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Rock Star #8


  1. I was less than thrilled as to how they all jumped on Dilana. At least she had the guts to speak her mind, unlike that wuss Lukass who talks enough shit to make him sound like he thinks differently but not enough balls to actually finish the thought. Why didn't he just say "No, I think we're all in this for the same reason. No one is fake here." I really hate him.

  2. It was apparently "make Dilana a bitch week" for the editting team.

    She was being a bit cocky, but the whole results show seemed to be geared to making people hate her. Perhaps she's getting too many votes for the band's liking.

  3. Personally I think that Lucas should be gone next but since he's one of Jason's man-crushes he's probably staying until the finale, which I think will be a four way dance if I'm counting right...

  4. I agree that some of her comments weren't the smartest thing to say, but yeah, they seemed to be looking to make her a bitch.

    I don't remember what they did last time (if they did a final three or four) but it appears they're going to a final four unless they double ax someone again.

  5. Didn't see the show, but I assume you meant the Unplugged Version of Layla as opposed to the "Clapton" version. Since Clapton sang 'em both.

  6. Watching the show from Australia it's easy to see why Toby is landing in the bottom three at the end of the show every week lately... we get the show 12 hours later. Not saying he's everyone's favourite here but most likely the reason he's joining the likes of Zayra and Patrice when he looks head and shoulders better than them the night before.

    If anything Aussies are reactive voters and seeing him there this week won't likely happen.

    As for the Dilana/Lukas sausagefest I think it's safe to say that if either of them landed in the bottom three they'll get the axe. I'm sure Supernova will love Lukas in their band but if anyone is going to get consumed in the bands (perceived) power it's definitely the 5'2 midget with weird hair.

    Dilana is just as short and has a very limited sex appeal. Sex sells after all and if they somehow combined Dilana's obvious talent with Storm's adequate looks they'd probably have their chick leading them.

    Best fit (all round) seems to be Ryan while Toby would probably have the attitude and spontenaiety that rock fans would react to the most.

    All in all I'm pulling for Toby being Australian and all but if by chance he doesn't make it I'd like to see Ryan there.

  7. "Didn’t see the show, but I assume you meant the Unplugged Version of Layla as opposed to the “Clapton” version. Since Clapton sang ‘em both."

    No, it was Clapton's "Derek and the Dominos" version. Guitar hook and all.

  8. Watching this off download as UK is about 3-4 weeks behind... Dilana for me was a shoo-in but I think she totally shot herself in the foot with her press handling skills. I'm really not sure I could stand an hour and a half of Lukas's jerking and growling either. It looks to me like a straight fight between Ryan and Magni...


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