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Gear Plug

Hey Scott, long time reader (since Rantsylvania) though it was the King Lear rant that truly won me over. If there's one thing I have learned through the years, it's that you hate Gedo and will plug anything. Well, I have a plug for you: My website,, is running a big achievement challenge for Gears of War 3 which can be found here: Essentially you get a group of 40 guys together, and compete to score the most Gamerscore in one month. The prize pool is $10,000. No really, $10,000. You can also get a prize share by simply referring people to the event. So there you a go, a plug with absolutely nothing to do about wrestling but would still be awesome to see on the only wrestling blog I ever bother going to anymore.
Glad to see you reviewing shows again!

I don’t hate Gedo anymore.  Stop living in the past, man.  1996 was a long time ago.