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Impact thread

Pretty much forgot it was on, actually.


  1. It was a pretty good hour of television, except for the crap with Jarrett.

  2. I'm shocked that a border brawl didn't end in the losers being stuffed in the back of a truck.

  3. WhoHasCalledMeHAGE (the former amodiosys)August 27, 2006 at 4:54 PM

    Sahadi's pre-border brawl video package was STELLAR.

  4. I missed the tag match unfortunately, my friend wanted to do a late night run to the grocery store. However, I caught the first half hour, which was awesome. Shelley finally wins a match! Christian Cage grows a pair! Rhino bleeds!

    Anyway, no homo, but I think TNA needs to get themselves a new fashion consultant. The Franchise's glasses and Tenay's TUX~!(took a minute to find that key on the laptop) need to go.


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