD MOMENTUM to the next PPV or whatever, getting a win against Jack Swagger or Mark Henry or whoever doesn't do anything for them.

But in the eyes of the fans, the belts still mean something, so getting a win over the person that holds them still has meaning. We all know this on an intrinsic level (even the creative team), even though the mid-tier titles almost never get spotlight feuds.

The titleholders serve as prop vehicles for use when the story calls for it. I don't think any of us would disagree when we say they're leaving money on the table with this approach, but using the belts this way at least does have it's own goody logic to it. Thoughts?

​Yup.  The mentality is not "Who can we build up?" but "Who can we beat safely?" and they think that the titles somehow make the titleholder bulletproof and thus they can job them a million times on TV and have them stay over.  The problem is that the titles really don't mean anything to the fans any longer, especially the US title, because it's a self-fulfilling prophecy where they don't want to put the belt on someone they have plans for because it's such a geek title anyway.  I understand their "logic" in what they do, but it's just the wrong way to do things.  ​

Repost: In Your House 3


(Just for the sake of context, here’s my most recent rant on IYH3 to go along with the RAW from last night.) 

The SmarK Retro Rant for WWE In Your House #3: Triple Header! (September 1995)

- This is another redo of a rant I did back in the bad old days where I thought it really needed an upgrade, and since I was watching this show anyway, here it is.

- Live from Saginaw, MI.

- Your hosts are Vince and Jerry and Jim.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–09.25.95


The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 09.25.95

Ad roulette! I got a commercial for PureTalk before this show. So it begins.

So it’s the night after In Your House 3, when Shawn Michaels & Diesel supposably won the tag titles from Owen & Yoko, only to have Gorilla Monsoon to reverse the decision and force the new old champions to face the Smoking Gunns.

Also, they’ve overhauled the RAW intro. Again. Men fighting on the rooftops! Pretty sure the shots of people running into the fences were recycled into the D-X entrance years later, as well.

Live from Grand Rapids, MI

Your hosts are Vince McMahon & Jerry Lawler



I've emailed you before about the possibilities of Brock/Orton since it NEVER happened, but with Survivor Series in St Louis (Orton's hometown) and the apparent face turn looming as Rollins is taking his spot in the authority (and curb stomping him on raw), are we possibly building to the Class of 02 dream match?   They'd obviously have to pay Brock for another show, but that's a huge main event.  You can have Authority vs. Team Cena/Ambrose in a SS match on the undercard.  Or are we just gonna go Cena overcoming the odds to build to Brock/Cena 4?

​Hey, I was advocating Orton as the next challenger after Summerslam, but everyone on the blog was like "Bleh, Blandy Boreton, yawn"  NOW WHO'S THE SMART ONE?!  

But yeah, they're already planning on Cena/Brock at the Rumble according to Meltzer, so don't get your hopes up.  ​

Evening Thread - Tuesday Edition

Tuesday night topics of discussion include:

WWE Network with Main Event at 8:00 PM ET, followed by an all-new Monday Night War at 9:00 which focuses on the impact of Goldberg.

WORLD........SERIES!! It's on FOX and it starts at around 7:00 ET. San Francisco Giants against the Kansas City Royals. My prediction: it's an even numbered year so let's say....Giants in 5.

TV: The Flash, Agents of SHIELD.

NHL, NBA Preseason.

It's one stop shopping right the BoD.

WCW Nitro: October 14, 1996

No Worldwide this week because my copy is completely corrupted. It’s unfortunate, because apparently, Sting returned, walking down the ring and saying “sorry brothers, I was just upset, we’re cool again!” and returned to doing absolutely nothing to combat the nWo. The remaining 56 minutes were filled by Glacier’s entrance. I don’t care if you don’t believe me.

Street lights are exploding EVERYWHERE, because WCW is LIVE in Memphis, Tennessee, for what TONY SCHIAVONE calls “two red hot hours!” One of these weeks, I want them to admit “yeah, you’re good to skip this one, ice cold folks, ice cold.” LARRY ZBYSZKO is around too, but I’m thinking you don’t care any more than I do.

October Classics

In all honesty, I wanted to go with Benoit-HHH from this show as I felt it was the best match on this card. However, even I had to object to some content in the video clip I found. So I went the safer route and chose Rock-Angle instead. Still a good match, screwy ending aside.

10-22-00 The Rock vs. Kurt Angle (WWF Title No... by puropwgwwestuff

Possible Hell In A Cell "co-main event" finish?


I'm just sitting here wondering how difficult would it be for WWE to book a finish as shocking, as amazing and as remarkable as this:

Seth Rollins curb stomps Dean Ambrose's head on top of the cell, THROUGH THE ROOF and onto the mat? Rollins will obviously fall along with Ambrose into the ring!

I mean, calling the match off at that point by having the referee pull up the dreaded X sign, will not only look spectacular, but also protect both guys during the biggest push of their careers.

It's high time we get something great out of the whole Hell In A Cell deal that has stopped being destructive and career-threatening many years ago.

What do you think?

​So after months of bait-and-switch and cheap finishes they should blow it off with a non-finish in a supposed cage match to the death?  By ending the match with both guys too hurt to continue?

I'm not sure I agree 100% with your detective work there, Lou.   ​

BoD Daily Update

WWE Policy on Domestic Abuse

On the WWE Corporate site, you can find the following statement:

"WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated."


Smackdown Rating

Smackdown scored a 1.96 for this past Friday's show, up slightly from a 1.94 the week before. It ranked 2nd on Friday night cable behind "Gold Rush" on Discovery.


Jake Roberts Health Update

On Friday, Jake Roberts tweeted that doctors have found three spots on his brain that they are concerned about, and will receive another MRI in three weeks.


Seth Rollins at NXT

Seth Rollins will be appearing at this week's NXt taping. No word on whether he will see in-ring action.


Question about Hulk Hogans Divorce.


Hey, been a big fan since you and the Scotsman used to internet beef, man I miss that guys writing. 

Anyway, what the hell happened to Hogan in his divorce ? How the heck did he get taken to the cleaners so badly ? Did she get more than half, and if she did how is that even possible ?

​I don't know if the specifics were ever released publicly, actually.  I'm just a simple country chicken, but I suspect Hogan got caught screwing around or something along those lines.  Either way, he got hung to dry by the court for sure.  Anyone else know details?  ​

Monday, October 20, 2014

RIP Ox Baker

Here is an Ox Baker moment that had to be shared. Apparently, Ronnie Garvin had removed Ox's teeth the week before, and smashed them in the ring. This had created a problem for Ox outside the ring.

WCW Clash Questions



Having missed a lot of early 90s WCW programming, I am going back and watching on the network (I wish they would include WCW Saturday Night to help provide some background for the PPVs and Clash but I digress.) 

Some quick questions:

1- I know pushes would start and stop in WCW due to management changes but Steve Austin in 1992 got to work a lot with established stars like Sting, Rude, Steamboat etc.... Were they actively trying to get him over as "the next guy" or was he just lucky to be in all those tag matches on top? 

​He was absolutely the next guy.  They were pushing the shit out of him but I guess Eric Bischoff just wasn't a fan.  To say the least.  Flair and Dusty have both stated many times that they saw Austin as a huge star, however.  ​Dusty breaking up the Hollywood Blonds in 1993 was his own bass-ackwards way of trying to get Austin over to the next level, in fact.  

2-The Steiners were really stiff. Did anyone ever complain about getting nearly decapitated by those clotheslines or having to work with them in general? Is it fair to say they toned down their style once they went to WWF? 

​Yeah, that's an understatement.  And yes, people definitely complained, although not much could really be done about it.  ​

3- With Flair gone, was there ever any talk of giving Arn Anderson a legit singles push? Was his talent wasted in all those random tag team pairings until the Horsemen reunited? 

​During the 91 era?  No, Anderson was a TV title guy and both he and the company were fine with that.  ​

4- If you could only watch every SNME or every CLASH for the rest of your life...Which show do you choose? 
Gee, do I watch endless Hulk Hogan 3 minute matches for the rest of my life, or Flair-Sting and Flair-Steamboat?  Gonna have to go with the Clash.  ​

The PG Era Rant: Raw, 10.20.14

The PG Era Rant for Raw, October 20, 2014.

On tonight's show:

  • John Cena and Dean Ambrose face the Authority in a Handicap Street Fight.
  • AJ/Paige and Usos/Dusts have been added to Hell in a Cell, giving us 8 matches on the night.
  • Six-man rematch: Usos/Sheamus v. Dusts/Miz.

Live from Kansas City, MO.

Your hosts are as always.

We look back at last week's main event first.



This has nothing to do with the WWE

Hell In The Cell Reviews


Can you review or rereview this week some of the greatest Hell in the Cell matches ever.

Mankind vs Undertaker

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

HHH vs Shawn Michaels

HHH vs Mankind

Undertaker vs Edge



If only there was a DVD that contained all of these.  Oh wait, there is!

The SmarK DVD Rant for Hell In A Cell

- I'm talking about the 3-disc DVD set here, not the recent PPV. I know this is an older set, but I found it on Ebay for like $3 and I've been wanting to work in a proper review for a while now.

- Hosted by Mick Foley, fittingly enough.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Wishing you well as we get close to the holiday season and the pre-holiday season madness known as Halloween. Any crazy stories from Halloween parties out there? I admit I'm highly concerned as my son is hitting a couple of parties this weekend and I can only imagine what those little whores at his school are going to dress up as. Teenage girls just have no respect for themselves these days.

Anyway, wrestling is still boring. I swear the Royal Rumble can't get here fast enough.

The Podcasts are interesting though. Kind of surprised Triple H chose Jericho's podcast to do his first real appearance with over Ross or Austin. Probably the first time he put over Jericho. I have the Austin podcast on his WM 17 match with the Rock downloaded but I haven't listened to it yet. The Rock just needs to come on Austin's show because it's been long enough. That's like the only guest he hasn't had yet. Rock and Vince.

Anyway TV Tonight

Monday Night Football (Steelers v. Texans)
American Dad on TBS now
Sleepy Hollow
Lightning-Oilers is the only NHL game on tonight.
World Series starts tomorrow.

Enjoy the show and come out swinging but try to keep it clean!

October Classics: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle - iMPACT! - 10/25/12

Jeff Hardy won the TNA World Championship at Bound for Glory 2012, and makes his first title defense here on an episode of iMPACT! The two put on a pretty good match, shall we say near the **** range?

BoD Daily Update

Good morning! Stranger in the Alps here, filling in for the intrepid Brian Bayless, who is on assignment.

Updated Hell In A Cell card for this Sunday:

The Big Show vs. Rusev
Brie Belle vs. Nikki Bella - Loser Becomes the Winner's "Bitch"
Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro - Intercontinental Championship
Sheamus vs. The Miz - United State Championship
John Cena vs. Randy Orton - Hell in a Cell Match
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - Hell in a Cell Match


NXT Star to Try Out a New Gimmick

Tye Dillinger has been trying out a new gimmick at NXT house shows. It was described as a cross between Ravishing Rick Rude and Fandango.


Justin Roberts to Write a Book

Justin Roberts told TMZ that he plans on writing a book about his life. He wants it to be part inspirational and part instructional. He does not yet have a publisher for the planned work.


WWE Extras Pay Rate

Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, a former WWE backstage worker, is disputing the WON report that WWE cut its pay rate for extras. The Observer reported pay was cut from $250 to $100 but the Reddit user says this is false and the pay for independent wrestlers and extras was only cut by $50, and talent now gets $200. He also noted that people who appear as Adam Rose‘s Rosebuds at live events receive $100.


Wrestling Personality Quiz for the Blog of Doom


Hey Scott,
This is longtime reader/commenter, but first time emailer BeardMoney. I recently tried my hand at creating a personality quiz and I thought the BoD might enjoy this one as it asks which member of a legendary wrestling tag team you would Bee. It's kind of like a sports entertainment version of the Zoë or Zelda question. If you wanted to post it here, that would be War Games level awesome. Thanks for the great work you do with the Blog!

​I feel like I would be a Zelda.  ​

The Slaughterhouse



I found this match and promo from Kevin Sullivan's short-lived Slaughterhouse group. Great stuff, but it's no wonder Turner pulled the plug on this.

​Kevin Sullivan leading Buzz Sawyer around on a dog leash is great stuff?  I'm with Turner on this one.  ​

WCW Saturday Night: October 12, 1996

All systems are operating within normal design parameters. THIS is WCW Saturday Night!

TONY SCHIAVONE and DUSTY RHODES are your hosts. Tony hopes to have a Sting update later tonight. My guess? Drying his tears.

Total Divas Season 3 Recap: Episode 7 - "The Double Cross"

Welcome back for the second half of our Total Divas Doubleheader. (MATT: NOT a euphemism.) Last episode, of course, was dedicated to Eva Marie and Jon's bachelor/ette party in Curacao, Mexico. In this episode, we got to see differences in how our group of Divas had fun and celebrated.

  • To Nattie, such a getaway meant a good time to get away and have a romantic time reconnecting with her husband. Unfortunately, TJ's concept of romance and connection was feeding ostriches at a farm and not banging the shit out of her when she brought up the idea. (MATT: Let that sink in for a moment: he actually researched things to do in Curacao and chose to visit an Ostrich Farm.)
  • Brie lost her luggage and had to make do with her sister's clothing and persistent badgering. She did drink some but, for the most part, wanted to think about her husband at home and how to decorate that home. Nikki kept lamenting the loss of her sister (or rather the loss of her sister as her co-conspirator in getting drunk and acting silly) and may have made some personal growth in recognizing they are just very different women who (as Nikki said herself in the first season) she wouldn't be friends with if they weren't sisters.
  • Cameron, as usual, didn't have much time for Vincent, though she did want to drag him away on this excursion. Though she barely spent time with him on the vacation, she did decide to house hunt with him after he made his feelings about their relationship known. Since Nikki is the only real estate agent they know (plot contrivance), she asked Nikki to be her realtor.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW–09.18.95


The SmarK Rant for Monday Night RAW – 09.18.95

(Last pre-taped rant for 1995.  Promise.) 

Taped from the same place as last time.

- Your hosts are Vince & King.

Evening Thread - Sunday Edition

The BoD brings you a place to discuss various events and happenings. What's on tap for the evening?

WWE Network presents Halloween Havoc '89 at 8:00 ET. The main event for this show was Ric Flair and Sting against Terry Funk and The Great Muta in a Thundercage match. The show stealer on this one was Pillman vs. Luger for the US title. Also includes Steiners vs. Doom, Road Warriors vs. Skyscrapers, Dr. Death and the Midnight Express against the Samoan SWAT Team.

NFL Sunday night football has the Niners in Denver to face the Broncos. That's at 8:30 ET on NBC.

NHL, NBA preseason, prime time TV has "Treehouse of Horror XXV" on The Simpsons, as well as new Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Bring your A game you buncha B Plusers.

Waiting for the Trade - Captain America


Waiting for the Trade

Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z (2)
by Rick Remender & John Romita Jr.
collects Captain America (2012) issues 6-10.

Why I Bought This: I wanted the complete story of Cap in Dimension Z so I actually grabbed volumes 1 and 2 at the same time (on FCBD with a 40% discount per trade).

The Plot: Cap storms Zola’s fortress in a bid to rescue his son and prevent Zola’s plan to invade the Earth.

(spoilers below)

Network Update - 10/19/14

Quick note on just added content:

In Ring > RAW Replays
                 Episode 127 - 9/18/95
                 Episode 128 - 9/25/95
                 Episode 129 - 10/2/95

              > Smackdown Replays

                 Episode 20 - 1/6/00

BoD Sunday NFL Thread

After going 3-2 last week I am now 14-15-1 for the year. Here are my picks for this week:

Chicago -3 vs. Miami
Dallas -5 vs. New York Giants
Indianapolis -3.5 vs. Cincinnati
Tennessee +5 at Washington
Green Bay -6 vs. Carolina

Joe Gagne's Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade #55: TNA Impact


Sorry about your Dreamcast, Joe.  :(

I actually bought this game from EBGames for $2 in one of their ultra-cheap impulse bins by the till.  I feel like it was a fair price.

Kevin Sullivan

Hi Scott-

Can you please explain to me how Kevin Sullivan got so much sway? I've been watching Nitros from 1995 and the guy is equal parts everywhere and terrible. All he does is jump on guts and cut weird promos while Curtis Iaukea screams gibberish with his eyes closed.
It's just amazing to me that he was front and center feuding with Hogan and would then be given the book when he was a big part of the stupidest thing I've ever seen on televised wrestling, the Dungeon of Doom.

Also, how much did Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman hate the Dungeon of Doom/Hogan nonsense?

And when the nWo came around, what kind of impact did that have on Sullivan's influence?

Well, Sullivan was typically the booker for promotions where he was working, so when WCW brought him in it was more for booking the shows rather than being an on-screen character.  He just had the luxury of making himself the central enemy of the top draw in the company because he was the guy in charge.  

As for the Horsemen, I'm sure they didn't care as long as it was making them money.  Ric Flair isn't exactly a guy who was all about the artform of wrestling by that point.  And the nWo really didn't hurt Sullivan because he was still the guy writing the storylines anyway.  If anything it helped him.  And when Russo got fired in 99, Sullivan was the guy who was going to be in charge again. 

Plus if you haven't checked out Sullivan's Varsity Club promos on the Saturday night shows or Charles Manson-influenced Florida stuff from the 70s and 80s on the Network, you really should. 


Oh, sorry, I'm just getting a note that none of that is on there yet.  My bad. 

Keep Calm and....


Pretty funny they've turned teddy long making tag team matches into a meme. 

Keep calm and leave the money on the table?  I'm pretty over the whole "Keep Calm" meme, so naturally WWE would now pounce on it.  I bet they start exploiting the Randy Orton meme sometime two years from now.  

WCW Prime: October 7, 1996

Friends, we approach the end of an era. This is the second to last edition of WCW Prime. Syndication cancellation is all the buzz. In response, WCW has done the unthinkable; THEY EDITED JOHNNY B BADD OUT OF THE OPENING CREDITS.

Our hosts are DUSTY RHODES, and MIKE TENAY replacing a vacationing Chris Cruise who can stay wherever he is as far as I’m concerned.


Hey Scott,

A buddy of mine gave me "The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA" recently and I watched it today. The highlight for me was any time they talked to Nick Bockwinkel. In fact, there's a bunch of extras where he's talking about whatever, and they're the greatest. Nice guy, good storyteller, and from what I could tell, a hell of a wrestler.

What's your opinion of Bockwinkel? His legacy? Where he falls in terms of his place with relation to other all-time greats (e.g. Flair, Lawler, etc)?

​Well, I never really appreciated him growing up, because I was a HUGE Curt Hennig fan and Bockwinkel was this old guy clinging to the AWA World title who I wanted Curt to beat.  Plus by 86 he was way past his prime.  I think I appreciate him more for his stories on WWE DVDs now, because as Bobby Heenan famously said of him "If you ask Nick the time, he'll tell you how to build a watch."  But hey, he's in one of the matches I gave ***** to, so that's not bad.  Other than that, I can't really speak to his legacy, sorry.  ​