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Mo titles, mo problems

Since you did a question about wrestler's title reign harming them, how about the opposite. What are examples of wrestler's not winning a title harmed their career?  The classic example is usually Lex Luger not winning the title at Summerslam, thereby getting the choker label. But are there other examples? Or maybe by the time they won it, it was too late?
Also, are there wrestler's that you think should have held a title (any title) that would have helped cement their legacy?  For example, I've always thought Brutus Beefcake should have had at least one reign as IC champion. Yes, he was tag team champion, but who honestly even remembers that.  He was way more popular as a singles.
I also think The Big Bossman should have gotten the IC title from Mr. Perfect at Wrestlemania 6.

Wrestlemania 7.

Anyway, Luger at Bash 88 was actually much more harmful than Luger at Summerslam 93.  Yeah, they wanted him to be the next Hogan, but they didn’t NEED him to be.  Crockett, on the other hand, was losing money hand over fist and NEEDED someone to be the next big thing on top of the promotion.  Had Luger destroyed Flair and won the title, then lost it back at Starrcade if they needed to, they could have done quite well with him on top.  By the time Luger got to Summerslam, he was already a multiple time choker.