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Note from Scotsman

Mansion Sportsbook is running a free $1100 bet promotion right now for the Steelers-Miami game for anyone interested, however you need $1100 to spare :-)

To take advantage of this offer, you have to:

(1) Sign up at Mansion.
(2) You should see the information, with all the terms & conditions of the $1100 free bet on their homepage.
(3) Deposit $1100, bet $1100 on Stellers vs Miami at -5. If you lose, you get the $1100 back.

You can even hedge your bet too if you want, although have to use another sportsbook to do that. Heres the e-mail from Mansion:

Dear Member,

Simply visit the MANSION Sportsbook and place a minimum Point Spread (Handicap) bet of USD 1,100 (or currency equivalent) to win USD 1,000 on the Pittsburgh Steelers for their game on Thursday 7 Sept 2006. If your bet is not a winner, MANSION will refund your losses of USD 1,100 (or currency equivalent) within 3 working days of the result.


  1. WhoHasCalledMeHAGE (the former amodiosys)August 30, 2006 at 12:09 PM

    If you can't trust a bookie with over a grand of your money, who can you trust?

  2. Okay, I'll bite...what's in this for the bookie?

  3. So this is what happens when Scots handles your website. Not many people I know have 1100 to spare, this is spam, isnt it? Even though its from Scotsman. Can I be the first to say it??

    REVIEW WCW THUNDER. Never got to see it after all....

  4. I really wish I new about this before I went off and spent my last $1100 grabbing as many copies of the new Vinnie Mac dvd I could get.

    BTW, I'm angry about this new blog thing, 'cause my post count just past 2,000 on LJ and now I have to start all over.

  5. How did you keep track of posts? Go Bears!

  6. You, to be a smart-ass.

    Does seem a little too good to be true though, obviously

  7. Posted this elsewhere:

    It does seem a bit "too good to be true" doesn't it? But it's actually an excellent marketing strategy. First, as I'm sure everyone knows, being a bookie can be extremely lucrative, and you want to get as many people betting as much money as possible.

    Now they could've offered a free $50 bet for example, and gotten a lot more signups because really, who wouldnt spare $50 for something like that? But that isnt the people they want to attract; they want to attract people who bet $1000+ per game, so they won't get the average bonus whore for this. They'll either get people like me, with a big enough bankroll that I can do a hit and run, or more likely, people who DO gamble in excess of $1000 on a game every week, because if you're Joe Shmoe doing your 1k sports bets, why wouldnt you take up this offer? So now they're going to get thousands of big gamblers at least trying them out.

    Scenario 1: Steelers lose, everyone gets their $1100 back. Mansion don't lose anything here, but they gain a playerbase of big gamblers who they can specifically market towards.

    Scenario 2: Steelers win, Mansion lose shitloads. But (a) as in scenario 1, they gain a huge playerbase, and (b) they now have this huge playerbase of big gamblers with $2100 sitting in their account. The majority of gamblers(or ones that bet on sports that I know anyway) aren't going to bother withdrawing right away, they're going to keep it in there, let it run while it's hot etc etc. Some may even bet there more often because they "got lucky" and it's their "lucky site" etc etc.

    Basically, it's a (albeit large) possible short term loss, for a long term profit. There could be a lot more to it than that, but to me it seems to be an excellent move on their part. $1100 is the perfect amount, because it wont attract a lot of scared betters, but will attract the guys who have the money to throw around.

  8. Jesus Christ Scotsman, it'd be less work to build the pyramids than to jump through all the hoops and fill out all the paperwork they want done. A copy of this, credit limits on that, filing my taxes is less work. I was gonna try it, but I'll just continue to be among the poor I guess.

  9. Is this a jopke? If I had a $1100 I'd be playing @ Full Tilt, try to get a seat at the 2007 World Series Of Poker, be the next Chris Moneymaker, and no only win FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS!, but get a TEN MILLION DOLLAR bonus to boot.

    The Original Donald
    I can't believe what this pacle is coming to!

  10. Wake-n-bake, Donald?

  11. Dude douglas, the old blog isn't dead, come back to us.


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