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A simple question for the Blog:
With all this "Best in the World" stuff going around for he?
Surely he's one of them, but in your opinion is he truly THE best in
the world right now? Bryan might be a better wrestler, but not a
better talker. Joe's a great wrestler AND talker, but he's lost his
fire & is being misused at the moment. So who is the best right now?

Chael Sonnen.  Best promo in UFC and he even managed to snowjob them into licensing him for another fight.  Vince would love the guy.

Oh, you wanted a real answer…sorry. 

I’d go with Davey Richards personally.  He’s probably too small to make it in WWE as is, but he’s got the elusive “it factor” that makes him look like a star, and the Edwards match was an easy ***** for me.  Unfortunately I think he’s risen to the level he’s realistically going to attain in the business, but stranger things have happened.  Like Bryan getting a job with WWE and a solid push.