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It's 1998 in WCW...If you had to choose one, re: Goldberg's streak:
1. End it before he gets the title--Someone beats him, he regroups to decimate the nWo, and claims his first World Title.
2. End it via screwjob, build to rematch mercy-killing--something like the Nash loss, but with a satisfying blowoff victory in the rematch.
3. End it clean--ala Hogan-Warrior, building another star in the process. Either an established guy like Sting or a new star-in-waiting ends his streak.
4. The Bobby Heenan Plan--have him NEVER lose.
Was there a 'right' way to go about things, or did they just book themselves into a corner with Goldberg's streak and title reign?

If they limited his wrestling appearances to PPV main events, he never needed to lose.  The money wasn’t in finding someone who could beat him, it was in people paying to watch him destroy people.  Had they kept legitimate numbers for the streak and not overexposed him, they could have rode that horse for years.  So I’m going with the Brain on this one.