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RAW notes

Hey Scott, I was at the RAW taping in Tulsa last night.

Some notes:

·      ... John Morrison and R-Truth had a very good match for the Superstars taping. Not sure what it will look like on TV but it was awesome to watch in person.

·      ... When Zack Ryder came out everyone in my section kept asking, “Who the hell is this guy?”

·      ...  I was surprised at how overwhelmingly pro-Cena the crowd was. It was all legit too, not piped in. 

·      ... I was also surprised at how dead the crowd was during Punk vs. Miz, especially given how many Punk shirts there were in the crowd. My guess is the crowd was pretty much “popped out” by the Cena segment and Orton/Ziggler match that preceded it.

·      ... Not sure what it sounded like on TV, but the pop for Nash’s powerbomb of Punk was huge.

·     ... After RAW went off the air Ziggler and R-Truth ran out to attack Cena and Sheamus, but Orton came out and helped the faces take care of them. All three celebrated together in the ring… huge pop for that.

Overall this show was a lot of fun to watch live, though I can see how viewers at home would see it as a disappointing episode given how lackluster the wrestling was after Orton/Ziggler.

Thanks for reading. 

Thanks for writing! 

Further to the RAW discussions here, the Nash thing was not, as suggested, an angle, but rather a medical issue that was handled in rather bizarre fashion.  I guess that’s the very definition of “booking on a napkin”, when you’re changing shows on the fly during the show itself.