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Rey the GOAT?

Hey Scott, got a question here, in the list of contenders for GOAT, why do you think that it's always the more traditional wrestlers that get the rub, the Bret Hart's, Bryan Danielson's and Chris Benoit's, the suplexers, the technical wrestlers, those with an amateur background.  But I believe that there are wrestlers of different styles that are just as good, if not better than this cadre of elite wrestlers.  In particular, I'm talking about high fliers.
Rey Mysterio is a wrestler that has been held up as one of the best in the business, and his consistently fantastic matches for 20+ years certainly back that theory up.  But as great as Rey Mysterio is and no matter how many five star matches he has, people disregard his talent, they call him overpushed, or a bad mic worker, or accuse him of wrestling the same matches, the thing is, you could throw these claims at many other contenders for GOAT, but they get excused because of their in-ring ability.  So if we're judging Rey just on his in-ring talent (and honestly his ability as a draw is pretty underrated too) doesn't he go up their as one of the greatest of all time, or at least greatest still working?  He has perfect babyface psychology, is an awesome seller and still has one of the most varied and extensive movesets on the roster.  People say that his moves don't look like they can hurt, but if we buy a vertical suplex and the Sharpshooter as legitimately painful moves, how can we say that a moonsault doesn't make any sense?
So, what are your thoughts on this phenomenon?  You yourself said that Kurt Angle carried him to a good match.  Why do we immediately jump to congratulating the technical wrestler when a quality match happens.  Why do we ignore the talent of wrestlers because they hit splashes instead of suplexes and ranas instead of leglocks?

Uh, I didn’t know there was a movement towards technicians or against high-flyers in the first place.  I’ve long considered Randy Savage to be probably the greatest all-around wrestler, and he mixed high-flying with brawling.  I have nothing against Rey, but I’d say wrestling mostly the same type of match over and over and roiding himself to the point of explosion kind of hurts his chances.